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Bibliography - Working with families of deaf children


Beazley, Sarah & Moore, Michele
Deaf children, their families and professionals: dismantling barriers
David Fulton, 1995
ISBN: 185346354X
Explores the social model of disability as it affects the families of deaf children and the barriers they face in everyday life.

Corker, Mairian
Deaf transitions: images and origins of deaf families, deaf communities and deaf identities
Jessica Kingsley, 1996
ISBN: 1853023264

Department for Education and Skills (DfES)
Informed choice, families and deaf children: professional handbook
Dept for Education and Skills, 2006
A handbook for professionals to provide an "Informed Choice" approach for families who have very young children who are deaf. ESPP11

  • Gregory, Susan
    Deaf children and their families
    Cambridge U P, 1995
    ISBN: 0521438470

    Gregory, Susan; Bishop, Juliet; Sheldon, Lesley
    Deaf young people and their families: developing understanding
    Cambridge U P, 1995
    ISBN: 0521429986
    A follow up to "Deaf children and their families". It provides insight into the deaf young person's perspective on life as they progress into adolescence and adulthood.

    Grimes, Marian
    Moving through: stages of the educational journey for deaf children and young people in North Ayrshire: a parent/carer guide
    Scottish Sensory Centre, 2005
    ISBN: 0954603613
    A guide for parents on the various stages their deaf child will encounter during their time at school and directly after.  Based on the experience at North Ayrshire but may be generally applicable in Scotland.

  • Knight, Pamela & Swanwick, Ruth
    Care and education of a deaf child: a book for parents
    Multilingual Matters, 1999
    ISBN: 185359458X 1853594598
    Aims to give parents clear accessible and full information on a variety of aspects of deafness so that they can make informed decisions. Series: Parents and teachers' guides; No 4

    Luterman, David M & Ross, Mark
    When your child is deaf: a guide for parents
    York Press, 1991
    ISBN: 0912752270

    Meadow-Orlans, Kathryn P; Spencer, Patricia Elizabeth; Koester, Lynne Sanford
    World of deaf infants: a longitudinal study
    Oxford University Press, 2004
    ISBN: 0195147901
    Reports on a 15 year study of families with deaf and hearing young children of deaf or hearing parents. Explores the parenting of children with special needs and the interaction between parent and infant.

    Morgan-Jones, Ruth A
    Hearing differently: the impact of hearing impairment on family life
    Whurr, 2001
    ISBN: 1861561776
    Looks at relationships between hearing and deaf people, between partners, within families and in wider society. Includes data from 150 in-depth interviews with deaf people.

    National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
    "Has anyone thought to include me?" Fathers' perceptions of having a deaf child and the services that support them
    NDCS, 2006
    NDCS consulted with fathers of deaf children to find out how they are involved in their children's lives.

    National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
    Parenting a deaf child: parenting tips
    NDCS, 2005
    Parents share practical advice on various issues about bringing up a deaf child.

    National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
    Speech and language therapy for deaf children: a guide for parents
    NDCS, 2007
    For the parents and carers of deaf children who are interested in finding out about speech and language therapy. Provides information, advice and practical ideas to help with children’s communication. Jointly written with the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists.

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Schwartz, Sue (ed)
Choices in deafness: a parents' guide to communication options (2nd ed)
Woodbine House, 1996
ISBN: 0933149859
Outlines some communication options and contains many personal stories of parents' and children's experiences learning to communicate.

Spencer, Patricia E; Erting, Carol J; Marschark, Marc
Deaf child in the family and at school: essays in honor of Kathryn P Meadow-Orlans
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000
ISBN: 0805832211 0805832203

Stephens, Dafydd & Jones, Lesley (eds)
Effects of genetic hearing impairment in the family
John Wiley, 2006
ISBN: 9780470029640
Looks at deafness as an inherited condition and how deafness affects the individuals and families involved.

Stewart, David A & Luetke-Stahlman, Barbara
Signing family: what every parent should know about sign communication
Clerc Books (Gallaudet), 1998
ISBN: 15636806906
Explores the use of all types signing as the means of communication with deaf children both within the family and beyond.

