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Idebanken by Lilli Nielsen


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Idebanken 23
Two sets of assembled spoons, different from each other in number and shape.
Idebanken 24
For some children it is easier to play with two triangles than with one triangle and a stick.
Idebanken 25
Underneath the Support Bench is placed a perforated board to which some materials are tied so that they do not disappear while being handled by the child. This arrangement enables the child to learn spatial relations and position of objects.
Three of the pieces are tied on firmly so they cannot be moved; the two egg slicers and the box with rubber bands give the child opportunities to compare the sounds and to experiment with sequences of sounds.
The other four objects are tied to the platform by means of elastic enabling the child to handle the objects, to move them from hand to hand or his mouth. When let go the objects will return approximately to the position where they were found originally.