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The SSC Videos have all been transferred to DVD.

IT the VI Way
Through access and communication technologies, young people with visual impairment are enabled to participate fully in learning experiences which in the past were severely restricted. This video shows young people using a range of such technology at the Royal Blind School, Edinburgh.
Running time: 21 minutes; cost £17.63 inc VAT.

Let me see
This video was made at Westerlea School which caters for pupils who have cerebral palsy. It considers ways in which children with cerebral palsy and visual impairment can be enabled to make best use of their vision whilst fully taking account of their physical disability.
Running time: 20 minutes; cost £17.63 inc VAT.

Let the Fingers do the Reading
Achieving early literacy skills is an important part of education for all children. For young visually impaired and blind children, it poses particular challenges. This video shows a variety of approaches to teaching and learning appropriate for young braille and/or print users. Used at the Royal Blind School, Edinburgh.
Running time: 24 minutes. Cost £17.63 inc VAT.

Show ME how to do it!
This short video on mobility and visually impaired children is intended to help with basic staff development and to encourage parental involvement. It emphasises the importance of empowering the child in the process of moving around his/her world.
Running time: 15 minutes. Cost £17.63 inc VAT.

Movement, Gesture and Sign.
An interactive approach to sign communication for children who are visually impaired with additional disabilities. the first section is a practical guide to movement, gesture and sign, showing examples of the pupils' movement communication in one to one sessions and in their everyday environment. The second section demonstrates the signs and ways in which to use them.
Running time: 35 minutes. Cost £20.57 inc VAT.