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Introduction to Auditory Verbal/Play & 101 activities for babies


Bodner-Johnson, Barbara & Sass-Lehrer, Marilyn (eds)
Young deaf or hard of hearing child: a family centered approach to early education
Paul H Brookes, 2003
ISBN 1557665796
Aimed at early childhood educators, education professionals, speech and language therapists and students to help them to work effectively with families.

Carr, Gwen
Communicating with your deaf child
NDCS, 2010
Produced to try to answer the many questions parents have asked NDCS about how to best support their child’s language and communication development from early days after the diagnosis and as their children grow.

Datta, Gill & Harbor, Diana
Cochlear implants for deaf babies and toddlers: a sound start
Ear Foundation, 2006
This book gives advice to parents in the early stages after a cochlear implant operation and shares the experiences of other families. It guides them through the practicalities of getting their child to use the implant and develop their listening and communication skills.

Datta, Gill & Harbor, Diana
Cochlear implants for young children: Moving on - Book one: Early years education
Ear Foundation, 2007
Information for families and teachers to encourage working together. It aims to prepare families and professionals for children starting school with a cochlear implant.

Datta, Gill & Harbor, Diana
Cochlear implants for young children: Moving on - Book two: Listening and language
Ear Foundation, 2007
This book gives information and ideas to help develop listening and spoken language at home and in education. It aims to prepare families and professionals for children starting early years education with a cochlear implant.

Datta, Gill & Harrigan, Suzanne
Cochlear implants for young deaf children: Setting off with words
Ear Foundation, 2006
This book gives advice to parents and carers of babies and toddlers who have recently received a cochlear implant. It guides them through the practicalities of getting their child to use the implant and develop their listening and communication skills.

Datta, Gill; Harbor, Diana; Allen, Clare
STEPS from hearing to talking: sound support for families of young deaf children with cochlear implants
Ear Foundation, 2005
Looks at the developmental steps of children and gives advice on how to help develop good communication from the start for young deaf children. Section for babies with cochlear implants. Includes DVD, development record book and poster.

Datta, Gill; Harbor, Diana; Archbold, Sue
STEPS together pack: resources and ideas for families
Ear Foundation, 2007
A resource of fun activities for young deaf children to encourage listening and talking. Pack includes: Book, soft toys, wooden toys, jigsaws and noise makers in duffel bag.

Department for Education
Information about deafness and hearing loss (2nd ed)
Department for Education, 2013
Updated guide for parents from the Early Support team.

Department for Education and Skills (DfES)
Monitoring protocol for deaf babies and children
Dept for Education and Skills, 2004
Includes booklets: How to use this protocol; Level 2 materials; and folder of forms for recording development. Early Support Pilot Programme: ESPP29, ESPP30, ESPP31

Ear Foundation
Nottingham Early Assessment Package (NEAP): Monitoring young deaf children before and after cochlear implantation
Ear Foundation, 2007
A framework for evaluating young deaf infants before and after implantation with age appropriate assessments. Includes CD-ROMs and the Tait Video Analysis on DVD.

Gallaway, Clare & Richards, Brian J
Input and interaction in language acquisition
Cambridge U P, 1994
ISBN 0521437253
A study of "baby talk" and how it affects the acquisition of language in young children. Also explores language acquisition in second and foreign language learners.

Harrigan, Suzanne & Sheridan, Clare
Small talk: a package for families with a new deaf baby (2nd ed)
Ear Foundation, 2007
Informs and reassures families about communication at a time when they may be struggling to come to terms with the discovery that their baby is deaf. Includes DVD, booklet, fridge notes and discussion sheets.

McCormick, Barry
Parent's guide to developmental sequences and suitable play activities for hearing impaired children between the ages of six months and five years
NDCS, n.d.
Play and activities designed to encourage listening and speechreading in young children.

Miles, Chris
Cycle of observation, assessment and planning: a guide for early years practitioners
Children in Scotland, 2013
ISBN 9781901589825
A resource based on a training course which aims to encourage early years practitioners to help young children develop along the lines of the curriculum for excellence outcomes.

Newman, Sarah
Small steps forward: Using games and activities to help your pre-school child with special needs
Jessica Kingsley, 1999
ISBN 1853026433
Aimed at families with children who have developmental delay. Activities and games are suggested which will encourage development under six broad headings: cognitive, linguistic, physical, sensory, social and emotional.

Parsons, Stephen & Branagan, Anna
Language for thinking: a structured approach for young children
Speechmark, 2005
ISBN 9780863885754
Practical resource to use in the classroom to develop children's language and 'verbal' reasoning skills.

Pepper, Jan & Weitzman, Elaine
It takes two to talk: a practical guide for parents of children with language delays (3rd ed)
Hanen Centre, 2004
ISBN 0921145195
Includes easy-to-use checklists, practical guidelines for choosing communication goals and building foundations for literacy.

Plant, Geoff & Archbold, Sue
Kid trax: speech tracking materials for children
Ear Foundation, 2003
Presents a modified approach for using speech tracking with children. Pack includes: Book, resource CD, 5 Stage 1 ORT books and 5 Mr Men books.

Rocca, Christine
Music time: a musical resource for deaf children
Ear Foundation, 2006
Resources to help develop music sessions with deaf children. Includes Booklet, DVD and CD.

Scottish Sensory Centre
Scottish standards for deaf children (0-3): families and professionals working together to improve services
Scottish Sensory Centre, 2011
ISBN 9780954603632
Standards aimed at all the professionals and parents involved in the lives of young deaf children to improve collaborative working and achieve the best outcomes for deaf children.