Young, Alys; Griggs, Mary; Sutherland, Hilary
Deaf child and family intervention services using deaf adult role models: a national survey of development, practice and progress
RNID, 2000
ISBN: 0900634782
Research into employing deaf adults as positive role models for projects involved in providing services to deaf children and their families.



National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Parenting a deaf child
NDCS, 2004
Parents share practical advice on various issues about bringing up a deaf child.



Archbold, Sue ... [et al]
Deciding to have a cochlear implant and subsequent after-care: parental perspectives
Deafness and Education International 2006, Vol 8 (4), p190-206
A survey of parents' views on the process of cochlear implantation.

Archbold, Sue M ... [et al]
Outcomes from cochlear implantation for child and family: parental perspectives
Deafness and Education International 2008, Vol 10 (3), p120-142
Parents of 101 children who had received cochlear implants were surveyed to discover how well the parents felt the implants had helped their children.  This article reports the findings from the responses.

Brown, P Margaret; Bakar, Zaharah Abu; Rickards, Field W; Griffin, P
Family functioning, early intervention support, and spoken language and placement outcomes for children with profound hearing loss
Deafness and Education International 2006, Vol 8 (4), p207-226
Looks at how the family copes with having a deaf child and how they see the transition from early years support into primary education. Looks at language outcomes and placement decisions.

Brown, P Margaret & Remine, Maria D
Flexibility of programme delivery in providing effective family-centred intervention for remote families
Deafness and Education International 2008, Vol 10 (4), p213-225
Study of professionals and families involved in family-centred support and how the quality and equity of service is affected by this approach.

Eleweke, C Jonah ... [et al]
Information about support services for families of young children with hearing loss: a review of some useful outcomes and challenges
Deafness and Education International 2008, Vol 10 (4), p190-212
A paper on the information about support services given to parents of children who are deaf.

Evans, Judith F
Conversation at home: a case study of a young deaf child's communication experiences in a family in which all others can hear
American Annals of the Deaf 1995, Vol 140 (4), p324-332
The case study involves a 7 year old deaf girl from a family of 8 children.  All the other family members can hear.  The author observed the communication methods that the family employed over a six-month period.

Hintermair, Manfred
Parental resources, parental stress and socioemotional development of deaf and hard of hearing children
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2006, Vol 11 (4), p493-513
A study of the links between the stress experienced by parents and the emotional and social problems of their deaf children.

Hyde, Merv & Power, Des
Some ethical dimensions of cochlear implantation for deaf children and their families
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2006, Vol 11 (1), p102-111
Looks at the range of information given to parents of newly identified deaf children on their future possibilities.  This is particularly relevant with the advent of widely accessible cochlear implant programs.

Knoors, Harry
Educational responses to varying objectives of parents of deaf children: a Dutch perspective
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Spring 2007, Vol 12 (2), p243-253
An overview of deaf education in the Netherlands.

Lartz, Maribeth N & Lestina, L Jill
Strategies deaf mothers use when reading to their young deaf or hard of hearing children
American Annals of the Deaf 1995, Vol 140 (4), p358-370
Six deaf mothers were video-taped while reading the same book and the observations were analysed.  Six specific strategies where observed: sign placement; text paired with signed demonstration; real world connections; attention maintenance; physical demonstrations and non-manual signals.

Loots, Gerrit; Devisé, Isabel; Jacquet, Wolfgang
Impact of visual communication on the intersubjective development of early parent-child interaction with 18 to 24 month old deaf toddlers
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2005, Vol 10 (4), p357-375
Study of the varying communication styles used between hearing and deaf parents and their deaf children.

McQuillan, Lucy & Atherton, Martin
Sibling relationships in a mixed deaf/hearing family
Deaf Worlds 2006, Vol 22 (3), pS71-S85
The experience of one hearing sibling's relationship with her deaf sister and how that impacted on her childhood.

