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Literacy Instruction: making the same different/making different by doing the same


Corfe, Louise
Teaching toolkit and resource pack: raising deaf children's achievements in literacy
Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children, 2007
These resources provide teachers with a developmental approach to teaching literacy. Booklet with CD-ROM of resources so that they can be reproduced easily and as necessary.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Phonics guidance: for the teaching of phonics to deaf children
NDCS, 2012
ISBN 9781907814617
A guide for classroom teachers using phonics schemes and how to teach these schemes to the deaf children in their class.

Nunes, Terezinha; Evans, Deborah; Burman, Diana; Barros, Rosanna
Secrets of words: a programme to help deaf children's literacy
NDCS, 2012
ISBN 9781907814723
This booklet is accompanied by a USB memory stick which contains an interactive programme of lessons, exercises and games to help improve deaf children's literacy skills.

Whitehead, Marian R
Language and literacy in the early years (3rd ed)
Paul Chapman, 2004
ISBN 9780761944706
Emphasises the joy and creativity involved in supporting young children's development as speakers, writers and readers. Supports flexible teaching methods.


Banner, Alyssa & Wang, Ye
Analysis of the reading strategies used by adult and student deaf readers
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Winter 2011, Vol 16 (1), p2-23
The reading skills of young adults and adults who are deaf were studied identifying successful reading strategies.

Benedict, Kendra M; Rivera, Maria C; Antia, Shirin D
Instruction in metacognitive strategies to increase deaf and hard-of-hearing students’reading comprehension
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Jan 2015, Vol 20 (1), p1-15
An intervention study of a strategy to improve reading comprehension in deaf children which involves "Comprehension, Check and Repair".

Bharadwaj, Sneha V & Lund, Emily
Comprehension monitoring strategy intervention in children with hearing loss: a single case design study
Deafness and Education International
March 2018, Vol 20 (1), p3-22
A study to examine the effectiveness of a monitoring strategy for teaching reading comprehension.

Burman, Diana; Evans, Deborah; Nunes, Terezinha; Bell, Daniel
Assessing Deaf children's writing in primary school: grammar and story development
Deafness and Education International
2008, Vol 10 (2), p93-110
An investigation into assessing children's writing in English where their first language is BSL.

Dammeyer, Jesper
Literacy skills among deaf and hard of hearing students and students with cochlear implants in bilingual/bicultural education
Deafness and Education International
Jun 2014, Vol 16 (2), p108-119
A study to evaluate the literacy skills of bilingual students who are deaf, hard of hearing or cochlear implant users.

Dirks, Evelien & Wauters, Loes
It takes two to read: interactive reading with young deaf and hard-of-hearing children
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Jul 2018, Vol 23 (3), p261-270
An interactive reading programme has been developed to help parents of young deaf children to share storybooks interactively to enhance emergent literacy skills.

Dostal, Hannah M & Wolbers, Kimberly A
Examining student writing proficiencies across genres: results of an intervention study
Deafness and Education International
Sep 2016, Vol 18 (3), p159-169
Deaf children aged 10-12 were given instruction on how to approach different types of writing. Results showed that the skills were transferrable to genres that had not been explicitly taught.

Gilliver, Megan ... [et al]
Developing sound skills for reading: teaching phonological awareness to preschoolers with hearing loss
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Jul 2016, Vol 21 (3), p268-279
Study of preschoolers who were assigned 2 different interventions relating to reading.

Kristoffersen, Ann-Elise & Simonsen, Eva
Communities of practice: literacy and deaf children
Deafness and Education International
Sep 2016, Vol 18 (3), p141-150
A study of an ordinary day in preschool settings to assess how deaf children in the class are making the most of literacy opportunities throughout the day.

Kyle, Fiona E & Harris, Margaret
Longitudinal patterns of emerging literacy in beginning deaf and hearing readers
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Summer 2011, Vol 16 (3), p289-304
Compares the emerging literacy of young deaf children with young hearing children. The deaf children in the study varied in their preferred modes of communication.

Luft, Pamela
Reading comprehension and phonics research: review of correlational analyses with deaf and hard-of-hearing students
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Apr 2018, Vol 23 (2), p148-163
A review of 28 research projects into the reading skills of deaf children.

Mayer, Connie & Trezek, Beverly J
Literacy outcomes in deaf students with cochlear implants: current state of the knowledge
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Jan 2018, Vol 23 (1), p1-16
A literature review of research into the reading levels of deaf children with cochlear implants.

Nielsen, Diane Corcoran; Luetke, Barbara; Stryker, Deborah S
Importance of morphemic awareness to reading achievement and the potential of signing morphemes to supporting reading development
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Summer 2011, Vol 16 (3), p275-288
Looks at children's ability to understand unfamiliar words through breaking them down to their constituent parts. Signing exact English can help to explore this with deaf children.

Richels, Corrin G; Schwartz, Kathryn S; Bobzien, Jonna L; Raver, Sharon A
Structured instruction with modified storybooks to teach morphosyntax and vocabulary to preschoolers who are deaf/hard of hearing
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
October 2016, Vol 21 (4), p352-361
Describes combining teaching techniques to improve literacy in a small sample of young deaf children.

Rudner, Mary ... [et al]
Training literacy skills through sign language
Deafness and Education International
Mar 2015, Vol 17 (1), p8-18
Swedish study of literacy achievements in deaf children who have been using sign language based, literacy training software 'Omega-is-d'.

Wakefield, Penny
Deaf children's approaches to spelling: difficulties, strategies and teaching techniques
Deafness and Education International
2006, Vol 8 (4), p174-189
Looks at the difficulties faced by deaf children in spelling English words.

Wolbers, Kimberly A
Using balanced and interactive writing instruction to improve the higher order and lower order writing skills of deaf students
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Spring 2008, Vol 13 (2), p257-277
Looks at strategies to improve the writing skills of deaf children. Reports on a study of test groups aged between 7-14.


Burman, Diana
Deaf children learning
Oxford University
[Accessed: 01/03/2011]
Website of games and exercises aimed at helping deaf children who struggle with basic literacy and numeracy. Ongoing research project with NDCS.