Sutherland, Hilary & Hall, Anne-Marie
Deaf friendly nurseries and pre-schools: a guide for people working with deaf children in early education settings
NDCS, 2003
ISBN 0904691640
Aimed at people who work with pre-school aged children who are deaf.

Tait, Margaret & White, Alison
Chatting and singing with young deaf children: practical ideas and activities put into practice
Ear Foundation, 2006
Ideas for exploiting opportunities to improve the vocabulary of young deaf children who are beginning to learn vocabulary (eg after a cochlear implant)


Scottish Sensory Centre
Positive play for every day: experiences of Scottish families with deaf children (0-5)
Scottish Sensory Centre, 2012
Families provide practical examples of strategies to encourage play and language development.


Bakar, Zaharah Abu; Brown, P Margaret; Remine, Maria D
Sensitivity in interactions between hearing mothers and their toddlers with hearing loss: the effect of cochlear implantation
Deafness and Education International
March 2010, Vol 12 (1), p2-15
Looks at the parents' involvement in providing good communication input for their deaf child who accesses spoken language through hearing aids or a cochlear implant.

Brown, P Margaret & Remine, Maria D
Building pretend play skills in toddlers with and without hearing loss: Maternal scaffolding styles
Deafness and Education International
2004, Vol 6 (3), p129-153
Research into the involvement of hearing mothers in their child's pretend play. Both hearing and deaf children are included in the study.

Brown, P Margaret; Bakar, Zaharah Abu; Rickards, Field W; Griffin, P
Family functioning, early intervention support, and spoken language and placement outcomes for children with profound hearing loss
Deafness and Education International
2006, Vol 8 (4), p207-226
Looks at how the family copes with having a deaf child and how they see the transition from early years support into primary education. Looks at language outcomes and placement decisions.

Brown, P Margaret; Rickards, Field W; Bortoli, Anna
Structures underpinning pretend play and word production in young hearing children and children with hearing loss
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Winter 2001, Vol 6 (1), p15-31
Looks at the relationship between pretend play and language development in young deaf children.

DeLuzioa, Joanne & Girolamettoa, Luigi
Peer interactions of preschool children with and without hearing loss
Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research
August 2011
, Vol 54 (4), p1197-1210
A study of the level and nature of communication during group play sessions between young deaf children in regular preschool programmes and their hearing peers.

Hogan, Sarah ... [et al]
Evaluation of auditory verbal therapy using the rate of early language development as an outcome measure
Deafness and Education International
2008, Vol 10 (3), p143-167
One approach to developing spoken language in deaf children is evaluated using formal assessment methods.

Hogan, Sarah; Stokes, Jacqueline; Weller, Isobel
Language outcomes for children of low income families enrolled in auditory verbal therapy
Deafness and Education International
December 2010, Vol 12 (4), p204-216
Funding was provided for low income families to participate in Auditory Verbal (AV) courses to look at the effect that socio-economic status has on the efficacy of AV.

Loots, Gerrit; Devise, Isabel; Jacquet, Wolfgang
Impact of visual communication on the intersubjective development of early parent-child interaction with 18 to 24 month old deaf toddlers
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Fall 2005, Vol 10 (4), p357-375
Study of the varying communication styles used between hearing and deaf parents and their deaf children.

Mayer, Connie
What really matters in the early literacy development of deaf children?
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Fall 2007, Vol 12 (4), p411-431
Early identification of hearing loss in children has led to increased expectations of literacy development in deaf children yet it remains the case that many deaf children do not go on to develop age-appropriate reading and writing abilities.

Most, Tova & Aviner, Chen
Auditory, visual, and auditory-visual perception of emotions by individuals with cochlear implants, hearing aids, and normal hearing
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Fall 2009, Vol 14 (4), p449-464
Looks at how a cochlear implant can benefit children in terms of emotional perception (ability to identify happiness, anger, surprise, sadness, fear etc.)

Nikolopoulos, Thomas; Wells, Pauline; Archbold, Sue M
Using Listening Progress Profile to assess early functional auditory performance in young implanted children
Deafness and Education International
2000, Vol 2 (3), p142
Describes a profile for monitoring the progress of young children receiving cochlear implants.

Rees, Rachel ... [et al]
Communication interventions for families of pre-school deaf children in the UK
Deafness and Education International
Jun 2015, Vol 17 (2), p88-100
Findings of survey to investigate the named approaches used by different professionals with young deaf children and their families.

Rhoades, Ellen A
Research outcomes of auditory-verbal intervention: is the approach justified?
Deafness and Education International
2006, Vol 8 (3), p125-143
A study of the effectiveness of the auditory-verbal communication approach with deaf children.

Ruggirello, Caterina & Mayer, Connie
Language development in a hearing and a deaf twin with simultaneous bilateral cochlear implants
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Sum 2010, Vol 15 (3), p274-286
Study of fraternal twins' language development from 6 months to 3 years old where one child has a profound hearing loss and received cochlear implants at 1 year old, the other child has normal hearing.

Yoshinaga-Itano, Christine
Principles and guidelines for early intervention after confirmation that a child is deaf or hard of hearing
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
April 2014, Vol 19 (2), p143-175
A new update of the position statement of the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing, the guidelines for early intervention for children who are deaf.


Jarzynski, Becca
Communication temptations: How use your environment to get your child talking [blog]
Child Talk, 12 July 2011
Discusses various strategies that parents can use to "tempt" their children to communicate.