University of Edinburgh

Secondary Focus Day in Deaf Education


Corfe, Louise
Teaching toolkit and resource pack: raising deaf children's achievements in literacy
Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children, 2007
These resources provide teachers with a developmental approach to teaching literacy. Booklet with CD-ROM of resources so that they can be reproduced easily and as necessary.

Deaf Ex-mainstreamers Group
Deaf toolkit: best value review of deaf children in education, from user's perspective
DEX, 2004
ISBN 0954669916
An indepth report from a survey of mainstream pupils who are deaf in the UK focusing on social inclusion. Comparisons are drawn from Scandinavian countries and strong recommendations for the future of deaf education are listed.

Johnson, Robert E; Liddell, Scott K; Erting, Carol J
Unlocking the curriculum: principles for achieving access in deaf education
Gallaudet Research Institute, 1989
Gallaudet Research Institute Working paper 89-3

Moores, Donald F & Martin, David S (Eds)
Deaf learners: developments in curriculum and instruction
Gallaudet University Press, 2006
ISBN 1563682850
Includes chapters on curriculum subject areas such as Maths, Science, Social studies and PE.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Resource provisions for deaf children and young people in mainstream schools: quality standards
NDCS, 2011
ISBN 9781907814228
A set of quality standards outlining best practice for the inclusion of deaf children in mainstream education and the provision of resources and services to those children.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Starting secondary school: a guide for parents
NDCS, 2008
This booklet provides some ideas about how parents can help their child prepare for the move to secondary school.

National Deaf Studies Curriculum Working Group
Deaf studies curriculum: Foundation stage to key stage 4 for deaf children
National Deaf Studies Curriculum Working Group, nd
ISBN 9780946252732
This curriculum aimed at deaf pupils is made up of 6 units: Deaf Identity; Communication; Communication Technology; Deaf Community & Culture; Deaf History; Social Change.

Nunes, Terezinha
Teaching mathematics to deaf children
Whurr, 2004
ISBN 186156340X
A guide for parents and teachers based on a study of how deaf children think and learn to solve numerical problems.

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)
Inclusion strategies: supporting effective inclusion and attainment
RNID, 2004
ISBN 1904296114
Practical advice for including deaf children in mainstream schools. Accompanied by a DVD-ROM for use with Windows-based PCs.

Wakefield, Virginia & Mackenzie, Suzanne
At the heart of inclusion: the role of specialist support for deaf pupils
RNID, 2005
Looks at the SEN support services for deaf pupils in mainstream schools. (England & Wales?)


Akamatsu, C Tane; Mayer, Connie; Farrelly, Shona
Investigation of two-way text messaging use with deaf students at the secondary level
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2006, Vol 11 (1), p120-131
Researchers note the rise in use of mobile phones and Short Message Services (SMS) with teenage deaf students. A study investigates the use of these texting services amongst deaf and hearing peers in the development of social skills.

Banner, Alyssa & Wang, Ye
Analysis of the reading strategies used by adult and student deaf readers
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2011, Vol 16 (1), p2-23
The reading skills of young adults and adults who are deaf were studied identifying successful reading strategies.

Bauman, Sheri & Pero, Heather
Bullying and cyberbullying among deaf students and their hearing peers: an exploratory study
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Spring 2011, Vol 16 (2), p236-253
Survey of deaf students in secondary education on the incidence of bullying and cyberbullying.

Bellin, Wynford & Stephens, Dafydd
Value systems of deaf and hearing adolescents
Deafness and Education International 2002, Vol 4 (3), p142-147
A study of deaf adolescents to compare their values with those of hearing peers and to determine the level of marginalisation of deaf people within society.

Blatto-Vallee, Gary ... [et al]
Visual-spatial representation in mathematical problem solving by deaf and hearing students
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2007, Vol 12 (4), p432-448
Compares performance of deaf and hearing students in solving mathematical problems with specific reference to use of visual-spatial representation.

Borders, Christina M; Barnett, David; Bauer, Anne M
How are they really doing? Observation of inclusionary classroom participation for children with mild-to-moderate deafness
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2010, Vol 15 (4), p348-357
A study of how 5 children with mild-to-moderate deafness participated in inclusive classroom settings.

Cawthon, Stephanie W
Accommodations use for statewide standardized assessments: prevalence and recommendations for students who are deaf or hard of hearing
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2008, Vol 13 (1), p55-76
Survey of students to assess the most useful special arrangements (accommodations) for taking standard tests in the USA.

Chen, Kaili
Math in motion: Origami math for students who are deaf and hard of hearing
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Spring 2006, Vol 11 (2), p262-266
Outlines a method of teaching mathematics to deaf students using origami.

