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Bibliographies - Deaf Education - Assessment


Crystal, David; Fletcher, Paul; Garman, Michael
Grammatical analysis of language disability: a procedure for assessment and remediation
Edward Arnold, 1976
ISBN: 0713158433
This book introduces, describes and explains a grammatical assessment and remediation procedure that can be used with people displaying the various types of language disability. Series: Studies in language disability and remediation; 1

French, Martha M
Starting with assessment: a developmental approach to deaf children's literacy
Gallaudet, 1999
ISBN: 0880952210
Examines methods of teaching and assessing literacy with children who are deaf.

French, Martha M
Toolkit: appendices for "Starting with assessment: a developmental approach to deaf children's literacy"
Gallaudet, 1999
ISBN: 0880952210
Contains activities and checklists for assessing literacy with children who are deaf.

Kiernan, Chris & Reid, Barbara
Pre-verbal PVCS communication schedule manual
NFER-Nelson, 1987
Assesses the communication skills of children or adults who are either non-verbal or who have very few words, signs or symbols and can be used as the basis of a therapy programme.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Assessing and monitoring the progress of deaf children and young people: Communication, language and listening
NDCS, 2012
ISBN 9781907814655
An overview of the main language assessments in use for children who are deaf.

Plant, Geoff & Archbold, Sue
Kid trax: speech tracking materials for children
Ear Foundation, 2003
Presents a modified approach for using speech tracking with children. Pack includes: Book, resource CD, 5 Stage 1 ORT books and 5 Mr Men books.

Webster, Alec & Webster, Valerie
Profiles of the hearing impaired
Avec Designs, 1993
A set of practical tools which enable teachers, parents and other professionals to collect evidence of children's development in key areas, to make informed teaching plans and report on progress.

Webster, Alec & Webster, Valerie
Profiles of the language-impaired
Avec Designs, 1991
ISBN: 0951667351
A set of practical tools which enable teachers, parents and other professionals to collect evidence of children's development in key areas, to make informed teaching plans and report on progress.


Ear Foundation
TAIT video analysis: monitoring and developing communication skills in young deaf infants
Ear Foundation, nd
Video-based assessment and monitoring of deaf children's communication skills.

Assessment Materials

Adams, Catherine ... [et al]
Assessment of comprehension and expression 6-11 (ACE)
GL Assessment, 2001
ISBN: 9780708705612
A test designed for use with children who have a delay or disorder of language development.  It aims to produce an overall picture of language ability. Contains a Manual, a Picture Book, 25 Record Booklets and 3 Plastic Answer Templates.

Armstrong, Susan & Ainley, Maureen
South Tyneside Assessment of Syntactic Structures (STASS) 2
STASS Publications, 2007
ISBN: 9781874534457
Revised edition of STASS. This work has evolved from a direct need for a rapid assessment of a child's expressive language at the grammatical level.  Includes 4 photocopiable worksheets.

Bishop, D V M
Test for reception of grammar: version 2 (TROG-2)
Pearson Assessment, 2004
ISBN: 9780749121327
Receptive language test, assessing the understanding of English grammatical contrasts.  Assessment kit comprising: manual, stimulus book and record forms.

Brownell, Rick
Receptive one-word picture vocabulary test (2nd ed)
Academic Therapy, 2000
ISBN: 157128138X
This is an individually administered, norm-referenced test that provides an assessment of an individual's English hearing vocabulary.

Dunn, Lloyd M; Dunn, Leota M; Whetton, Chris; Burley, Juliet
British picture vocabulary scale (2nd ed) (BPVS II)
GL Assessment, 1997
ISBN: 9780708712177
A test for hearing vocabulary of standard English. Contains: Manual, testbook, technical supplement, quick guide and 20 performance record sheets.

