University of Edinburgh

Understanding and Supporting Friendships amongst children with Additional Support Needs


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A study of social inclusion for children and families who are living in Scotland as refugees.

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A practical guide to strategies practitioners can use to prevent or minimise the risk of longer term mental health issues and social exclusion. Covers a range of disabilities including visual impairment and deafness.

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Report of the project funded by the Scottish Executive. The aims of the project were to identify the range of school based strategies and initiatives that promote social inclusion and describe the social experiences of pupils with a visual impairment.

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An indepth report from a survey of mainstream pupils who are deaf in the UK focusing on social inclusion. Comparisons are drawn from Scandinavian countries and strong recommendations for the future of deaf education are listed.

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This book describes a family approach to communicating with Johanna, showing how there are many natural ways of communicating with her. Joanna has complex needs.

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Offers valuable discussion about providing for special needs in ways that promote understanding and acceptance in the classroom.

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Reports on the direct experiences of 44 young people with high levels of physical, sensory and/or cognitive impairment. Their powerful messages have major implications for the current policy agenda and show what needs to be done to combat social exclusion.

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A basic booklet on how to identify, handle and prevent bullying of deaf children.

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Findings from research into tackling bullying in Coventry schools. Explores and evaluates how different strategies work.

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A useful insight into some visually impaired young people's attitudes and perceptions.

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The author is an interpreter for deafblind people and sets out useful advice on how to best communicate with people who have a combination of visual and hearing problems.

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A review of research and Scottish Government policies on social inclusion for children and young people with disabilities.


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Researchers note the rise in use of mobile phones and Short Message Services (SMS) with teenage deaf students. A study investigates the use of these texting services amongst deaf and hearing peers in the development of social skills.

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A study of deaf adolescents to compare their values with those of hearing peers and to determine the level of marginalisation of deaf people within society.

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Study of social inclusion of children with visual impairments in mainstream classrooms.

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Awareness sessions in a secondary school to help a young person and his classmates come to terms with his visual impairment.

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Friendship and social networking
Oct/Dec 2011, No 36, p11
A visually impaired person describes her friendships and social networks at various stages of her life.

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Looks at the quality of relationships between hearing and deaf siblings.

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Study of the quality of life of visually impaired pupils. A survey of pupils and teachers revealed that a positive atmosphere contributed to a better student experience.

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Looks at the mental health and wellbeing of a group of primary-aged children who are deaf in Ethiopia.

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Looks at how speech performance can affect the social wellbeing of deaf children in mainstream settings.

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A study of the social skills of preschool children with hearing loss.

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A study of how albinism affects self esteem.

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Circletime and awareness sessions are used in the year 6 class of an isolated visually impaired boy to try to improve the situation.

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Describes an individualised programme which has helped one pupil to develop friendship and play skills.

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Ideas for promoting good social experiences for visually impaired children in mainstream classes.

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Explores the ways in which professionals can promote socio-emotional development in visually impaired children.

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Column about emotional issues experienced by young people who have visual impairments. Looks at the emotional and behavioural issues relating to keeping up in class and keeping 'in' with classmates.

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Thinking right and feeling good
Nov/Dec 2014, No 54, p34-35
An activity weekend led by Action for Blind People concentrated on social and emotional issues.

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Survey of primary aged deaf children in The Netherlands into social integration at school.

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Describes how deaf children interact with hearing peers in inclusive settings, illustrate the difficulties and challenges and identifies effective interventions.