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Bibliography - Physical Education for Children and Young People with Visual Impairment


Andrews, Crispin
Meeting SEN in the curriculum: PE/sports
David Fulton, 2005
ISBN: 1843121646
Series combines SEN expertise with subject knowledge to produce practical and immediate support. Accompanied by a CD-ROM.

McDonald, Mary (Ed)
Fit for all: including children with sight problems in sport
RNIB, 2005
ISBN: 1858786444
Explains how to teach PE to children and young people who have visual impairments. Includes case studies.

Pfisterer, Uli
Swimming for children with vision impairments
RVIB, 2001
ISBN: 0949390348

Pfisterer, Ulrich
Games for all of us
RVIB, 1983
ISBN: 0949390038
Activities for blind and sighted children in integrated settings. Series: RVIB Burwood Educational Series; No 4.

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Looking into PE: curriculum guide for teaching PE to children with a visual impairment
RNIB, 1994
ISBN: 1858780322

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Looking into PE: guidelines for teaching PE to children with a visual impairment
Sports Council, 1996
ISBN: 1858780926
Contains advice and information about enabling children and young people with visual impairments take a full part in sport and leisure activities alongside their sighted friends.

Walker, Sue
Getting off the ground: physical and outdoor education as active life skills for visually handicapped children and young people
RNIB, 1992
ISBN: 0901797863



Carter, Graham
Secrets of our success
Insight Mar/Apr 2009, No 20, p15-17
A PE teacher who is also a QTVI discusses how his school encourages visually impaired youngsters to get involved in sport

Cavanagh, Jean
Let's get physical ... at the primary club!
Visability Autumn 1999, No 27, p11-13
Describes how a club was established to enable visually impaired children to participate fully in physical activities.

Cullingford-Agnew, Steve
Making PE inclusive: the Sherbourne approach
Insight Mar/Apr 2009, No 20, p22-24
An approach to movement based around developing self-awareness and awareness of others, particularly of benefit to children with complex needs.

Fielding, Kathryn
Adapting a sporting activity for your class or club?
Insight Mar/Apr 2009, No 20, p18-19
Key points to remember when trying to adapt sports for people with visual impairments. Focus on adapting cricket on p19.

Herold, Frank & Dandolo, Jack
Including visually impaired students in physical education lessons: a case study of teacher and pupil experiences
British Journal of Visual Impairment January 2009, Vol 27 (1), p75-84
An English study of the gap between policies for inclusion and the reality of children with disabilities participating in physical education.

Hopkins, Fiona
If you go down to the woods today ...
Insight Mar/Apr 2009, No 20, p25-27
Forest Schools are a Scandanavian idea for boosting self-esteem, confidence and social skills through regular woodland learning sessions.

Lacey, Penny
Integrating physiotherapy and PE
Insight May/Jun 2007, No 9, p18-19
Looks at integrating physiotherapy and PE for children with complex needs.

Larkin, Tony
Want to have a go at blind football?
Insight Mar/Apr 2009, No 20, p10-13
The head coach for the Blind Football squad explains the sport and encourages more young people to take it up.

McCall, Steve
Sports and recreation for persons with visual impairment: playing the game of your life
The Educator July 2005, Vol XVIII (1), Whole issue
Issue dedicated to sport and physical education for children who are visually impaired. Specific sports covered include Soccer, Golf, Rowing and Mountaineering.

McLeish, Eve
Sky's the limit
Insight Jan/Feb 2010, No 25, p10-12
A programme which uses outdoor activities and social events to develop social skills and personal confidence in visually impaired children.

Risdon, James
Ever thought about goalball?
Insight Mar/Apr 2009, No 20, p20-21
This ball game was developed specifically to be played by blind or visually impaired people (all players wear blacked-out goggles.)

Stamou, Eirini ... [et al]
Effect of self-talk on the penalty execution in goalball
British Journal of Visual Impairment September 2007, Vol 25 (3), p233-247 
Blind paralympic athletes are tested in the motivational and instructional effects of self-talk.

Surakka, Airi & Kivela, Tero
Motivating visually impaired and deafblind people to perform regular physical exercises
British Journal of Visual Impairment September 2008, Vol 26 (3), p255-268
The study investigated different approaches to motivate deaf-blind people to exercise, particularly those exercises which help reduce common physical problems such as poor balance, posture and coordination.

Taesali, Cheryl & Manuel, Jo
Yoga therapy
Insight May/Jun 2007, No 9, p20-21
Explores the physical and emotional benefits of yoga for children with special needs.