University of Edinburgh

Getting it Right: Teaching a Child who is Blind in Mainstream Nursery and Primary

Presented on Tuesday 31st October 2017


This course looked at how to teach and develop pre and early braille skills. When should you start teaching early braille skills? The importance of a solid foundation in concept development prior to the introduction to braille was discussed at length. The introduction to Braille and ways of encouraging a love of Braille reading were examined. The presenters shared the strategies that they have used to teach Braille to children in the mainstream setting.

In addition to teaching Braille, the way that the primary school curriculum can be adapted to include a child with little or no vision was discussed and practical examples shown. Participants were given opportunities to share experiences from their own caseloads.

Participants said:

"Presenters were very knowledgeable and gave lots of examples from their own experiences which made this course interesting and enjoyable."

"Great simple ideas to try."


Target Audience

Teachers of the visually impaired, mainstream teachers, educational psychologists, support staff and parents/carers. Suitable for professionals working with children who are congenitally blind and those who have acquired sight loss.


Elizabeth McCann, Teaching Fellow - Visual Impairment, University of Edinburgh & QTVI Falkirk;

Loraine King, formerly QTVI Fife


10.15 am Introducing a child who is blind to the nursery environment

11.30 am Braille in the earliest stages

1.30 pm Working collaborative in the Primary Classroom

2 pm Braille Reading and Writing

3 pm Braille Maths

3.30 pm Questions and Course Evaluation