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Bibliography - Supporting deaf children


Andrews, Elizabeth & Roberts, Nerys
Helping the hearing impaired child in your class: an information pack for teachers in mainstream schools
Oxford Brookes University School of Education, 1994
ISBN: 1873036027
A4 binder with one cassette.

Banks, Jeri
All of us together: the story of inclusion at the Kinzie School
Gallaudet University Press, 1994
ISBN: 1563680289

Beazley, Sarah & Moore, Michele
Deaf children, their families and professionals: dismantling barriers
David Fulton, 1995
ISBN: 185346354X
Explores the social model of disability as it affects the families of deaf children and the barriers they face in everyday life.

Cerney, Janet
Deaf education in America: voices of children from inclusion settings
Gallaudet University Press, 2007
ISBN: 9781563683626
A detailed examination of the complex issues surrounding the integration of deaf students into the general classroom

Deaf Ex-mainstreamers Group
Between a rock and a hard place
DEX, 2003
ISBN: 0954669908
Firsthand accounts of Deaf people's experiences at mainstream schools.

Deaf Ex-mainstreamers Group
Deaf toolkit: best value review of deaf children in education, from user's perspective
DEX, 2004
ISBN: 0954669916
An indepth report from a survey of mainstream pupils who are deaf in the UK focusing on social inclusion. Comparisons are drawn from Scandinavian countries and strong recommendations for the future of deaf education are listed.

Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers' Group
Mainstreaming issues for professionals working with deaf children
DEX, 1997

Edinburgh & East of Scotland Deaf Society
Access all areas: a report on access to social, cultural and leisure opportunities for young deaf people
Edinburgh & East of Scotland Deaf Society, 2001
A research project which explored the social experiences of young deaf people who have attended mainstream schools.

Fox, Glenys
Handbook for special needs assistants: working in partnership with teachers
David Fulton, 1993
ISBN: 1853462861

Fraser, Brian
Supporting children with hearing impairment in mainstream schools
Franklin Watts, 1996
ISBN: 0749617462
Explains medicals causes & social/educational effects of hearing impairment and describes symptoms to look out for. With practical suggestions on how to teach & integrate children into the class and the use of technical equipment.

Mahshie, James; Moseley, Mary June; Lee, James; Scott, Susanne Manzi
Enhancing communication skills of deaf and hard of hearing children in the mainstream
Thomson, 2006
ISBN: 0769300995
Guide aimed at teachers and therapists dealing with deaf children in mainstream schools.

Marschark, Marc
Raising and educating a deaf child: a comprehensive guide to the choices, controversies and decisions faced by parents and educators (2nd ed)
Oxford University Press, 2007
ISBN: 9780195314588
Covers topics ranging from what it means to be deaf to the many ways that their environment can influence a deaf child's chances for success. A guide through the conflicting suggestions for raising deaf children and the likely implications of taking one direction or another.

Marschark, Marc & Spencer, Patricia Elizabeth
Oxford handbook of deaf studies, language and education
Oxford University Press, 2003
ISBN: 0195149971
A wide-ranging work with contributions from experts in various specialisms. Topics include: deaf education, literacy, cultural issues, communication, medical and cognitive issues.

Medwid, Daria & Weston, Denise Chapman
Kid-friendly parenting with deaf and hard of hearing children: a treasury of fun activities toward better behavior
Gallaudet University Press, 1995
ISBN: 1563680319

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Deaf friendly teaching
NDCS, 2003
Aimed at teachers who have children who are deaf in their classrooms. Basic deaf awareness and strategies for increasing learning opportunities for deaf children.

National Deaf Children's Society Scotland (NDCS)
My school in Scotland: a review of deaf pupils' experiences at mainstream schools
NDCS, 2001
ISBN: 0904691624
Transcript of interviews with deaf children in Scotland as part of the "My School" project. Supplements the CD-ROM "My School in Scotland 2"

Oliva, Gina A
Alone in the mainstream: a deaf woman remembers public school
Gallaudet University Press, 2004
ISBN: 1563683008
Solitary Mainstream project surveyed deaf people who attended mainstream school and were mostly the only deaf person at that school. The author begins by briefly recounting her experience before drawing together the experiences of the people interviewed for the project.

