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Cochlear Implant Technology Update


Denworth, Lydia
I can hear you whisper: an intimate journey through the science of sound and language
Plume, 2014
ISBN 9780142181867
Follows a mother and her son as they discover his deafness and their journey to achieve communication.

Milani, Amy
Raising kids with cochlear implants: personal narratives from a family's journey
Amy Milani, 2014
ISBN 9780991403202
A mother's story of bringing up two children with cochlear implants.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Cochlear implants: a guide for families (rev ed)
NDCS, 2010
ISBN 9781907814044
A guide to cochlear implants for families. (Website registration required)


One mother's diary
Action on Hearing Loss Magazine
Apr/May 2013, p26-28
A mother describes how her son came to the decision he'd like a cochlear implant. Full version available on PDDCS website.

One mother's diary
Action on Hearing Loss Magazine
Spr/Sum 2014, p20-22
A mother describes her son's cochlear implant activation day.

Archbold, Sue & Mayer, Connie
Deaf education: the impact of cochlear implantation?
Deafness and Education International
March 2012, Vol 14 (1), p2-15
A review of the impact that cochlear implants have had on deaf education in terms of educational placement, communication choices and attainments.

Castellanos, Irina ... [et al]
Concept formation skills in long-term cochlear implant users
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Jan 2015, Vol 20 (1), p27-40
Looks at a group of cochlear implant users

Coyle, Alison
Cochlear implants
SCoD News
Summer/Autumn 2012, No 26, p6-7
A round up of speakers at the June meeting of SCoD's National Council. Perspectives were given from Health professionals and a deaf adult.

Cramer-Wolrath, Emelie
Sequential bimodal bilingual acquisition: mediation using a cochlear implant as a tool
Deafness and Education International
Sept 2013, Vol 15 (4), p201-221
A Swedish case-study of a deaf child of deaf parents who received a cochlear implant at about 3 years old. Looks at communication options and spoken language development alongside Swedish sign language.

Dammeyer, Jesper
Literacy skills among deaf and hard of hearing students and students with cochlear implants in bilingual/bicultural education
Deafness and Education International
Jun 2014, Vol 16 (2), p108-119
A study to evaluate the literacy skills of bilingual students who are deaf, hard of hearing or cochlear implant users.

Dammeyer, Jesper
Longitudinal study of pragmatic language development in three children with cochlear implants
Deafness and Education International
Dec 2012, Vol 14 (4), p217-232
A 4 year study of language development of three young children who have cochlear implants. Also includes issues such as peer interaction, theory of mind, psychosocial wellbeing and self-efficacy.

Giezen, Marcel R; Baker, Anne E; Escudero, Paola
Relationships between spoken word and sign processing in children with cochlear implants
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Jan 2014, Vol 19 (1), p107-125
A study of the impact of learning both spoken language and sign language for children with cochlear implants.

Guo, Ling-Yu; Spencer, Linda J; Tomblin, J Bruce
Acquisition of tense marking in English-speaking children with cochlear implants: a longitudinal study
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
April 2013, Vol 18 (2), p187-205
Looks at the development of English grammar in children with cochlear implants, specifically looking at the recognition and correct use of tenses (eg past tense).

Lund, Emily & Schuele, Clare Melanie
Effects of a word-learning training on children with cochlear implants
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Jan 2014, Vol 19 (1), p68-84
Preschool children with cochlear implants participated in rapid word-learning training.

Raver, Sharon A ... [et al]
Using a child-specific social story to improve communication and social skills in two preschoolers with cochlear implants: an exploratory classroom case study
Deafness and Education International
June 2013, Vol 15 (2), p117-125
Use of a personalised story to encourage two young children with cochlear implants to communicate socially during unstructured play sessions.

Spencer, Linda J & Guo, Ling-Yu
Consonant development in pediatric cochlear implant users who were implanted before 30 months of age
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Jan 2013, Vol 18 (1), p93-109
Spoken language production was assessed in children with cochlear implants received before they were 30 months old over a 4 year period.

Wiefferink, Carin H ... [et al]
Emotion understanding in deaf children with a cochlear implant
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
April 2013, Vol 18 (2), p175-186
A comparative study of young children with cochlear implants with those who have no hearing loss to measure their emotional recognition and understanding.