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Deaf Plus a look at the learning implications of 'additional difficulties' - February 2006


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A useful sourcebook of suggestions and activities aimed at increasing the physical and psychological development of multi-sensory impaired children.

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This book has a section on 'Intelligence, achievement and creativity' [pp151-165] and chapter on 'Mental health in deaf children and adults” [pp177-181].

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A wide-ranging work with contributions from experts in various specialisms.  Section VII Cognitive correlates and consequences of deafness. 

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A guide to children with Usher syndrome where children are typically born deaf and become progressively visually impaired.

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Reports on the direct experiences of 44 young people with high levels of physical, sensory and/or cognitive impairment. Their powerful messages have major implications for the current policy agenda and show what needs to be done to combat social exclusion.

Further and higher education choices for people with Usher.

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Coping with vision and hearing loss.

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British Deaf Association (BDA) & SENSE
"Oh really you have Usher?": a British Sign Language video on Usher syndrome.
BDA/SENSE, 1995.
Duration 30 mins.

Chen, Deborah
What can baby hear? auditory tests and interventions for infants with multiple disabilities.
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ISBN 1557663106
Duration: 30 minutes. Accompanied by a Viewer's guide

Articles & Chapters

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Explores the communication choices and educational settings for children who are deaf taking into account other variables.

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International Special Education Conference "Inclusion: Celebrating Diversity?" Inclusive and Supportive Education Congress, 1st - 4th August 2005 Glasgow, Scotland
Looks at the diagnosis and services for deaf children who have additional disabilities in Cyprus.
 Available at:

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Describes screening, diagnosis and assessment of deaf children with additional disabilities and outlines some of the problems faced by these students.

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The deaf pupil with learning disabilities.
International Congress on Education of the Deaf, Tel Aviv, Israel 16-20 July 1995. 
Full text available from ERIC:
Explores to what extent deficiencies in communication skills affect the screening of deaf students for learning disabilities and describes the phenomenon of learning disability in students who are deaf.

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Fifty years of research on the intelligence of deaf and hard of hearing children: a review of literature and discussion of implications. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Summer 2005, Vol 10 (3), p225-231
Classic paper from the 1960s reprinted to celebrate the journal's tenth anniversary. This paper was one of the first to challenge the perceived intellectual inferiority of Deaf people.

Waite, Laura
"I still can't understand" assisting people with learning disabilities with sight and hearing problems to access information. Focus January 2006, Issue 43, p9-16
Advice for people working with people who have learning disabilities and who also may be deaf and/or visually impaired to improve their access to diagnosis and information.


Sex Education

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