University of Edinburgh

SSC Course 8: Positive Looking: A practical approach to supporting the development of visual skills

Presented on Wednesday, 21st September 2016

Courses evaluation summary

Number of Participants: 12
Number of Respondents: 12

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

Try out some ideas and resources discussed. Disseminate information to colleagues. Further reading.
To further develop assessment, recording and observation recording of working with pupil with VI in my class.
Will use in all practice - so many ideas, particularly for using with babies. Lots of practical activities. A great structure to follow.
Going through process with VI pupil. Using particular resources. Awareness of terminology.
I have gained a better understanding of areas of visual skills. This will help inform my assessment of a pupil's functional vision.
Know about different areas of visual skills. Help with assessment/planning. Practical ideas.
Resources and assessments.
So helpful in structuring work in this area. Clear goals, activities and observations.
I am just starting in VI and found this so valuable to inform my knowledge/practice.
To support/advise staff in special school to gather info to support my termly visits. To advise/help parents and SLAs on suitable activities.
Made me feel more confident about what already doing.
Back at school in classes and assessments.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Presenter was very knowledgeable, easy to listen to. Relaxed, clear, concise, easily understood. Very practical and informative. Good fun. Well presented. All questions asked answered. Interesting and fun approach.
Lots of valuable, practical resources and advice.
Very clear presentation. Practical ideas.
Looking at resources and how to use resources.
Ideas shown of resources to use for vision assessment and development of visual skills. Great ideas!
Practical ideas.
Lots of practical activities that can be used.
Presentation of materials for each stage of the development of visual skills.
Everything, but particularly the focus on practical demonstrations. Course was extremely well structured and focussed, but flexible to our needs. Courses are very well organised, thank you!
Range of resources and structured approach with process and strategies specifically laid out.
Extra ideas for resources.
Practical resources.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

More hands on activities - maybe practice with adult to observe.
Nothing, except a few more hours to hear more from the presenter.
More time!

How did you hear about this course?

Course Info Email from SSC: 8
Co-ordinator/Line Manager: 2
Colleague: 1
Other (please state): 1 (sent by school)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

More 'free' or inexpensive training courses for teachers new to VI in secondary schools, as council funding cutbacks prohibitive to progress.
Cerebral visual impairment awareness.
Music. Numeracy. PE/dance.
CVI and orientation and mobility.