University of Edinburgh

Mobility and Independent Living Skills

Presented on Wednesday 13 September 2006

Wheelchair Mobility


Opening information

  • aims of session
  • opening and folding of chairs
  • safety aspects for transfers and seating

VIP to practise the following techniques:

  • Stopping on command and applying brakes;
  • Manoeuvring chair forwards and stopping when asked;
  • Turning 90° left, right
  • Turning and moving towards a voice

Demonstration of good practice for guides/pushers

  • Indicating direction of turns
  • Speed
  • Forewarning of moving off, stopping or tilting chair etc

Practical session

Basic chair manoeuvres - comparison of poor then correct techniques. Each couple to experience guiding as well as being in wheelchair.

Further practical indoor session incorporating trailing, exploration and route learning / orientation.

Individual destination cards will be issued at random. A different route will be used on changeover.


Demonstration of the following techniques:

  • Mounting and dropping at kerbs (incorrect and then correct techniques)
  • Procedure for road crossing
  • Doors and gates

Practical sesion

Outdoor route outbound: Front hall and exit automatic doors; turn left and follow pavement and cross to Gilmour Gate; turn left and walk down East Savile Road; turn left onto Craigmillar Park and follow pavement to pedestrian crossing near front gate; cross main road using crossing; turn right and continue along Craigmillar Park to next side road (Crawfurd Road); indent and cross at suitable point; return to main road passing post box (post letter) and turn into East Suffolk Road.

Stop in side road and change over

Outdoor route inbound: Cross East Suffolk Road; turn right to main road and find pelican crossing; cross Craigmillar Park; turn right and cross next two side roads to enter school via Gilmour Gate.

Summing up

Each person will be invited to give an example of something they have learnt during the course.