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Bibliography - Deaf exams and leaving school


Language of examinations (2nd ed)
BATOD, 2003
ISBN: 0903502097
Recommendations for the modification of examination papers for deaf candidates. It is also intended to allow teachers and support staff to become more familiar with the principles of modification.

Language of examinations: recommendations for the modification of examination papers for hearing impaired candidates

Bradshaw, Wendy
Experience of employers: research into deafness and employment
RNID, 2002
ISBN: 0900634944
RNID research into employers' experiences of employing deaf or hard-of-hearing people.

Foster, Susan B & Walter, Gerard F (Eds)
Deaf students in post secondary education
Routledge, 1992
ISBN 0415071283

Green, Chris & Nickerson, Warren
Rise of the communicator: a perspective on post-16 education and training for deaf people
Moonshine Books, 1992
ISBN: 0951749005

Grimes, Marian
Moving through: stages of the educational journey for deaf children and young people in North Ayrshire: a parent/carer guide
Scottish Sensory Centre, 2005
ISBN: 0954603613
A guide for parents on the various stages their deaf child will encounter during their time at school and directly after. Based on the experience at North Ayrshire but may be generally applicable in Scotland.

Hunter, Jana Novotny
Read my lips
Walker, 2002 ISBN 0744590531
Teen fiction about a deaf girl attending a residential school.  Features issues about communication choices and transition from school into the "hearing world".

Montgomery, George
Disability legislation and deaf workers: Some opportunities are more equal than others
Donaldson's Research Unit, 1996
ISBN: 1873577184

Murdoch, Heather & Boothroyd, Eileen
Getting a result! information and ideas to help young people who are multi-sensory-impaired and their families understand and participate more fully in the transition planning process
Sense, [2009]
Designed to guide parents of young people with sensory impairments and other disabilities through the transition from school to the world beyond. It deals with the period from age 13 to 19 or later when young people plan and begin their future as young adults. England & Wales bias.

Phoenix, Susan
Interim report on a pilot survey of deaf adults in Northern Ireland with detailed reference to their educational experience, employment and social situation.
RNID, 1988

Doing work differently: getting a job and keeping it while managing impairment
RADAR, 2007
A booklet of advice for people who have disabilities and are looking for work.

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)
Guidance on special assessment arrangements
Scottish Qualifications Authority, 2001
ISBN: 1859693946
This replaces "Guidance on special assessment and certification arrangements for candidates with special needs and candidates for whom English is an additional language" 2000.

Smith, Cath
Let's sign: for work: BSL guide for service providers
Co-sign Communications, 2003
ISBN: 0954238400
Brief vocabulary of terms mostly dealing with personnel issues. Illustrations and descriptions of signs.



Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)
English: alternative communication: assessment of communicating: commentary and grading
Scottish Qualifications Authority, 1998
Accompanied by 1 booklet



Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)
Deaf students at college
RNID, 2005
ISBN: 1904296157
Developed for professionals working with deaf students in college settings. It will be of interest to staff working with deaf learners for the first time and will also be a useful resource for school-based staff involved with transition planning. An update to "Deaf students in further education" (PDFs on CD-ROM) Series: Education guidelines project. 



Cawthon, Stephanie W
Accommodations use for statewide standardized assessments: prevalence and recommendations for students who are deaf or hard of hearing
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2008, Vol 13 (1), p55-76
Survey of students to assess the most useful special arrangements (accommodations) for taking standard tests in the USA.

Cawthon, Stephanie W
National survey of accommodations and alternate assessments for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing in the United States.
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Summer 2006, Vol 11 (3), p337-359
Survey of what arrangements are in place for deaf students taking national assessments in the US.

Foster, Susan & MacLeod, Janet
Role of mentoring relationships in the career development of successful deaf persons
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2004, Vol 9 (4), p442-461
Explores the important impact a mentor can have on the success of deaf people in their careers.

Jambor, Edina & Elliott, Marta
Self-esteem and coping strategies among deaf students
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2005, Vol 10 (1), p63-81
Looks at factors which contribute to good self esteem in deaf students at California State University.

Marschark, Marc ... [et al]
Access to postsecondary education through sign language interpreting
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2005, Vol 10 (1), p38-50
Reviews previous literature and describes a study looking at the effectiveness of sign language interpreting in tertiary education.

O'Neill, Rachel ... [et al]
Deaf students and their support in further education in the United Kingdom: Results from the National Association for Tertiary Education for Deaf People (NATED) Survey 2000
Deafness and Education International 2002, Vol 4 (2), p99-114
Presents the findings of a national study on the transition of young deaf people from school to adult life.

Padden-Duncan, Tessa
On deaf professionals in management: exploring the implications of the glass ceiling
Deaf Worlds 2007, Vol 23 (2&3), pS135- S160
A literature review of the effect that deafness has on the career prospects of deaf people in managerial roles.

Polat, Filiz; Kalambouka, Afroditi; Boyle, Bill
After secondary school, what?  The transition of deaf young people from school to independent living
Deafness and Education International 2004, Vol 6 (1), p1-19
Presents the findings of a national study on the transition of young deaf people from school to adult life.

Punch, Renee; Hyde, Merv; Power, Des
Career and workplace experiences of Australian university graduates who are deaf or hard-of-hearing
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2007, Vol 12 (4), p504-517
Results of a study on deaf students and their experiences of employment and career progression after leaving university.

Richardson, John T E; Barnes, Lynne; Fleming, Joan
Approaches to studying and perceptions of academic quality in deaf and hearing students in higher education
Deafness and Education International 2004, Vol 6 (2), p100-122
Compares the experiences and perceptions of hearing and deaf students in higher education.

Simpson, Paul
Making exams fairer for deaf pupils
NDCS Magazine Winter 2009, No 15, p40-41
Issues to consider when approaching examinations with pupils who are deaf.

Turner, Graham H
"I'll tell you later": On institutional audism
Deaf Worlds 2006, Vol 22 (3), p50-70
Deaf employees describe the discrimination and negativity experienced in the workplace. The authors draw comparisons with institutional racism and make recommendations for change.



Stalker, Kirsten
Young disabled people moving into adulthood in Scotland (Foundations N42)
Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2002
A review of the transition planning and support of young disabled people in Scotland. Follows on from a report by Jenny Morris (Ref 512) on the situation in England, report is included/linked.