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Count Us In: Achieving Success for Deaf Pupils


Children in Scotland
Guide to the standards in Scotland's schools etc act
Children in Scotland, 2000
ISBN 190158951X
This guide provides an overview of key issues, opportunities and links with other policy.

Corfe, Louise
Teaching toolkit and resource pack: raising deaf childen's achievements in literacy
Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children, 2007
These resources provide teachers with a developmental approach to teaching literacy. Booklet with CD-ROM of resources so that they can be reproduced easily and as necessary. 

Dyson, Alan ... [et al]
Inclusion and pupil achievement
University of Newcastle, 2004
ISBN 1844783197
A large scale study of education authorities in England to look at the possible relationships between attainment in pupils and the inclusive policies of the LEA.  DfES Research Report 578.

Heiling, Kerstin
Development of deaf children: academic achievement levels and social processes
Signum, 1995
ISBN 3927731588
Series: International studies on sign language and communication of the deaf; Volume 30

HM Inspectorate of Education
Count us in: achieving success for deaf pupils
H M Inspectorate of Education, 2007
ISBN 9780705311236
A report outlining good practice for achievement by deaf pupils.

HM Inspectorate of Education
How good is our school?
Scottish Executive, 2007
ISBN 9780705311021
Replaces previous editions.  Part three of "The journey to excellence"

HM Inspectorate of Education
Improving Scottish education: a report by HMIE on inspection and review 2002-2005
H M Inspectorate of Education, 2006
ISBN 0705310647
Comments on the quality of provision across all sectors. Includes a commentary by HM Senior Chief Inspector; six summarising reports, each focusing on one of the sectors of education and comments on aspects which have led to overall improvement.

HM Inspectorate of Education
Quality management in local authority educational psychology services: Volume 1: Self-evaluation for quality improvement
H M Inspectorate of Education, 2007
ISBN 9780705311113
Sets out a quality assurance model for local authority educational psychology services and provides illustrative examples of very good and weak aspects of provision.

HM Inspectorate of Education
Quality management in local authority educational psychology services: Volume 2: Self-evaluation toolkit.
H M Inspectorate of Education, 2007
ISBN 9780705311113
A toolkit providing detailed practical assistance and advice on the process of self-evaluation of local authority educational psychology services.

HM Inspectorate of Education
Report on the implementation of the Education (Additional Support for Learning)(Scotland) Act 2004
H M Inspectorate of Education, 2007
ISBN 9780705311250
Reviews progress made in Scottish schools in implementing the act.

Murray, Jean & Closs, Alison
Ethos of achievement: whole school approaches to improving performance and celebrating success
Ethos Network/Scottish Executive, 2000
ISBN 0953866009
Thirteen case studies describing the process by which the ethos of achievement of the school was improved.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Deaf friendly teaching
NDCS, 2003
Aimed at teachers who have children who are deaf in their classrooms.  Basic deaf awareness and strategies for increasing learning opportunities for deaf children.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
Quality standards in education: Scotland
NDCS, 2000
ISBN 0904691527

National Deaf Children's Society Scotland (NDCS)
My school in Scotland: a review of deaf pupils' experiences at mainstream schools
NDCS, 2001
ISBN 0904691624
Transcript of interviews with deaf children in Scotland as part of the "My School" project.  Supplements the CD-ROM "My School in Scotland 2"

Powers, Stephen ... [et al]
Review of good practice in deaf education
RNID, 1999
ISBN 0900634715
This report aims to document good practice in the education of deaf children in the UK through collating and interpreting results from a survey of teachers, parents, major deaf organisations and others.

Powers, Stephen; Gregory, Susan; Thoutenhoofd, Ernst D
Educational achievements of deaf children
DfEE, 1998
ISBN 0855227893
Department for Education and Employment Research Report: RR65

Ratcliffe, Clara
Deaf friendly schools: a guide for head teachers, staff & school boards in Scotland
NDCS, 2001
ISBN 0904691659
This booklet's aim is to stimulate and encourage staff to adopt positive attitudes towards deafness.

Scottish Executive
Success for all: a handbook of advice for schools and education authorities: target setting within IEPs
Scottish Executive, 2000
ISBN 1872054692

Scottish Executive
Supporting children's learning: code of practice
Scottish Executive, 2005
ISBN 0755946243
Code of practice for the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004.  Accompanied by a DVD and CD-ROM. 4 x CD-ROM versions with PDF of document.

Scottish Executive Education Department
Raising standards, setting targets: Support pack: Special Educational Needs 1 Overview: Raising attainment
Scottish Executive, 1999

Scottish Executive Education Department
Raising standards, setting targets: Support pack: Special Educational Needs 2: Taking a closer look at attainment of pupils with special educational needs
Scottish Executive, 1999

Scottish Office.  Education and Industry Department
Achievement for all: a report on selection within schools by HM Inspectors of Schools
HMSO, 1996
ISBNs 074858060, 0748058060

Scottish Office.  Education and Industry Department
Closing the circle: raising standards: a report by HM Inspectors of schools on the management of quality improvement by education authorities in Scotland
Scottish Office, 1999
ISBN 0748072705
Identifying good practice and developing quality standards in schools.

Spencer, Patricia Elizabeth & Marschark, Marc (eds)
Advances in the spoken language development of deaf and hard-of-hearing children
Oxford University Press, 2006
ISBN 0195179870
Series: Perspectives on Deafness Academic papers on the acquisition of spoken language in deaf children.

Webster, Valerie & Webster, Alec
Raising achievement in hearing-impaired pupils: supporting teaching and learning under the new code of practice
Avec Designs, 1997
ISBN 1874046174
A4 Lever-arch file


Boddis, Jessica
Are hearing-impaired students successful in mainstream education? What needs to be improved to achieve success?
Deaf Worlds 2007 Vol 23 (1), pS66-S91
Looks at student perception of mainstream education focussing on support and examinations.


HM Inspectorate of Education
How good is our school? The journey to excellence
LT Scotland, 2007
Explores the different 'dimensions' of The Journey to Excellence using movies and key documents.