Edwards, Susan ... [et al]
Reynell developmental language scales III
GL Assessment, 1997
ISBN: 9780707805803
Assesses the verbal comprehension and expressive language of younger children. Suitcase contains: Manual, Picture book comprehension scale, Record booklet and various toys

Fenson, Larry ... [et al]
MacArthur-Bates communicative development inventories (CDI): user's guide and technical manual (2nd ed)
Paul H Brookes, 2007
ISBN: 9781557668844
Makes the most of parent's knowledge of their child's communication abilities to assess the development of a child's communication skills. Accompanied by forms: MacArthur-Bates CDI - III

Herman, Rosalind; Holmes, Sallie; Woll, Bencie
Assessing British Sign Language (BSL) development: receptive skills test
Forest, 1999
ISBN: 0946252467
Pack comprises: Video, Picture Booklet, Tester's Manual, Score Sheets and a pack of 20 picture cards.

Hulme, Charles ... [et al]
York assessment of reading for comprehension: complete set
GL Assessment, 2009
ISBN 9780708719046
Enables teachers to assess children's reading attainment from age 4-11. Includes Early Reading - Manual, Early Word Recognition booklet, Sound Deletion, Letter Sound Knowledge, Passage Reading - Manual, Passage Reading Booklet plus Pupil Record Forms (Early Reading and Passage Reading)

Renfrew, Catherine
Renfrew language scales: action picture test (4th ed)
Speechmark, 2010
ISBN 9780863888090
A short simple standardised test designed to give samples of spoken language such as: vocabulary, tenses, irregular forms, sentence construction and passive voice. Includes: Ten Action Pictures, 1 photocopiable Scoring Form and the Manual.

Renfrew, Catherine
Renfrew language scales: Bus story test: a test of narrative speech (4th ed)
Speechmark, 2010
This test ascertains the ability give a coherent description of a continuous series of events. Includes: Story booklet, 1 Scoring Form and Instructions.

Renfrew, Catherine
Renfrew language scales: Word finding vocabulary test
Speechmark, 2010
A simple test to assess young children's vocabulary. Includes: 50 Picture cards, 1 Scoring Form and Instructions.


Brown,P Margaret & Byrnes, Linda J
Development and use of individual learning plans for deaf and hard of hearing students in Victoria, Australia
Deafness and Education International
Dec 2014, Vol 16 (4), p204-217
Results from a study of the assessment and planning portfolios for 88 deaf students in Australia.

Enns, Charlotte J & Herman, Rosalind C
Adapting the 'Assessing British Sign Language Development: Receptive Skills Test' into American Sign Language
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Summer 2011
Vol 16 (3), p362-374
The BSL receptive skills test is being used as a model to create an American equivalent.

Haug, Tobias
Approaching sign language test construction: adaptation of the German Sign Language receptive skills test
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Summer 2011
Vol 16 (3), p343-361
The BSL receptive skills test is being used as a model to create a German equivalent.

Haug, Tobias & Mann, Wolfgang
Adapting tests of sign language assessment for other sign languages: a review of linguistic, cultural and psychometric problems
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Winter 2008, Vol 13 (1), p138-147
Looks at the possibility of adapting sign language tests from the USA and UK for use with other countries' sign languages.

Herman, Ros & Roy, Penny
Evidence from the wider use of the BSL receptive skills test
Deafness and Education International
2006, Vol 8 (1), p33-47
Looks at the BSL competency of deaf children who have been tested using the BSL Receptive Skills Test (1999).

Lloyd, Julian; Lieven, Elena; Arnold, Paul
Oral referential communication skills of hearing-impaired children
Deafness and Education International
2005, Vol 7 (1) p22-42
Study of deaf children's aptitude in a spoken communication test (Referential Communication Task) and compared with results from the Test of Reception of Grammar (TROG).

Yoshinaga-Itano, Christine; Stredler-Brown, Arlene; Jancosek, Elizabeth
From phone to phoneme: what we can understand from babble
Volta Review
1992, Vol 94 (5), p283-313
Describes assessment techniques for monitoring the speech development of very young deaf children.