University of Edinburgh

The Accidental Counsellor: supporting others in additional support needs work


Corker, Mairian
Counselling: the deaf challenge
Jessica Kingsley, 1994
ISBN 1853022233
Recommended for readers with some prior knowledge of counselling techniques and deaf issues, interested in furthering the access of deaf people to a form of counselling that encourages self-exploration and self-acceptance.

Glickman, Neil S
Deaf mental health care
Routledge, 2013
ISBN 9780415894753
Builds on the previous research by the author on using the cultural model of deafness to present an approach to counselling deaf people. Takes account of linguistic issues for sign language users and deaf culture awareness.

Glickman, Neil S & Harvey, Michael A
Culturally affirmative psychotherapy with deaf persons
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1996
ISBN 0805814892
Uses the cultural model of deafness to present an approach to counselling deaf people based on best practices used with treatment of people from minority cultures.

Webb, Marilyn; Salt, Natalie; Wiffen-Jones, Doreen
Evaluation of the counselling service for children with visual impairment and their families: by service users, parents and teaching staff
Birmingham City Council, 2004
A study of service users at a specialist counselling service for visually impaired children.


English, Kris
Counselling for audiologists: listening with a 'third ear'
Ear Foundation, 2008
DVD of a lecture given by Kris English about the counselling skills required by people involved with deaf children and their families. Accompanied by a booklet and printout of presentation slides.


Scottish Council on Deafness
Counselling ... : a resource
Scottish Council on Deafness, 2007
DVD for PC.


Emotional support
Jul/Aug 2013, No 46, p34-35
Offering support to non-specialist staff who may need to counsel young people with sight loss.

Bowen, Louise; Leeven, Martina; Lacy, Pamela
Counselling and emotional support in low vision services: The ESaC project
June 2011, No 66, p20-23
An evaluation of the impact of a counselling service as part of an integrated low vision service.

English, Kris
Counselling challenges and strategies for cochlear implant specialists
Deafness and Education International
Sept 2010, Vol 12 (3), p129-134
Reviews some familiar counselling challenges for cochlear implant specialists such as disappointment in slower than expected progress and the effort involved in developing new listening skills for patients.

Garnefski, Nadia & Kraaij, Vivian
Effects of a cognitive behavioral self-help program on emotional problems for people with acquired hearing loss: a randomized controlled trial
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Winter 2012, Vol 17 (1), p75-84
People who have acquired a hearing loss after the age of 18 with symptoms of depression were studied to explore the effects of a trial self help programme.

Hodge, Suzanne ... [et al]
Exploring the role of an emotional support and counselling service for people with visual impairments
British Journal of Visual Impairment
January 2013, Vol 31 (1), p5-19
A report on the evaluation of a project to offer emotional support and counselling as an integral part of the low vision service.

Munro, L; Knox, M; Lowe,R
Exploring the potential of constructionist therapy: Deaf clients, hearing therapists and a reflecting team
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Summer 2008, Vol 13 (3), p307-323
Techniques for hearing psychotherapists who work with deaf clients.

Pybis, Joanne ... [et al]
Nature of emotional support and counselling provision for people with sight loss in the United Kingdom
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2016, Vol 34 (2), p167-176
Results from a survey of visually impaired people on their social and emotional wellbeing and the services that underpin this.

Thomas, Chris
"Talk time" in Staffordshire
Spring 2005, No 43, p25-26
Counselling sessions for children with visual impairments in mainstream schools.

Thurston, Mhairi; McLeod, John; Thurston, Allen
Counselling for sight loss: Using systematic case study research to build a client informed practice model
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2013, Vol 31 (2), p102-122
Single case study research into the emotional effects of acquired sight loss in a 70 year old and the efficacy of counselling interventions by a visually impaired counsellor.