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SSC Course 13: Sharing Practice - supporting children with low or no vision in the mainstream primary school

Presented on Wednesday, 25th November 2015

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

I have a visual awareness session with a P2 class next week, so I will use some of these ideas for it.
Technology in early visual skills. Tactile activities.
Loads of ideas for braille skills, tactile books, technology and mobility/habilitation to take back to work place.
Explore technology ideas further. More knowledgeable on pre Braille and early Braille.
To support a learner in my class.
I am now aware of methods used to teach Braille to a P1 child. I will need to do further reading to extend my knowledge on this subject, as I may be supporting a P1 boy who is blind next session.
Help with inservice content.
Improving the use of iPads in class.
Great ideas for visual awareness raising in schools. Lots of technology ideas to look into.
Further ideas for 'awareness raising' within mainstream re: VI needs, especially 'simulating visual impairment'.
I will use the information provided during the 'technology' presentation to enhance the learning of our VI pupils and ensure technology is fully used.
To continue to improve awareness raising sessions. To explore the possibilities using iPad options/apps.
To continue to improve the quality of learning for VI children.
To be more aware of the children's needs and also to make others more aware.
I'll be even more aware of the needs of the child in the mainstream class. Also more aware of the need to make others (children and staff) more appreciative of the visual impairment issues.
To enable pupil to integrate more fully into mainstream.
Good ideas to put into practice.
Use all information to improve teaching skills.
I have learned a few new things to help support my visually impaired pupil in the classroom.
I will be confident enough to do a talk/presentation on VI in my school.
Need to go back and look at resources available in school.
I work alongside our VI teacher. We will be looking at VI awareness raising in schools.
I will discuss what I have learned with my peers and use this in my teaching.
I will use the awareness training in class and with the rest of the school.
Share with others. Ideas to use in practice.
To feedback to other staff at school and use in daily practice.
Great pre-braille tick lists, applicable from early years and through primary.
I will be trying out some of the technology ideas - Voiceover on iPad, etc.
Knowledge of technology a bit wider!
I will use all information learned in my own practice whilst working with pupils with visual impairments. Very useful.
More information about different aspects of providing for a blind child in my mainstream classroom. More information about services available.
In my practice. Developed my knowledge and learned some things that I can directly use - apps, etc.
Some great apps and suggestions for adapting resources.
I will share information with colleagues and will investigate learning braille on iPad.
Course has given me great insight into how I can support pupils from Early Stages to learn braille. Also, the info on technology was first class!
Try out some of iPad ideas.
Will definitely look at Iowa website as it is one I wasn't aware of before.

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Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Great ideas. Applicable for our jobs in different ways.
VI awareness ideas.
Brilliant - one of the best yet at SSC! I learnt so much and have made contact with teachers who want to keep in touch and have arranged for some other services to visit our pupil and staff. Great networking day!
The relevance of the different presentations to my practice and learning.
Being made aware of the variety of resources (especially technological) available.
Everything was interesting and relevant to my job.
Very clear handouts so could concentrate without writing everything down.
I liked the fact that every presentation was completely different, but equally interesting.
Excellent list of further reading and websites. Information on using iPad and BrailleNote together.
Raising awareness session. Habilitation session.
Talking with like-minded colleagues. Technology input.
Mobility/habilitation session and info on using iPads/BrailleNote.
Awareness of technology and webpages.
Being made aware of all the different aspects of helpful technology available. In all, an excellent course for raising my awareness of so many aspects. Very informative course.
Professionals sharing.
All very good. It's quite new to me.
Really enjoyed presentation on visual awareness raising with peers.
Raising awareness and ICT - felt I could use this more within my classroom. Mobility information was also relevant to me. Ball skills example excellent.
Learned about a lot of new resources which I would like to go back and try, eg iPad etc.
Really clear presentation with lots of practical information.
A variety of aspects discussed by different people.
All presentations were well presented and informative. The course was informative, varied and well paced. Well done!!!!
There was a lot covered! All speakers were interesting and very knowledgeable.
Working with others session.
Information re technology available. Useful information for awareness when new to support VI pupil. Opportunity to speak to others teaching/supporting VI pupils.
Variety and range of topics and presentations.
All excellent, particularly the examples given of resources and new technology.
Lots of different themes covered, which provided a variety of information.
Getting an overview of input that is delivered elsewhere. Extending my knowledge and networking.
Lots of knowledge and information being shared. Great website and app suggestions.
Covered a variety of areas. Ability to talk to colleagues from other areas.
Excellent presentations and opportunity to network. Great course!
Sharing good practice.
Super range of topics and interesting to hear from practitioners with hands on experience.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

More interactive activities.
More on low vision.
Technology session too complex and fast paced.
To not have too many slides. Make it more interactive.
Would be helpful at technology talk to have iPad etc on hand to practice. Too much information.
The third presentation was fascinating, though it would be helpful for us to know exactly how to utilise and/or adapt the different pieces of technology (from a practical point of view), eg to actually view some of these products.
Clear, friendly and useful advice. Good tech info.
More time to look at resources. As a class teacher, there were things I was not familiar with.
I felt the majority of the course was about braille, which was really interesting, but not relevant to me. More could be related to partial sight.
Technology - what was covered was very good, but would have been good to have info not specifically for braille user.
Some presentations were a bit quick, but time was short.
Slightly rushed.
Maybe some more practical strategies for supporting VI children in the classroom - adaptations that should be made. Also, maybe a bit of an awareness session for those who have never seen 'sim specs' etc being used.
There was a lot of background noise in the room which made it difficult to hear, especially in the afternoon.

How did you hear about this course?

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SSC eBulletin: 2
Colleague: 9
SSC Website: 1
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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

FVA Assessment.
Habilitation professional sharing course.
Specific demos of different technology in more depth - real demos in depth with the technology (different groups and rotate?)
Support a blind child in early years/primary.
I was keen to receive training on social/emotional wellbeing. Delighted that there is a course in January 2016.
CPD training for whole school staff might be useful, eg on an inservice day for example.
Our child is P4 and just about to begin braille training and we are currently awaiting the arrival of the iPad, so any appropriate courses would be welcome.
Braille for partially sighted transition to braille (P4 and up).
PE session. Functional visual assessment.
More details on specific visual impairments.
How to use some of the resources in the classroom.
I would have also liked to experience sim specs etc, so I could speak from 'experience' to my class
More on habilitation - practical resource sharing. Functional vision assessment.
Adapting books and resources - use of different computer programmes and best practice.
Training or info on iPads apps for VI children for different curricular areas (eg phonics, maths, etc).
Best practice course HI.
Would really appreciate some more technology courses - iPad, BrailleNote, Jaws, etc - but a beginner's guide please!!!