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Early years: working with deaf children and their families - Videos

Positive Play for Every Day: Experiences of Scottish Families with Deaf Children (0-5)

Ten children featured in a DVD produced in 2012. Their parents were recorded discussing issues surrounding play and the children were recorded playing in their home environment.

Positive Play for Every Day 2: Recording Progress, Introducing the Scottish Standards and Parent Voices

Scottish Standards for Deaf Children (0-3) Families and professionals working together to improve services

Parent Voices

During the making of the Positive Play for Every Day DVD lots of excellent clips were recorded of parents talking about a range of issues relating to their deaf children. These "Parent voices" have been organised around the 6 Scottish standard headings.

deaf child 1
1: Sharing the News

deaf child 2
2: Working Together in Partnership

deaf child 3
3: Parents as the Primary Educators

deaf child 4
4: Providing Family-Friendly Services

deaf child 5
5: Informed Choice for Families

deaf child 6
6: Positive about Deafness


Other Materials

The Monitoring protocol for deaf babies and children has been renamed Developmental journal for deaf babies and children. It is a well established tool for recording progress. Our video gives an overview from the Scottish perspective.

Please contact us for your own copies of the Positive Play DVDs and the Standards document: