University of Edinburgh

First Steps to Teaching Braille

Presented on Thursday & Friday, 30 September and 1 October 2010

Achieving Success

Elaine Brackenridge
Depute Headteacher, Royal Blind School

The young Braille user in the mainstream setting

  • Nursery Story Sacks, Books, objects
  • Awareness Raising with staff
  • Respecting their expertise and getting them 'on board'
  • Ready to Read (RNIB)
  • Tracking sheets (play)
  • Perkins Brailler
  • Range of coloured Braille paper labels

It is our job to bring text to life for the young blind child. Daunting but exciting!

Beginning reading and writing

  • Balance of classroom experience and one to one support outwith the classroom
  • Ownership issues
  • Consultation/Liaison/Planning
  • Assistants
  • Preparation of materials
  • Ensuring systems are in place
  • Pairing children
  • Tactile Diagrams
  • The Playground (if we have time)


  • Sewell paper,
  • German film,
  • Dictionary,
  • Texts,
  • SRA,
  • Storage,
  • Desk,
  • Blackboard Work,
  • Homework,
  • Topic Work,
  • Tactile Diagrams