University of Edinburgh

Science for Deaf Children


Holden, Carol & Cooke, Andy
Meeting SEN in the curriculum: science
David Fulton, 2005
ISBN 184312159X
Series combines SEN expertise with subject knowledge to produce practical and immediate support. Accompanied by a CD-ROM.

Reid, David J & Hodson, Derek
Science for all
Cassell, 1987
ISBN 0304313823
An inclusive approach to scientific education. Series: Special needs in ordinary schools

Womack, David
Developing mathematical and scientific thinking in young children
Cassell, 1988
ISBN 0304313971
A general look at developing mathematical concepts with children who have a variety of special needs. Series: Special needs in ordinary schools


Derby, John & Harvey, Marion
Scientists in sign: a key stage 3 science resource for hearing impaired pupils
Northern Ireland Deaf Video Project, 1998
Accompanied by a booklet of worksheets


Cawthon, Stephanie W
Science and evidence of success: two emerging issues in assessment accommodations for students who are deaf or hard of hearing
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Spring 2010, Vol 15 (2), p185-203
US standardised assessments are now applied to deaf and hard of hearing pupils.  This study looks at the adaptations and arrangements decided upon by teachers and the reasoning behind these decisions.  Concentrates on science as a new compulsory area for the assessments.

Lang, Harry G ... [et al]
Study of technical signs in science: implications for lexical database development
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Winter 2007, Vol 12 (1), p65-79
A study of the use of scientific vocabulary in ASL for teaching purposes.

Vosganoff, Diane; Paatsch, Louise E; Toe, Dianne M
Mathematical and science skills of students who are deaf or hard of hearing educated in inclusive settings
Deafness and Education International
June 2011, Vol 13 (2), p70-88
A study of deaf children's achievements in Maths and Sciences in mainstream schools in Australia.