University of Edinburgh

The Educational Transition Process for Visually Impaired Young People in Scotland

Presented on Wednesday 23 November 2005


The numerous issues surrounding visual impairment education in Scotland can often be confusing. Education provision is always evolving in terms of legislation, examination systems, teaching strategies and learning techniques, etc.

Parents/Carers (and sometimes teachers) can feel helpless, particularly when their child is starting school or moving on from one stage to another. They often feel that they are not as involved in future planning and preparation as they should be; and fear that if the transition process is not dealt with in a structured organised way, then their visually impaired child may find it more difficult to ‘move through’ to the next stage of their life.

This course looks at issues, difficulties and some solutions that surround the transition periods from the teacher and school perspective.

It concentrates on the transition periods from:

  • Pre-School to Primary
  • Primary to Secondary
  • Secondary onwards

Presenters: Janis Sugden, SSC/University of Edinburgh
Alison Duthie, Service for Children and Young People with Sensory Impairments, Fife
Dominic Everett, Resource Centre for VI Pupils, Uddingston Grammar
Mary Dallas, RNIB Education and Family Services Manager
John Ravenscroft, Co-ordinator, SSC and Manager, VI Scotland


10.30 am Introduction - John Ravenscroft