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Bibliography - Multisensory Rooms


Davis, Judy
Sensory approach to the curriculum for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties
David Fulton, 2001
ISBN: 1853466719
Describes sensory approaches to teaching curriculum subjects to children with learning difficulties.

Ferguson, Diane & Young, Haidee
Exploring multi-sensory rooms: a practitioners hands-on guide
Spacekraft, 2000
A guide to all aspects of multi-sensory environments from selecting equipment to assessing needs and setting objectives.

Hirstwood, Richard & Gray, Mark
Practical guide to the use of multi-sensory rooms
Toys for the Handicapped, 1995
ISBN: 0952687704
A very practical book which highlights the advantages and disadvantages of approaches and equipment used multi-sensory rooms.

Hulsegge, Jan & Verheul, Ad
Snoezelen: another world
Rompa UK, 1987
ISBN: 0951282107
A practical book of sensory experience environments.

Longhorn, Flo
Sensology workout: waking up the senses
Flo Longhorn, 2007
ISBN: 1900231964
About the use of and development of the senses for learning, particularly for children who have severe disabilities.

Longhorn, Flo
Sensory curriculum for very special people: a practical approach to curriculum planning
Souvenir Press, 1988
ISBN: 0285650645
Outlines a curriculum for each of the senses in turn and how these can be amalgamated to create a multi-sensory experience.

Longhorn, Flo (ed)
Making friends with Johanna: communicating with very special people
Flo Longhorn, 2003
ISBN: 1900231018
This book describes a family approach to communicating with a very special person, Johanna, showing how there are many natural ways of communicating with her.

Pagliano, Paul
Multisensory environments
David Fulton, 1999
ISBN: 1853465534
A textbook approach to multisensory environments, looking at the background, design & construction, curriculum development, future possibilities and research.

Pagliano, Paul
Using a multisensory environment: a practical guide for teachers
David Fulton, 2001
ISBN: 1853467162
This book provides teachers and therapists with a user-friendly bank of ideas and suggestions for use in the MSE for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties. (Series: Resource materials for teachers)

Wainer, Hilary; Stormont, Bobbie; Marks, Christine
TAC PAC: communication through touch
"Tactile approach to communication" Set of audio CDs, Activity cards and manual.



Coleman, Mike
Creating your own multisensory environment
Eye Contact Spring 2002, No 32, p31-32
Tips for people interested in making a sensory environment in their homes.

Comerford, Margaret
Seeing the light: a visual stimulation programme
Eye Contact Summer 2003, No 36, p20-22
Using multisensory environments and techniques to help stimulate vision in children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment.

Denziloe, Judy
Making sense of play: part one
Insight Mar/Apr 2010, No 26, p18-20
Features the types of play that are appropriate in sensory rooms.

Denziloe, Judy
Making sense of play: part two
Insight May/Jun 2010, No 27, p29-31
Explains how to make a really good sensory room and where you can save money by shopping around and using everyday items.

Gledhill, Kate
Life experience packages (LEPs)
Information Exchange Winter 2009, Vol 79, p21-22
An occupational therapist describes creating an experience for a group of adults with MDVI attending a day centre such as simulating a spa day.

Hirstwood, Richard
Communication in multi-sensory rooms
Focus Feb 1998, No 23, p20-31
Discusses communication options within the multisensory room.

Kewin, Joe
Snoezelen: the reasons and the method
Information Exchange July 1996, Vol 47, p24-28
An extract from the book "Sensations and disability" by Joe Kewin & Roger Hutchinson.  Looks at the reasons why you might use sensory environments with people who have multiple disabilities.

Longhorn, Flo
Parachute play from Flo Longhorn
Information Exchange Winter 2009, Vol 79, p9-10
Ideas for incorporating parachutes into play sessions with children with MDVI. Parachutes can be purchased or made.

MacEwan, Katriona
Radio resource for the classroom
Eye Contact Spring 2005, No 41, p13-15
Using radio storytelling to stimulate children's listening skills.

McDonald, Suzy & Bell, Judy
Enjoying time together
Insight Jan/Feb 2008, No 13, p27-29
Highlights specialist play centres with multisensory play for families and school groups.

Pagliano, Paul
Multi-sensory environment: an open-minded space
British Journal of Visual Impairment Sept 1998, Vol 16 (3), p105-109
Staff at an Australian special school look at the usage of a multisensory environment in the school.

Pagliano, Paul
Pleasure, happiness and learning in the multisensory environment
Insight Nov/Dec 2007, No 12, p32-33
The last of three articles by the author on the enjoyment factor of multisensory environments and the positive effect this has on learning.

Pagliano, Paul
Where next for multisensory environments?
Insight Jul/Aug 2007, No 10, p36-38
Considers the state of current research into the use of multisensory environments with children.

Pagliano, Paul & Cook, James
Understanding and using multisensory environments
Insight Sept/Oct 2007, No 11, p30-31
Puts forward a working definition of MSEs and how they can be used to build on the brain's ability to repair itself.

Pinkney, Lesley
Multisensory environments
Eye Contact Autumn 2001, No 31, p24-26
Multi-sensory environments can enable children with multiple disabilities to explore their sensory awareness and allow teachers to evaluate performance and development.

Redding, Helen
Stimulate the senses
Special! Summer 1999, p16-19
Advice on setting up a sensory room at school.

Verbrugge, Gerry & Brotherdale, Nicola
Planning a multi-sensory lesson
Eye Contact Summer 1999, No 24, p17-20
Describes a multi-sensory lesson using an inter-disciplinary team.