University of Edinburgh

A Musical Approach to Developing Communication for Children with Hearing Loss and/or Language Delay


Blythe, Sally Goddard
Well balanced child: movement and early learning
Hawthorn Press, 2005
ISBN 9781903458631
A practical resource to help parents and professionals understand why movement matters and how music combined with movement can help develop mobility and learning.

Corke, Margaret
Approaches to communication through music
David Fulton, 2002
ISBN 1853468436
One of the ways forward when working with those who have little or no speech, or limited comprehension of language, is to use music. This is a practical guide that contains lots of ideas and original activities for the specialist and non-specialist alike.

McPhail, Pete
Soundbeam in special education: movement into music
Soundabout, [2003]
Soundbeam is a musical instrument which can be played by children with special needs through use of movement in space from very minimal such as eye movements through to dancing. This book allows teachers to get the most from their equipment.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
How to make music activities accessible for deaf children and young people
NDCS, [nd]
A guide for teachers and music professionals on how to make musical education and activities accessible for deaf children.

Rocca, Christine
Music time: a musical resource for deaf children
Ear Foundation, 2006
Resources to help develop music sessions with deaf children. Includes Booklet, DVD and CD.

Streeter, Elaine
Making music with the young child with special needs: a guide for parents
Jessica Kingsley, 1993
ISBN 1853021873
Helps make the most of a child's interest in music as early as possible. Explains how musical activities can help stimulate communication and language skills and includes sample activities and ideas.


Conklin, Cindy
It takes two to talk: a guide to promoting the communication development of children with language delays
Hanen Centre, 2006
DVD is divided into 4 steps: Your Child's Communication; Build Interaction; Add Language to the Interaction; Use Play, Books and Music


Lagnado, Alice
Musical youth
One in Seven
Feb/Mar 2011, Issue 81, p 20-1
Young deafblind man talks about his passion for music. Studying composition at the Royal Academy of Music, London.