University of Edinburgh

Introduction to smiLE Therapy (Strategies & Measurable Interaction in Live English)


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Whurr, 1992
ISBN 1870332385
An overview aimed at students of audiology, speech and language therapy, special education and psychology. Series: Studies in disorders of communication

Cole, Elizabeth B & Flexer, Carol
Children with hearing loss: developing listening and talking: birth to six (2nd ed)
Plural, 2011
ISBN 9781597563796
An accessible guide for parents/carers and professionals to hearing loss issues and spoken language skills of children who are deaf.

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Constructing deafness
Pinter & Open University, 1991
ISBN 0861870565
Presents a range of different perspectives on deafness. Reader for part of the Open University course D251 Issues in Deafness

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ISBN 1897635397

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ISBN 1853595454
"A travellers guide to Deaf culture."

NDCS, Scottish Council on Deafness
Mental health services for deaf children: Campaign report
NDCS, 2013
Describes the current situation for provision of mental health services to deaf children with brief illustrative case studies. Part of the Helping Hand campaign.

Pickersgill, Miranda & Gregory, Susan
Sign bilingualism: a model
LASER, 1998
A sign bilingual model is described, aimed at those who wish to move towards establishing sign bilingual education.

Schamroth, Karin & Lawlor, Emma
SmiLE therapy: functional communication and social skills for deaf students and stuents with special needs
Speechmark, 2015
ISBN 9781909301559
This programme was designed to help deaf children to cope with the realities of communication in the real world away from the protective environments of home and school.

Wood, David; Wood, Heather; Griffiths, Amanda; Howarth, Ian
Teaching and talking with deaf children
John Wiley, 1986
ISBN 0471908274
This book examines the classroom experiences of deaf children taught by "oral" methods. It identifies successful education techniques and discusses thier implementation. Series: Wiley series in Developmental Psychology and its Applications


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Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Spring 2007, Vol 12 (2), p158-171
Examines the reliability of a questionnaire which is distributed to deaf children in mainstream classes in the US. The questionnaire concentrates on how well the student thinks they understand what is going on and how communication affects their experiences in the classroom.

Austen, Sally
Snap-shot of deafness and mental health
Deaf Worlds
2006, Vol 22 (2), pS85-S90
Key questions arising from the diagnosis and treatment of Deaf sign language users with mental health problems.

Butler, S J
Talking Sense
Winter 2011, Vol 58 (3), p43-46
Looks at the role of intervenors in the lives of deafblind people. Intervenors assist in communication with deafblind children and adults so that they can interact with the rest of the world.

Guardino, Caroline & Antia, Shirind D
Modifying the classroom environment to increase engagement and decrease disruption with students who are deaf or hard of hearing
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Fall 2012, Vol 17 (4), p518-533
A study of environmental interventions in the classroom which aimed to reduce disruptive behaviour in deaf children.

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Peer relationships of deaf children with cochlear implants: predictors of peer entry and peer interaction success
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Winter 2011, Vol 16 (1), p108-120
This study investigated factors that affect the development of positive peer relationships among deaf children with cochlear implants.

Raver, Sharon A ... [et al]
Using a child-specific social story to improve communication and social skills in two preschoolers with cochlear implants: an exploratory classroom case study
Deafness and Education International
June 2013 , Vol 15 (2), p117-125
Use of a personalised story to encourage two young children with cochlear implants to communicate socially during unstructured play sessions.

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Hearing mothers and their deaf children: the relationship between early, ongoing mode match and subsequent mental health functioning in adolescence
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Winter 2004 , Vol 9 (1), p2-14
Explores the impact of communication choices on the mental health of deaf adolescents.