University of Edinburgh

 Let Me Play DVD


The VI Play Collaborative Team:

  • Elaine Brackenridge, Royal Blind School
  • Dominic Everett, RNIB Scotland
  • Sheila Mackenzie, SSC
  • Janis Sugden, SSC
  • Carolyn Thornton, Royal Blind School

With grateful thanks to:

  • Craigneuk Nursery Centre
  • Windsor Park Playgroup
  • The Royal Blind School Playgroup
  • RNIB Education and Families Service
  • Baby Sensory UK
  • All the parents ...
  • and the children themselves.

Thanks to supporters of RNIB who made the production and distribution of this DVD possible.

Music: Angel Whispers by Shoormal (with special thanks to Freda Leask) used by kind permission of Greentrax Recordings Limited. (P) 2003 Greentrax Recordings.

DVD Production by Being There Productions