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Teaching Children who are Deafblind: Contact, communication and learning

by Stuart Aitken, Marianna Buultjens, Catherine Clark, Jayne Eyre and Laura Pease (Editors), published by David Fulton Publishers

The book has been written by practitioners from a variety of backgrounds. It is intended for teachers, residential staff and students who wish to understand more about the education of children and young people who are deafblind. Richly illustrated with real life case studies, the book

  • looks at the key issues of communication, curriculum, teaching and learning and personal and social development
  • explains educational and legal frameworks in practical and accessible terms
  • encourages teaching staff to use their creative skills in the classroom while remaining within existing national curricular frameworks.

Supported by a detailed glossary, suggestions for further reading and pointers towards other resources, readers will find this an accessible and inspirational book. It updates, expands upon and replaces Contact: A resource for staff working with children who are deafblind, No 3 in the Sensory Series of Moray House Publications, 1993.

Contents: Understanding deafblindness; Creating a communicating environment; Personal and social development; Holistic assessment; Curricular frameworks; Effective teaching and learning; Deafblindness and society.

Stuart Aitken is Principal Officer of Sense Scotland. Marianna Buultjens is Coordinator of the Scottish Sensory Centre and Senior Lecturer at the Moray House Institute of Education, University of Edinburgh. Catherine Clark is Headteacher of Carnbooth Schools for Deafblind Children, Glasgow. Jayne T Eyre is Assistant Headteacher also at Carnbooth School. Laura Pease is Head of SILD Centre, Whitefield Schools, Walthamstow, London.

ISBN: 1853466743

Date: May 2000