Moore, Jo
When you know you're right
NDCS Magazine Winter/Spring 2007, No 4, p18-21
The story of one family's experience of making educational choices for their daughter who is deaf and has multiple disabilities.

Napier, Jemina; Leigh, Greg; Nann, Sharon
Teaching sign language to hearing parents of deaf children: an action research process
Deafness and Education International 2007, Vol 9 (2), p83-100
Australian study into the difficulties for parents learning sign language as an additional language.

Nunes, Terezinha; Pretzlik, Ursula; Ilicak, Selin
Validation of a parent outcome questionnaire from pediatric cochlear implantation
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2005, Vol 10 (4), p330-356
Analysis of a questionnaire devised for parents to complete following their child receiving a cochlear implant.

Porter, Ann & Edirippulige, Sisira
Parents of deaf children seeking hearing loss-related information on the internet: the Australian experience
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2007, Vol 12 (4), p518-529
A study of the ways in which parents of deaf children use the internet to gather information on deafness.

Sutherland, Jane; Remine, Maria D; Brown, P Margaret
Parent and professional perspectives on the Western Australian infant hearing screening program
Deafness and Education International 2008, Vol 10 (3), p168-188
Views from parents and professionals on the effectiveness of the screening process and the subsequent services provided.

van Unen, Aleida
Parents' choice for cochlear implants and biculturalism
Deaf Worlds 2007, Vol 23 (2&3), pS161- S164
Hearing parents of a deaf child describe how they have tried to allow their child who has a cochlear implant to make the most of his hearing and his deafness by encouraging use of sign language in certain situations and part-time attendance at a deaf school.

Wallis, Delia; Musselman, Carol; MacKay, Sherri
Hearing mothers and their deaf children: the relationship between early, ongoing mode match and subsequent mental health functioning in adolescence
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2004, Vol 9 (1), p2-14
Explores the impact of communication choices on the mental health of deaf adolescents.

Ward, Simon
Growing happy children
NDCS Magazine Autumn 2008, No 10, p10-11
An educational psychologist explains how to help your deaf child to grow up be happy and successful.

Watson, Linda M; Hardie, Tim; Archbold, Sue M; Wheeler, Alexandra
Parents' views on changing communication after cochlear implantation
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2008, Vol 13 (1), p104-116
A questionnaire was sent out to families of all children given a cochlear implant at a particular centre asking about communication choices and strategies since the cochlear implantation.

Watson, Linda & Swanwick, Ruth
Parents' and teachers' views on deaf children's literacy at home: do they agree?
Deafness and Education International 2008, Vol 10 (1), p22-39
A study to investigate the views and beliefs of a group of parents of young deaf children and the teachers of the deaf who work with them.

Weisel, Amatzia; Most, Tova; Michael, Rinat
Mothers' stress and expectations as a function of time since child's cochlear implantation
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2007, Vol 12 (1), p55-64
A study of how families cope with the expectations and stresses relating to their child's cochlear implantation.

Young, Alys ... [et al]
Informed choice and deaf children: underpinning concepts and enduring challenges
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Summer 2006, Vol 11 (3), p322-336
A report on the first stage of a study about informed choices for parents of deaf children.

Young, Alys ... [et al]
Issues and dilemmas in the production of standard information for parents of young deaf children: parents' views
Deafness and Education International 2005, Vol 7 (2), p63-76
Explores the provision of good information to parents of children who are deaf looking specifically at a draft document devised by NDCS for the Early Support Pilot programme.

Young, Alys & Tattersall, Helen
Parents' of deaf children evaluative accounts of the process and practice of universal newborn hearing screening
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Spring 2005, Vol 10 (2), p134-145
Study of parents' perceptions of the universal newborn hearing screening procedure.  Parents interviewed had babies who were identified as having a hearing loss during the screening process.

Zaidman-Zait, Anat
Parenting a child with a cochlear implant: a critical incident study
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Spring 2007, Vol 12 (2), p221-241
A study of the experiences which helped parents of children who have received cochlear implants.