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University of Edinburgh

The Crowded Cottage CD-ROM

What is The Crowded Cottage?

The Crowded Cottage is a fully sign-bilingual (BSL/English) multimedia CD-ROM aimed at deaf children, their families and their schools. Everyone with an interest in BSL may enjoy elements of this CD-ROM. However, it can play a particularly important part in supporting bilingual skills, whether the person’s first language is BSL or English. It can provide opportunities for pupils to work from BSL to English or vice versa and it can support adults who are learning BSL through the numerous examples of BSL anecdotes within the dictionary component: all of these have English translations.

Everything on the CD-ROM is fully bilingual: even the main menu shows what each button does in both BSL and in English.

The CD-ROM is the result of a Scottish Executive funded programme of development that is entitled ‘The Multimedia Curriculum Support for Deaf Pupils Project’.

The CD ROM will operate on PC and on Mac (OS9).

Edited by Mary Brennan
Published by M|M
ISBN 0-9547081-0-5