Padden, Carol & Humphries, Tom
Inside deaf culture
Harvard University Press, 2005
ISBN: 0674015061
A readable history of deaf people's experiences in the 20th century of education, work, entertainment and language plus a peek into the future with a look at genetics and medical interventions and what they mean to the Deaf community.

Ratcliffe, Clara
Deaf friendly schools: a guide for head teachers, staff & school boards in Scotland
NDCS, 2001
ISBN: 0904691659
This booklet's aim is to stimulate and encourage staff to adopt positive attitudes towards deafness.

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)
Deaf students in further education: education guidelines project
RNID, 2001
ISBN: 0900634898
Guidelines for teachers of the deaf and learning support assistants on working with deaf children in the classroom. Series: Education guidelines project

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)
Effective inclusion of deaf pupils into mainstream schools: education guidelines project
RNID, 2000
ISBN: 090063474X
Guidelines for teachers of the deaf and learning support assistants on working with deaf children in the classroom. Series: Education guidelines project

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)
Guidelines for mainstream teachers with deaf pupils in their class: education guidelines project
RNID, 2000
ISBN: 0900634766
Guidelines for mainstream teachers and classroom assistants on working with deaf children in the classroom. Series: Education guidelines project

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)
Inclusion strategies: supporting effective inclusion and attainment
RNID, 2004
ISBN: 1904296114
Practical advice for including deaf children in mainstream schools.  Accompanied by a DVD-ROM for use with Windows-based PCs.

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)
Using residual hearing effectively: education guidelines project
RNID, 2000
ISBN 0900634758
Guidelines for teachers of the deaf and learning support assistants on working with deaf children in the classroom. Series: Education guidelines project

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)
Working with children with cochlear implants: education guidelines project
RNID, 2003
ISBN: 0900634987
Guidelines for teachers of the deaf and learning support assistants on working with deaf children in the classroom. Series: Education guidelines project

Taylor, George & Bishop, Juliet
Being deaf: the experience of deafness
Pinter, 1991
ISBN: 0861871766
Illustrates the experiences of deaf people and raises many complex issues of deafness.

Wakefield, Virginia & Mackenzie, Suzanne
At the heart of inclusion: the role of specialist support for deaf pupils
RNID, 2005
Looks at the SEN support services for deaf pupils in mainstream schools. (England & Wales?)

Watson, Linda; Gregory, Susan; Powers, Stephen
Deaf and hearing impaired pupils in mainstream schools
David Fulton, 1999
ISBN: 1853465887 

Woolley, Maggie
Think about being Deaf
Belitha Press, 1998
ISBN: 1855617978
Illustrated fact book about issues to consider when meeting deaf people.



Birmingham City Council
Successfully including deaf/hearing impaired children in mainstream schools
Birmingham City Council, 2005
ISBN: 190518204X
Awareness materials for teachers of deaf children in mainstream classes. DVD video plus DVD-ROM supplementary material.

Ewing Foundation, The
Getting it right: effective use of a personal FM system in the classroom
Ewing Foundation, 2005
A training aid for teachers implementing FM systems in classrooms.  DVD accompanied by booklet and photocopiable sheets.



See and hear: using ICT to support the inclusion of deaf pupils in mainstream schools
BECTA, 2005
Booklet accompanied by a CD-ROM containing video clips that illustrate the key issues of using ICT in mainstream with pupils who are deaf. Series: Include ICT



Eleweke, C Jonah ... [et al]
Information about support services for families of young children with hearing loss: a review of some useful outcomes and challenges
Deafness and Education International 2008, Vol 10 (4), p190-212
A paper on the information about support services given to parents of children who are deaf.

Lynas, Wendy; Lewis, Sue; Hopwood, Vicky
Supporting the education of deaf children in mainstream schools
Deafness and Education June 1997, Vol 21 (2), p41-45

Monkman, Helen & Baskind, Sue
Are assistants effectively supporting hearing-impaired children in mainstream schools
Deafness and Education February 1998, Vol 22 (1), p15-22



Waldron, Karen; Steer, Michael; Bhargava, Dolly
Teaching children with sensory impairments: strategies for mainstream teachers
Trinity University, n.d.
An online publication of 2 manuals (Deaf & VI) aimed at mainstream teachers who are dealing with children who have visual impairments or are deaf.  Web only, see URL.