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Bibliography - The Assessment of Visual Functions in Children with Visual Impairment

Tests: Acuity

Lindstedt, Eva
BUST-D pack: near vision pack and distance vision pack
Eva Lindstedt, 1986.
Near vision pack: Cards Size 0-9 of B,C,D,E; Objects Scissors(B), Glasses(C), Spoon(D), Fork(E); Article "BUST staircase procedure" and LEA cards Distance vision pack: Cards Size 1-9 of B,C,D; Sizes 1-5,7,8 of E; Standard table, Protocol 1&2, Conversion/Comparison Tables, Bust-H playing cards manual.

Clement Clarke International Ltd
Cambridge crowding cards
Clement Clarke International, nd
Contains two crowding card books, velcro board and letters, measuring tape, left eye-patch glasses, right eye-patch glasses and instruction sheet

Clement Clarke International Ltd
Ffooks symbols test
Clement Clarke International, nd

Hyvärinen, Lea
3-d symbol set
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2516 Double-sided board with four symbol blocks

Hyvärinen, Lea
9 line horizontal translucent distance chart
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2523 Distance chart, instruction sheet and set of symbol cards

Hyvärinen, Lea
9 line wide spaced translucent distance chart
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2505 Distance chart, instruction sheet and set of symbol cards

Hyvärinen, Lea
Crowded symbol book
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2507 Symbol book, instruction booklet and set of symbol cards

Hyvärinen, Lea
Lea gratings (visual acuity test)
Precision Vision, nd
Includes 4 paddles: 0.0cpcm; 0.25-0.5cpcm; 1.0-2.0cpcm; 4.0-8.0cpcm and an instruction leaflet

Hyvärinen, Lea
Lea gratings: fixation paddles
Precision Vision, nd
Includes large, medium and small (x3) paddles: 0.25cpcm; 0.4cpcm; 1.0cpcm gratings on one side for preferential looking and 'Heidi' face on reverse.  Features include corneal diameter measurement on the handle.

Hyvärinen, Lea
Pocket-sized near vision card
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2509 (Same as 2508 except smaller) Card and instruction booklet

Hyvärinen, Lea
Single symbol book
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2506 Symbol book, instruction booklet and set of symbol cards

Kay Pictures
Kay picture test
Kay Pictures, 1993
Includes Three metre book, Key cards, Screening book, Crowded LogMAR book, Crowded near test card, Screening near test cards, Near vision test cards, recognition booklets, fixation sticks, squeaky animals, animal torches, Rubber finder toys, Occlusion glasses and Instruction leaflets.

Cardiff Acuity test
Keeler, n.d.

Revised Sheridan Gardiner test of visual acuity for young or retarded children
Keeler, nd

Revised Sheridan Gardiner test with Orthoptic booklets
Keeler, nd
Well established test designed for children but suitable for disabled people, those with learning difficulties or patients who do not share a common language with the examiner.  Contains Revised booklet, 4 orthoptic booklets, transparent key chart, reduced Snellen chart, standard Snellen chart and instructions.

National Vision Research Institute of Australia
Bailey-Lovie (logMAR) distance visual acuity charts
University of California, 1978
High and low contrast set comprising 2 plastic cards. Bailey Lovie charts 4,5,6,7.

Sheridan, Mary D
Stycar vision
NFER-Nelson, 1976

Sonksen, Patricia M & Silver, Janet
Sonksen-Silver Acuity System
Keeler, nd
Screening/Diagnostic booklet 18-3, Near card, Key card, Training booklet, Pointer, Diagnostic booklet 60-24 and instruction manual.


Tests: Acuity for Reading

Clement Clarke International Ltd
Maclure reading type for children
Clement Clarke International, nd
Various test types taken from the Ladybird key words reading scheme.

Thomas the tank engine: a reading type for children
Hamblin, nd
Excerpts from Thomas the tank engine presented in 7 print sizes.

Reading test types
Keeler, nd

McGraw, Paul & Winn, Barry
LogMAR crowded test
Keeler, 1993
Includes features which should allow change in letter acuity to be detected in preschool children especially those undergoing vision therapy training. Includes three sets of charts, a key card and a booklet.

National Vision Research Institute of Australia
Bailey-Lovie (logMAR) word reading charts
University of California, 1979
Near vision acuity test. Comprising 5 cards.


Tests: Colour Vision

Farnsworth D-15 test: resource pack (colour vision test)
Farnsworth, nd
A modification of the Farnsworth 100 hue test, more suitable for screening purposes.

