University of Edinburgh

Teaching Braille to Learners with a Visual Impairment

Presented on Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 September 2015


These two days provided an introduction to managing the delivery of the curriculum to a child accessing it by Braille and tactile methods. The course was supported by a wide range of practical, creative resources and activities.


Strategic management, eg, Braille curriculum inclusion plan, action plan, Braille policy and guidelines. The development of Pre-Braille skills:

  • Development of tactile discrimination skills.
  • Fine motor skills.
  • Book and story skills.
  • Auditory skills.
  • Concept development.


Teaching Braille to a blind child:

  • Braille mechanics (the action of reading and writing Braille).
  • Braille schemes and programmes.
  • Planning and delivering a Braille (one to one) lesson.
  • Planning a 12 month Braille programme.
  • Record keeping and monitoring progress.
  • Planning/adapting the literacy curriculum with class teacher.
  • Creative ideas to include child in literacy lesson

Feedback from the participants:

"Everything was excellent. The presenter is an inspirational and motivational speaker. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and advice given, particularly with my reluctant braille student. Many thanks."

"The practical ideas for fun activities, the focus on pre-braille and readiness for reading was really helpful."

Target Audience

VI teachers, additional support needs assistants, parents and professionals involved with Braille.


Gwyneth McCormack, Director, Positive Eye Ltd


Day 1

10am Strategic management of a Braillist

1.15pm Development of pre-braille skills

2.40pm Cross curricular approach to reading readiness for Braille

Day 2

10 am Braille mechanics and Braille programmes; Planning a 12-month Braille programme

1.15pm Delivering a one to one Braille lesson; Record Keeping and recording progress

2.40pm Planning and adapting the literacy curriculum with the class teacher; Creative literacy ideas to include the child within the literacy curriculum 

3.50pm Course Evaluation