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Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)


Gallaway, Clare (Ed)
Using videos with deaf children
University of Manchester, 1996
ISBN 0902252453
Report of a conference to provide deaf services the opportunity to share and enhance their practice.

Mathieson, Kay
Social skills in the early years: supporting social and behavioural learning
Paul Chapman, 2005
ISBN 9781412902601
A user-friendly book offering strategies and advice on how to help young children develop their social, emotional and behavioural skills.

Miles, Chris
Cycle of observation, assessment and planning: a guide for early years practitioners
Children in Scotland, 2013
ISBN 9781901589825
A resource based on a training course which aims to encourage early years practitioners to help young children develop along the lines of the curriculum for excellence outcomes.

Zeitlin, Shirley & Williamson, G Gordon
Coping in young children: early intervention practices to enhance adaptive behavior and resilience
Paul H Brookes, 1994
ISBN 1557661278


Choo, Dawn & Dettman, Shani J
Video analysis of mother-child interactions: Does the role of experience affect the accuracy and reliability of clinical observations?
Deafness and Education International
Mar 2016, Vol 18 (1), p13-24
A study of the observation of mother-child interactions after a cochlear implant.

Gallaway, Clare
Using video to monitor early language development
Journal of British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
1994, Vol 18 (5), p129-140
Looks at the methods involved in using video recording materials for the study of early language development. Discusses contrasts between working with hearing children and deaf children.

Lam-Cassettari, Christa; Wadnerkar-Kamble, Meghana B; James, Deborah M
Enhancing parent-child communication and parental self-esteem with a video-feedback intervention: outcomes with prelingual deaf and hard-of-hearing children
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Jul 2015, Vol 20 (3), p266-274
Looks at how an intervention strategy helps build self esteem in young, deaf children

Robinson, Maureen
Using video in multi-agency assessment
Eye Contact
Spring 2005, No 41, p15-16
A multidisciplinary team use video assessment to ensure appropriate support for very young children with visual impairments.


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