Fletcher, Robert
City university colour vision test (2nd edition)
Keeler, 1980 

Fletcher-Hamblin Test
Simplified colour vision test  (Fletcher-Hamblin Test)
Keeler, 1991
Leather wallet with 3 colour tiles, instructions and score cards.

Hyvärinen, Lea
Quantitative color vision test: PV-16
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2603 16 Colour discs, 17 restriction rings, recording forms and manual (one set has clear perspex box)

Ishihara, Shinobu
Ishihara's tests for colour deficiency (38 plates)
Kanehara Trading Inc, 2001
Isshinkai Foundation

Ishihara, Shinobu
Ishihara's tests for colour-blindness (38 plates)
Kanehara & Co, 1983
Isshinkai Foundation

Matsubara, Hiro
Colour vision test plates for the infants
Handaya, nd


Tests: Contrast Sensitivity

Hyvärinen, Lea
Enhancement of low contrast vision game
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2528 4 packs of 16 low contrast domino cards and instruction sheet

Hyvärinen, Lea
Heidi expressions: test game (low contrast, facial recognition)
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2545 Includes three sets of 18 pictures (full contrast, 10% contrast and 2.5% contrast) and instruction sheet

Hyvärinen, Lea
Hiding Heidi: low contrast "face" test
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2535  Includes 4 plastic cards and instructions

Hyvärinen, Lea
Lea symbol screener (contrast sensitivity, near vision and distance vision)
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2522 Screener charts, manual, recording forms and set of symbol cards

Wilkins, A J & Robson, J G
Cambridge low contrast gratings
Clement Clarke International, nd
A simple, rapid screening test for contrast sensitivity.


Tests: Field of Vision

Hyvärinen, Lea
Extrafoveal fixation recorder
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2553 Includes pad of test sheets, fixation target and instruction sheet

Amsler charts manual
Keeler, nd
Field of vision test


Tests: Functional

Anderson, Sharon; Boigon, Susan; Davis, Kristine; deWaard, Cheri
Oregon project: for preschool children who are blind or visually impaired (6th ed)
Jackson Education Service District, 2007
Monitoring and assessment of very young visually impaired children. A4 ring binder, CD-ROM & 5 Skills Inventory booklets.

James, Merle; Plant, Gordon T; Warrington, Elizabeth K
CORVIST: Cortical vision screening test
Thames Valley Test Company, 2001
ISBN: 1874261717
Includes Manual and test materials book, viewing aperture and score sheets.

Kinsley-Crisp, Ronald
Do you have a child with a visual dysfunction in your classroom?
JAG Enterprises, 1998
Manual and assessment kit for use by teachers in mainstream schools who have children with learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems, but who are not regarded as visually impaired.  Kit includes eye dominance, distance & near vision, colour and paper glare tests and coloured overlays.

Newland, T Ernest
Blind Learning Aptitude Test (BLAT)
T Ernest Newland, nd
Includes Manual, 2 articles and test sheets

Nielsen, Lilli
FIELA curriculum: 730 learning environments = The flexible individual enriched level appropriate curriculum
SIKON, 1998
ISBN: 8760175338
Comprises a book, a catalogue and a velcro board, made to ensure that the child with one or several disabilities can access an individual learning programme which will match his developmental level, his needs for learning and his interests.

Reynell, Joan
Reynell-Zinkin scales: Developmental scales for young visually handicapped children
NFER, 1979
Includes a Manual and Record sheet.


Tests: Intelligence

Dekker, Riet
Intelligence test for visually impaired children (ITVIC) aged 6 - 15
Bartiméus, 1989
Contains 3 manuals, 5 record forms, ringbinder, video, 5 tactile books, 14 colour cards, 10 white cards, 5 boxes of shapes/objects, 7 miscellaneous boards. Kept in cupboard.


Tests: Light Adaptation

Hyvärinen, Lea
Cone adaptation test
Precision Vision, nd
Cat No: 2529 15 Colour chips and instruction sheet


Tests: Stereo Vision

Clement Clarke International Ltd
Frisby Stereotest
Clement Clarke International, nd

Lang, J
Lang-stereotest 1
Clement Clarke International, nd
1 test card and instructions

Stereo Optical
Wirt fly stereotest
Stereo Optical, 1994
An easily administered check of stereoscopic depth perception for any age level.


Tests: Vision Therapy

Ann Arbor tracking program: Letter tracking: Book 1
Ann Arbor, 1975
ISBN: 0878797251
The program is designed to improve visual discrimination.

Ann Arbor tracking program: Sentence tracking
Ann Arbor, 1987
ISBN: 0878797483
The program is designed to improve visual discrimination, reading and word recognition.

