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Bibliography Counselling Children with Cochlear Implants


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Presents the varying approaches to deaf mental health including preventative methods.

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Multi-disciplinary professionals with specialist knowledge of working with deaf people explore aspects of mild to severe challenging behaviour. Special emphasis is placed on the needs of deaf sign language users.

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Based on a survey of parents with children who have cochlear implants and follow-up interviews with the parents and the children themselves. The final section looks at the controversy that cochlear implants have created in the Deaf community and looks at the ethics of implanting young children without their consent.

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Recommended for readers with some prior knowledge of counselling techniques and deaf issues, interested in furthering the access of deaf people to a form of counselling that encourages self-exploration and self-acceptance.

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The author is a leading psychiatrist working with deaf people. This book contains illustrative examples and could be of particular use in helping to understand the nature of deafness and to recognise mental problems.

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Advice for teenagers on coping with stress and problems.

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Research into young cochlear implant users' views of having a cochlear implant presented in soundbites.

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A three year initiative designed to empower deaf children with new personal and social skills and developed a school-based curriculum focusing on the emotional development of children.

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Papers cover a variety of topics relating to deaf children in hearing families, hearing children in Deaf families, communication in families, counselling and therapy.



Open University
Issues in deafness: Video three: Deafness and mental health; Video four: Signs of change: politics and the Deaf community (1 video tape)
Open University Press, 1991
Open Unversity course: D251: Issues in Deafness Accompanied by a Video Handbook (for both video tapes)



Scottish Council on Deafness
Counselling ... : a resource
Scottish Council on Deafness, 2007
DVD for PC.



Austen, Sally
Snap-shot of deafness and mental health
Deaf Worlds 2006,, Vol 22 (2), pS85-S90
Key questions arising from the diagnosis and treatment of Deaf sign language users with mental health problems.

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Study of mental health and substance abuse among young people who are hard of hearing in Sweden.

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Challenging behaviour: wouldn't you?
Talking Sense Spring 2008, Vol 54 (1), p24-33
Practical approaches to challenging behaviour in deafblind people.

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Out of sight, out of mind (In focus ... mental health)
Talking Sense Spring 2007, Vol 53 (1), p24-34
Looks at emotional and mental health issues for deafblind people.

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Feelings and emotions in deaf adolescents
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A study of deaf and hearing teenagers to compare their emotional lives.

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Do you hear voices? Problems in assessment of mental status in deaf persons with severe language deprivation
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Spring 2007, Vol 12 (2), p127-147
This article examines some of the problems associated with the psychiatric evaluation of deaf people who have very limited language.

Kushalnagar, Poorna ... [et al]
Intelligence, parental depression, and behavior adaptability in deaf children being considered for cochlear implantation
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Summer 2007, Vol 12 (3), p335-349
Looks at the role of the parent-child relationship as a factor in the success of cochlear implantation.  Early access to visual communication from the parent(s) is seen as important for the subsequent success of a cochlear implant.

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Reports on a comparative survey of deaf and hearing adults in Norway on mental health problems.

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Authors surveyed teenagers with cochlear implants to how they thought of their "identity", ie, deaf, hearing, bicultural, marginal.

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Techniques for hearing psychotherapists who work with deaf clients.

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Profiles deaf young people admitted to substance abuse treatment centres.

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Parents' choice for cochlear implants and biculturalism
Deaf Worlds 2007, Vol 23 (2&3), pS161- S164
Hearing parents of a deaf child describe how they have tried to allow their child who has a cochlear implant to make the most of his hearing and his deafness by encouraging use of sign language in certain situations and part-time attendance at a deaf school.

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Explores the impact of communication choices on the mental health of deaf adolescents.

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Mothers' stress and expectations as a function of time since child's cochlear implantation
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2007, Vol 12 (1), p55-64
A study of how families cope with the expectations and stresses relating to their child's cochlear implantation.

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Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Summer 2007, Vol 12 (3), p303-316
A survey of the first cohort of young people to have grown up using cochlear implants along with more recent implantees, aged 13-17.  Respondents were asked about their attitudes to the device, to education, communication and deaf identity.

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A study of the experiences which helped parents of children who have received cochlear implants.