University of Edinburgh

The Crowded Cottage CD-ROM

User recommendations

From pupils

"Good layout and really colourful. It looks very clear on screen, so that’s good!"

"It's an interesting CD ROM. I like it. It's cool and I think all the children liked it."

"It shows in good signing what the questions mean. It is easy to play. I laughed when I made some mistakes."

From teachers

"The CD ROM was a hit with all our pupils; they enjoyed seeing pupils from Donaldson’s signing on it." (Primary teacher, anonymous)

" Pupils LOVED Frankie’s contributions, especially his plaudits; but his clear explanations end examples were hugely beneficial and enjoyable. The pupils never felt patronised – and nor did I." (Catriona Macfarlane, Secondary teacher)

" Good discussion ensured and co-operation came to the fore during the Crowded Cottage games – enjoyable! I will be writing this CD ROM into my English Plan from June. This will enable me to spend more time on it and incorporate it into the pupils’ IEPs." (Pat O’Hanlan, English Secondary teacher)

Edited by Mary Brennan
Published by M|M
ISBN 0-9547081-0-5