Bernell Corporation
Visual discrimination and memory (Vision Tutor Home Training Series)
Bernell Corporation, 1990
Workbook to enhance visual perception skills. Series: Vision Tutor Home Training Series

Kratoville, Betty Lou
Word tracking: high frequency words
Ann Arbor, 1993
ISBN: 0878798706
The program is designed to improve visual discrimination, reading and word recognition.

Kratoville, Betty Lou
Word tracking: limericks
Ann Arbor, 1989
ISBN: 0878798846
The program is designed to improve visual discrimination, reading and word recognition.

Northway, Nadia
Visual motor and perceptual skills therapy II: improve visual memory, visual discrimination, visual spatial skills and left, right reversals
Rainbow Readers, 2005
Exercises to help visual motor and perceptual skills, suitable for children aged 5 upwards.

Northway, Nadia
Visual motor and perceptual skills therapy: improve tracking, visual discrimination, visual spatial skills and left, right reversals
Rainbow Readers, 2005
Exercises to help visual motor and perceptual skills, suitable for children aged 5 upwards.

Richman, Jack E & Garcia, Ralph P
Developmental eye movement test (DEM)
Bernell Corporation, 1987
Includes text booklet, examiner's booklet, test box and scoresheets.  Examines how the subject's eye moves.


Causes of Visual Impairment


Backman, Orjan & Inde, Krister
Low vision training
Liberhermods Malmo, 1979
ISBN: 9123921323
Exercises to improve visually impaired people's use of low vision aids and techniques.

Bowman, Richard; Bowman, Ruth; Dutton, Gordon
Disorders of vision in children: a guide for teachers and carers
RNIB, 2001
ISBN: 1858782139
Explains how disorders of visual function can impair visual performance under different circumstances and allows readers to determine how best to devise educational strategies.

Brown, Barbara
Low vision handbook for eyecare professionals (2nd ed)
Slack Inc, 2007
ISBN: 9781556427954
An introduction to all aspects of low vision. Includes practical material on assessing low vision patients, the psychology of visual loss and ways to alleviate patient's common fears.

Cassin, Barbara
Dictionary of eye terminology (2nd edition)
Triad Publishing, 1990
ISBN: 0937404330
Dictionary of terms and conditions used in ophthalmology

Coakes, Roger & Sellors, Patrick Holmes
Outline of ophthalmology (2nd edition)
Butterworth, 1995
ISBN: 0750617691
Illustrated guide to eye conditions arranged by symptoms and causes, final chapters discuss assessment and treatment.

Corn, Anne L & Erin, Jane N (eds)
Foundations of low vision: clinical and functional perspectives (2nd ed)
AFB, 2010
ISBN: 9780891288831
This textbook considers the functional and the clinical implications of low vision, their impact on the individual, and the ways in which these implications need to be addressed by education & rehabilitation professionals.

Crossman, Heather L
Cortical visual impairment: presentation, assessment and management
North Rocks Press, 1992
Looks at CVI, how it presents and offers management guidelines.  Based on the North Rocks study of 55 children.

Dennison, Elizabeth & Lueck, Amanda Hall
Summit on cerebral/cortical visual impairment: Educational, family and medical perspectives: Proceedings [of the conference held on] April 30, 2005
AFB, 2006
ISBN: 0891288171
Papers and presentations from the conference.

Dickerson, Mary Lou
Small victories: conversations about prematurity, disability, vision loss and success
AFB, 2000
ISBN: 0891283536
A collection of stories about children who were born prematurely many of whom developed retinopathy of prematurity.

Faye, Eleanor E
Clinical low vision (2nd ed)
Little, Brown, 1984
ISBN: 0316276219
Complete coverage of all stages of care, from identification to management including patient management and developments in methodology and technology.

Freeman, Paul B & Jose, Randall T
Art and practice of low vision (2nd ed)
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997
ISBN: 9780750696852
Aimed at GPs and other medical staff who have no background in eye care to provide a quality service to patients with low vision. Gives an introduction to the assessments and procedures used in low vision clinics.

Galloway, Nicholas R & Amoaku, Winfried M K
Common eye diseases and their management (2nd ed)
Springer-Verlag, 1999
ISBN: 1852330503
A guide aimed at medical students, general practitioners and other clinical staff. Covers anatomy, examination, different types of conditions and concludes with a section on blindness.

Goodman, Stephen A & Wittenstein, Stuart H
Collaborative assessment: working with students who are blind or visually impaired, including those with additional disabilities
AFB, 2003
ISBN: 0891288694

Gregory, R L
Eye and brain: the psychology of seeing (4th ed)
Weidenfield and Nicholson, 1990
ISBN: 0297820427
An introduction to visual perception.

