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Bibliography - Working with children with Cytomegalovirus, Auditory Neuropath Spectrum Disorders or Autistic Spectrum disorders


Bogdashina, Olga
Sensory perceptual issues in autism and Asperger syndrome: different sensory experiences, different perceptual worlds
Jessica Kingsley, 2003
ISBN: 1843101661
Focuses on the role of sensory perceptual problems in autism.

Davis, Adrian
Critical review of the neonatal hearing screening in the detection of congenital hearing impairment
NCCHTA, 1997
ISSN: 1366-5278
Health Technology Assessment. Vol 1 (10)

Department for Education and Skills (DfES)
Information for parents: autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) and related conditions [Early Support Pilot Programme]
Dept for Education and Skills, 2004
Guidance for families who have very young children who have autism. ESPP12.

Kurtzer-White, Ellen & Luterman, David
Early childhood deafness
York Press, 2001
ISBN: 0912752610
This book offers a thorough overview of paediatric audiology and provides direction for best practice intervention.

Maltby, Maryanne Tate & Knight, Pamela
Audiology: an introduction for teachers and other professionals
David Fulton, 2000
ISBN: 1853466654
A basic guide to audiology aimed at those studying to become teachers of deaf children as well as other professionals working with deaf students and their families.

McCormick, Barry
Paediatric audiology 0-5 years (2nd edition)
Whurr, 1993
ISBN: 1897635257

McCracken, Wendy & Laoide-Kemp, Siobhán
Audiology in education
Whurr, 1997
ISBN: 1861560176

Moore, Brian C J
Introduction to the psychology of hearing (5th ed)
Emerald Group, 2004
ISBN: 9780125056281
A leading textbook in the field of auditory perception/psychoacoustics  An introduction to what the auditory system does and how it works.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Deaf children with additional needs: information for families
NDCS & Ear Foundation, 2007
A guide for parents of children who are deaf with additional disabilities. Includes a large section with advice and ideas from other parents.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Quality standards in paediatric audiology: Volume IV: Guidelines for the early identification and the audiological management of children with hearing loss
NDCS, 2000
ISBN: 0904691543
Revision of volume I (1994) and volume II (1996)

Stach, Brad
Comprehensive dictionary of audiology (Illustrated)
Williams & Wilkins, 1997
ISBN: 0683180754

Stokes, Jacqueline
Hearing impaired infants: support in the first eighteen months
Whurr, 1999
ISBN: 1861561067



Chen, Deborah
What can baby hear? auditory tests and interventions for infants with multiple disabilities
Paul H Brookes, 1996
ISBN: 1557663106
Duration: 30 minutes. Accompanied by a Viewer's guide



Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)
Using residual hearing effectively: education guidelines project
RNID, 2005
ISBN: 1904296092
Information on the management of all types of hearing loss. An update of the publication in 2000. (PDFs on CD-ROM)  Series: Education guidelines project. 



Lantz, Johanna
Assessment processes for autism spectrum disorders: purpose and procedures
Indiana Resource Center for Autism, (Accessed: 09/01/2007)
Discusses the process for assessing children for autism. (Website only)