Hadjikakou, Kika; Petridou, Lenia; Stylianou, Chryso
Evaluation of the support services provided to deaf children attending secondary general schools in Cyprus
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Spring 2005, Vol 10 (2), p203-211
A major study of the support services available to deaf children in mainstream secondary schools in Cyprus.

Harris, Margaret & Terlektsi, Emmanouela
Reading and spelling abilities of deaf adolescents with cochlear implants and hearing aids
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2011, Vol 16 (1), p24-34
Comparison of reading skills in groups of deaf young adults. One group uses hearing aids, the other group uses cochlear implants.

Hintermair, Manfred
Health-related quality of life and classroom participation of deaf and hard-of-hearing students in general schools
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Spring 2011, Vol 16 (2), p254-271
Survey of deaf children at mainstream schools using the "Inventory of Life Quality of children and youth" and the "Classroom Participation Questionnaire". Results are compared with a survey of hearing children.

Hung, Hsin-Ling & Paul, Peter V
Inclusion of students who are deaf or hard of hearing: secondary school hearing students' perspectives
Deafness and Education International 2006, Vol 8 (2), p62-74
Report from research into deaf students perspectives of inclusion within mainstream settings.

Jarvis, Joy & Iantaffi, Alessandra
"Deaf people don't dance": challenging student teachers' perspectives of pupils and inclusion
Deafness and Education International 2006, Vol 8 (2), p75-87
Report from research into student teachers' perspectives of inclusion of deaf pupils within mainstream settings.

Jarvis, Joy; Sinka, Indra; Iantaffi, Alessandra
Inclusion: what deaf pupils think: an RNID project undertaken by the University of Hertfordshire
Deafness and Education International 2002, Vol 4 (3), p142-147
A 'work in progress' report on a project to find out what deaf children's views are on inclusion.

Komesaroff, Linda R & McLean, Margaret A
Being there is not enough: inclusion is both deaf and hearing
Deafness and Education International 2006, Vol 8 (2), p88-100
Theories on the inclusion of deaf pupils within mainstream settings.

Lang, Harry & Pagliaro, Claudia
Factors predicting recall of mathematics terms by deaf students: implications for teaching
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2007, Vol 12 (4), p449-460
Looks at the mathematics vocabulary retention of deaf students in secondary education. The article particularly notes use of signs (rather than fingerspelling) aided memory and learning.

Marschark, Marc ... [et al]
Benefits of sign language interpreting and text alternatives for deaf students' classroom learning
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2006, Vol 11 (4), p421-437
Examines the benefits of combined and individual use of interpreting and electronic notetaking with deaf students in secondary and tertiary education. Based on 4 different studies.

McIlroy, Guy & Storbeck, Claudine
Development of deaf identity: an ethnographic study
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Fall 2011, Vol 16 (4), p494-511
Researchers spoke to deaf adults about being deaf, their education and identity.

Nunes, Terezinha ... [et al]
Deaf children's informal knowledge of multiplicative reasoning
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Spring 2009, Vol 14 (2), p260-277
Looks at how deaf children develop their understanding of multiplication concepts.

Polat, Filiz; Kalambouka, Afroditi; Boyle, Bill
After secondary school, what? The transition of deaf young people from school to independent living
Deafness and Education International 2004, Vol 6 (1), p1-19
Presents the findings of a national study on the transition of young deaf people from school to adult life.

Qi, Sen & Mitchell, Ross E
Large-scale academic achievement testing of deaf and hard-of-hearing students: past, present, and future
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Winter 2012, Vol 17 (1), p1-18
Looks at how pupils who are deaf cope with the Stanford Achievement Test which is a nationwide testing programme in the USA.

Soutar, Angela ... [et al]
Preparing for secondary school
NDCS Magazine Autumn 2011, No 22, p20-21
Parents and staff discuss a transition day for pupils moving from primary to secondary education in Surrey.

Swanwick, Ruth; Oddy, Anne; Roper, Tom
Mathematics and deaf children: an exploration of barriers to success
Deafness and Education International 2005, Vol 7 (1) p1-21
Explores the reasons for deaf children's underachievement in mathematics.

Vosganoff, Diane; Paatsch, Louise E; Toe, Dianne M
Mathematical and science skills of students who are deaf or hard of hearing educated in inclusive settings
Deafness and Education International June 2011, Vol 13 (2), p70-88
A study of deaf children's achievements in Maths and Sciences in mainstream schools in Australia.

Wilkinson, Sally
Starting big school
NDCS Magazine Summer 2010, No 17, p20-21
Short article on how some aspects of a transition to secondary school was managed.