University of Edinburgh

Developing Children's Visual skills: Movement, the Brain & Learning

Held on Tuesday & Wednesday 9 & 10 September 2008


Day 1 (as last year's programme): Learn some very effective and safe activities to help children control their eye movements. This series of simple movements may enhance the communication between the different parts of the brain leading to improvement in learning and physical activity. These activities are designed to assist the children's physical and mental development, initiated by the Primitive and Postural Reflexes. This workshop will look at some of the development of eye movement control, binocular vision and hand-eye co-ordination and give participants a range of activities which can be very effective in helping the children.

Day 2: This workshop will explored the very early development of how eye movement and spatial awareness is affected by reflexes in babies and toddlers and how these relate specifically to reading. Examples of children who have delayed development in these areas were used to demonstrate appropriate programmes for individual children.

Target Audience: specialist school staff who help children develop their visual skills.

Presenter: Brendan O'Hara, Education Consultant