University of Edinburgh

Eye Gaze, iPads, Apps and Switches


Fowler, Susan
Multisensory rooms and environments: controlled sensory experiences for people with profound and multiple disabilities
Jessica Kingsley, 2008
ISBN 9781843104629
A practical guide to using multisensory environments with ideas and strategies including low cost solutions.

Longhorn, Flo
iPads, apps and special learners: A-Z for beginners
Flo Longhorn, 2012
Background information on iPad use and themed selections of appropriate apps for use on iPads, iPhones or iPod Touch which can be used particularly well with children who have additional support needs.

Mill, Craig
iPads for communication, access, literacy and learning (iCALL) 2nd ed
CALL Scotland, 2014
ISBN 9781898042358
Guide to iPads for people using them with learners who have a range of learning and communication difficulties. Includes guidance on the basics, apps, accessibility options, preparing devices for exams, and the practicalities of maintaining and protecting devices within educational settings.

Wilson, Allan & Gow, Rebecca
Eyes have IT
CALL Scotland, 2011
ISBN 9781898042327
Collected papers from the 20th Augmentative Communication in Practice on the use of eye gaze technology to support communication.


Fillan, Tracey & Murphy, Rosie
Assessing for success
July/August 2011, No 34, p23-25
Discusses how to assess children who are visually impaired for communication aids.

Gutierrez, Veronica & Hopkins-Hayes, Emily
Motivating children with complex needs
Nov/Dec 2014, No 54, p14-16
Explores ideas for motivating children with complex needs.

Hollis, Charlotte
Tell us what you really think
Nov/Dec 2014, No 54, p36-7
Teenagers are encouraged to express themselves using iPads.

Kerambrum, Sylvia
State-of-the-art learning at Rutherford School
Jan/Feb 2012, No 37, p36-37
A school redevelopment allowed careful planning of interactive and sensory environments for children with complex needs.

Longhorn, Flo
Using iPads for "learning to look"
March/April 2012, No 38, p28-29
A short item on apps for visual attention, visual tracking & scanning and motivators.

McDonald, Mary
Keep taking the tablets?
May/June 2013, No 45, p38-39
Round up of the latest research on use of iPads by visually impaired children in schools.

Minto, Hector
Eyegaze, eyetracking and visual stimulation
Mar/Apr 2014, No 50, p20-23
Describes what eyegaze technology is and how can be used with children with complex needs who also have visual impairment.

Olma, John
iPad inspiration
Nov/Dec 2012, No 42, p36-37
One specialist teacher describes his experience of using the iPad with visually impaired children.