University of Edinburgh

Idebanken by Lilli Nielsen


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Idebanken 15
Pieces of plexiglas to be mixed, placed in a bunch, in a box, next to each other, to be looked at, to be compared, to find those which are alike, to be talked about or wherever else the imagination leads.
Idebanken 16
To encourage the child to blow and to learn that figures which have disappeared can be found and replaced.
Idebanken 17 Idebanken 18
This is the first stage of making a toy which may motivate the child to press. Three mini massagers are fastened on a platform, on top of this is another platform. When the child places his hand on the upper platform he causes the mini massagers to vibrate. The next step is to place a round stick on top of the upper platform and to add some objects so that the child will create a certain sound while pressing forward, another sound while pressing to the left and a third one while pressing to the right. This toy is supposed to give the child a frame of reference for future handling of the joystick of an electric wheelchair or just to develop some ideas of right, left, forward and backward.