University of Edinburgh

How can schools better support children who are mildly and moderately deaf?


Berg, Frederick S
Facilitating classroom listening
Taylor & Francis, 1987
ISBN 0850665965
A handbook for teachers of hearing and hard of hearing students.

Brown, Wendy
How to understand and support children with hearing difficulties
LDA, 2006
ISBN 9781855034020
A practical guide for teachers and other school staff who support deaf pupils.

Department for Education and Skills (DfES)
Acoustic design of schools: a design guide (Building bulletin 93)
Stationery Office, 2003
ISBN 0112711057
This guide aims to provide information on regulations, advice and recommendations for the acoustic design of schools. Covers Acoustic performance; Noise control; External noise; Rooms for speech; Rooms for music; Design for pupils with special hearing requirements.

Don't limit your senses: sound and the learning environment
Ecophon, 2002
ISBN 9197419311
Highlights common acoustic and other problems in any indoor environment and suggests measures to be taken, in particular it focuses on educational settings.

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Enhancing communication skills of deaf and hard of hearing children in the mainstream
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ISBN 0769300995
Guide from the USA aimed at teachers and therapists dealing with deaf children in mainstream schools.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Acoustics toolkit: a toolkit to improve acoustic conditions for deaf children
NDCS, 2007
Provides advice and guidance to schools and local authorities to help them create a better learning environment for all children, including those who are deaf. The guidance is laid out in two parts: first an overview aimed at non-specialist staff and secondly, more technical advice aimed at specialists.


Birmingham City Council
Successfully including deaf/hearing impaired children in mainstream schools
Birmingham City Council, 2005
ISBN 190518204X
Awareness materials for teachers of deaf children in mainstream classes. DVD video plus DVD-ROM supplementary material.


Isla's got her energy back
NDCS Magazine
Spring 2015, No 36, p20-21
A young hearing aid user struggled when she started primary school due to concentration fatigue.

Starting as they mean to go on
NDCS Magazine
Winter 2014, No 34, p18-19
Describes how parents explored the acoustics of the possible schools in their area and fought to get their deaf son into the one with the best acoustics.

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A study of how 5 children with mild-to-moderate deafness participated in inclusive classroom settings.

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Examines the influence of hearing loss on the developmental abilities of younger school age children.

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Children with mild bilateral and unilateral hearing loss: parents’ reflections on experiences and outcomes
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Jan 2016, Vol 21 (1), p34-43
Parents of children with mild hearing loss identified by new-born screening initiatives were asked about their experiences.

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Modifying the classroom environment to increase engagement and decrease disruption with students who are deaf or hard of hearing
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A study of environmental interventions in the classroom which aimed to reduce disruptive behaviour in deaf children.

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Explores the patterns of achievements of deaf pupils to see if educational reforms have improved attainment outcomes.

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A study of the perceptions of hard-of-hearing adolescents in mainstream education towards their hearing aids.

Lowe, Elizabeth
My child isn't "deaf enough"
NDCS Magazine
Autumn 2013, No 30, p18
Discusses a child who is moderately deaf who struggled to get a formal diagnosis and therefore support.

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Vocabulary training of spoken words in hard-of-hearing children
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Investigates the effects of using signs as part of spoken language vocabulary training with children who have moderate hearing loss.

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Looks at the social experiences of teenagers who use oral/aural methods of communication compared with hearing peers in mainstream education settings.

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Academic status of deaf and hard-of-hearing students in public schools: student, home, and service facilitators and detractors
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A study of the factors that affect deaf children in mainstream education that can help them or hinder them in their academic successes.

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Deafness and Education
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Looks at classroom acoustics compared with the more optimal conditions where deaf children are assessed.