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Bibliography - Supporting Deaf Pupils with Additional Learning Needs


Ben-Arieh, Josefa & Miller, Helen J
Educator's guide to teaching students with autism spectrum disorders
Corwin, 2009
ISBN: 9781412957762
Evidence-based interventions for educators who are looking for strategies for teaching students with autism spectrum disorders.

Bogdashina, Olga
Sensory perceptual issues in autism and Asperger syndrome: different sensory experiences, different perceptual worlds
Jessica Kingsley, 2003
ISBN: 1843101661
Focuses on the role of sensory perceptual problems in autism.

Department for Education and Skills (DfES)
Information for parents: autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) and related conditions [Early Support Pilot Programme]
Dept for Education and Skills, 2004
Guidance for families who have very young children who have autism. ESPP12.

Dittrich, Winand H & Tutt, Rona
Educating children with complex conditions: understanding overlapping and co-existing developmental disorders
Sage, 2008
ISBN: 9781847873187
Concentrates on developmental and learning disorders including: ADHD, autistic spectrum, specific language impairment and specific learning difficulties (eg dyslexia etc). A practical and approachable guide for education professionals.

Edwards, Lindsey & Crocker, Susan
Psychological processes in deaf children with complex needs: an evidence-based practical guide
Jessica Kingsley, 2008
ISBN: 9781843104148
Children affected by deafness and additional difficulties, such as autism, specific learning difficulties and behavioural and emotional problems are discussed. Written by two clinical psychologists so it has a medical/clinical bias.

Teamwork in early intervention for children with complex needs and their families: Interconnections UK Conference held on 5th March 2002 at City Hospital, Birmingham
Interconnections, 2002
In pursuit of "joined-up" services, the conference reports on practical approaches in the UK for co-ordination between agencies, collaboration between professionals and the involvement of parents.

Koegel, Robert L & Koegel, Lynn Kern (Eds)
Teaching children with autism: strategies for initiating positive interactions and improving learning opportunities
Paul H Brookes, 1996
ISBN: 1557661804

Lacey, Penny & Ouvry, Carol
People with profound and multiple learning difficulties: a collaborative approach to meeting complex needs
David Fulton, 1998
ISBN: 1853464880
A practically-based text book for practitioners working with children and adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Each chapter explores different aspects of the lives of people with PMLD.

Martin, Nicole
Art as an early intervention tool for children with autism
Jessica Kingsley, 2009
ISBN: 9781849058070
Tips and suggestions for how to provide art therapy for young children with autism.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Deaf children with additional needs: information for families
NDCS & Ear Foundation, 2007
A guide for parents of children who are deaf with additional disabilities. Includes a large section with advice and ideas from other parents.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Down's Syndrome and childhood deafness: information for families
NDCS & Ear Foundation, 2007
A guide for parents of children with Down's Syndrome who are also deaf.

Schein, Jerome D
Education and rehabilitation of deaf persons with other disabilities
New York School University, 1974



Birmingham City Council
Learning from each other: peer and parent assisted learning
Birmingham City Council, [2004?]
ISBN: 1905182058
Explores collaborative learning using a variety of approaches involving parents, peers and older learning buddies. DVD video plus DVD-ROM supplementary material.

Birmingham City Council
Supporting autism spectrum disorder in inclusive schools
Birmingham City Council, 2004
ISBN: 189824491X
Provides staff in mainstream schools with a deeper understanding and wider range of strategies to promote inclusion for children with autism. DVD video plus DVD-ROM supplementary material.

Birmingham City Council
Supporting pupils with autism spectrum disorder in mainstream secondary schools
Birmingham City Council, [2004?]
Illustrates effective strategies and reasonable adjustments for responding to and overcoming the challenges of including children with autism in mainstream secondary schools. DVD video plus DVD-ROM supplementary material.



Clibbens, J; Powell, G; Atkinson, E
Strategies for achieving joint attention when signing to children with down's syndrome
International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders 2002, Vol 37(3), p309-323
Explores strategies for using sign language with children who have Down's syndrome.

Dammeyer, Jesper
Children with deafblindness: difficult differential diagnostics between sensory loss, autism and mental retardation
NUD News Bulletin 2008, No 1/08, p 4-9
Discusses the problems in identifying conditions such as autism or learning disabilities in children who are deafblind.

Edwards, Lindsey C
Children with cochlear implants and complex needs: a review of outcome research and psychological practice
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Summer 2007, Vol 12 (3), p258-268
Looks at the outcomes for children who have complex needs who have received a cochlear implant.

Hadjikakou, Kika
Deaf children with additional disabilities in Cyprus
Inclusive and Supportive Education Congress, International Special Education Conference "Inclusion: Celebrating Diversity?" 1st - 4th August 2005 Glasgow, Scotland
Looks at the diagnosis of and services for deaf children who have additional disabilities in Cyprus.

McCracken, Wendy; Ravichandran, Aarthy; Laoide-Kemp, Siobhan
Audiological certainty in deaf children with learning disabilities: an imperative for inter-agency working
Deafness and Education International 2008, Vol 10 (1), p4-21
Looks at the audiological needs of children who have learning disabilities.

Peltokorpi, Sini & Huttunen, Kerttu
Communication in the early stage of language development in children with CHARGE syndrome
British Journal of Visual Impairment January 2008, Vol 26 (1), p24-49
Children with CHARGE syndrome are assessed for communication levels and interventions are discussed. 

Waite, Laura
"I still can't understand" assisting people with learning disabilities with sight and hearing problems to access information
Focus January 2006, No 43, p9-16
Advice for people working with people who have learning disabilities and who also may be deaf and/or visually impaired to improve their access to diagnosis and information.

Woll, Bencie & Grove, Nicola
On language deficits and modality in children with Down syndrome: a case study of twins bilingual in BSL and English
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 1996, Vol 1 (4), 271-278
This article reports on hearing identical twins with Down syndrome who have Deaf parents.  The twins are bilingual, having been exposed since infancy to both English and British Sign Language.



Lantz, Johanna
Assessment processes for autism spectrum disorders: purpose and procedures
Indiana Resource Center for Autism (Accessed: 13/1/11)
Discusses the process for assessing children for autism. (Website only)