University of Edinburgh

Idebanken by Lilli Nielsen


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Idebanken 129
Plastic pipes half filled with water.
Idebanken 130
Turning the pipe slightly encourages the child to be aware of the balance.
Idebanken 131
To this slightly elevated board objects are attached whose form can be changed by manipulation by the child (the draining sets for soap, the blue flipper, the pot scourer) and objects into which the child can put his hand (the cardboard tube and the jug) or maybe just fingers (the red and green tubes).
Some of our blind children with learning disabilities learned to "put in" after exposure to this environment for three days and they learned without any demonstration or interference from the teacher: they learned by their own actions.
Idebanken 132
This perforated board is fastened vertically to the wall.
NB since we began to give our visually impaired children with multiple disabilities the boards shown on the pictures above and on this page they do not throw toys as much as in the past while having toys which are not tied to a board, they rather place the objects nearby within reach.