Gregory, Richard L
Eye and brain: the psychology of seeing (5th ed)
Oxford University, 1998
ISBN: 9780198524120
An introduction to visual perception including: illusion, what babies see and how they learn to see, motion sensing, brain imaging techniques and vision & consciousness.

Harris, Christopher
Early-onset nystagmus: a parent's guide
Nystagmus Network, 1998
ISBN: 1898081255
Introductory guide to the condition aimed at parents, but may also be of value to professionals.

Hubel, David H
Eye, brain and vision
Scientific American Library, 1995
ISBN: 0716760096
Explores the tasks scientists face in deciphering the many remaining mysteries of vision and the workings of the human brain.

Jackson, A J & O'Brien, C
Eyes on the future Ireland 2008: a study into the prevalence of blindness and vision impairment
NCBI, 2008
A report based on 6 large scale community based surveys of ocular disease and vision impairment in Ireland. Published on 9 Oct 2008 to mark World Sight Day (Vision 2020).

Jacobson, Lena
Visual dysfunction and ocular signs associated with periventricular leukomalacia in children born preterm
Karolinska Institutet, 1998
ISBN: 9162833251
Academic thesis on premature babies who are affected by retinopathy of prematurity and periventricular leukomalacia. Includes appendices of original journal articles by Lena Jacobson which form the basis for the thesis.

Johnson, Gordon J; Minassian, Darwin C; Weale, Robert
Epidemiology of eye disease
Chapman & Hall Medical, 1998
ISBN: 0412845008
Looks at the causes and risk factors involved in eye disease and prevalence of different conditions based on geographical factors.

Jose, Randall T (Ed)
Understanding low vision
AFB, 1989
ISBN: 0891281193
Presents the ideal model for a low vision service and discusses how to effectively put the model into practice.

Khaw, A R & Elkington, P T
ABC of eyes (2nd edition)
BMJ Publishing Group, 1994
ISBN: 0727907662
Brief clinical guide to eye problems including diagnostic examination, describes specific conditions and treatments. Illustrated throughout.

Kurtz, Lisa A
Visual perception problems in children with AD/HD, autism and other learning disabilities: a guide for parents and professionals
Jessica Kingsley, 2006
ISBN: 9781843108269
Looks at some of the visual problems that children who have ADHD, autism, etc, may experience, particularly the more subtle visual problems they may experience.

Lindstedt, Eva
How well does a child see?  a guide on vision and vision assessment in children (2nd ed)
ELISYN, 1997
ISBN: 9187062046

Lueck, Amanda Hall (ed)
Functional vision: a practitioner's guide to evaluation and intervention
AFB, 2004
ISBN: 0891288716
To help professionals gain a better understanding of methods used to evaluate and work with functional vision.

Millodot, Michel & Laby, Daniel M
Dictionary of ophthalmology
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002
ISBN: 0750647973
Illustrated guide to eye conditions and specialist terminology.

Milner, A David & Goodale, Melvyn A
Visual brain in action
Oxford University Press, 1995
ISBN: 0198524080
Looks at the neural side of vision, the evolution of vision and cites cases where visual deficits are seen in patients who have damage to the brain. Series: Oxford Psychology series; No 27

Murray, Philip I & Fielder, Alistair R
Pocket book of ophthalmology
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997
ISBN: 0750623713
Quick guide to eye conditions and their diagnosis aimed at undergraduates and general practitioners, accompanied by a pinhole occluder.

O'Neill, Damian
Perkins and Hansell's atlas of diseases of the eye
Churchill Livingstone, 1994
ISBN: 0443048223
Illustrated, introductory guide to eye conditions.

Olver, Jane & Cassidy, Lorraine
Ophthalmology at a glance
Blackwell Science, 2005
ISBN: 9780632064731
Aimed at medical students, this guide will also be of use to GPs and non-ophthalmic consultants as well as professionals who care for people who have eye problems.

Roman-Lantzy, Christine
Cortical visual impairment: an approach to assessment and intervention
AFB, 2007
ISBN: 9780891288299
This book lays out a structured and sequenced approach to working with children diagnosed with CVI.

Rowe, Fiona
Visual fields via the visual pathway
Blackwell, 2006
ISBN: 9781405115254
An exploration of the relationship between the visual pathway and visual field impairments.

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Taking the time: telling parents their child is blind or partially sighted
RNIB, 1996
Report of the RNIB Parent Support Study investigating parents' experiences of the help and support they received when learning that their child was visually impaired.

Shaman, Donna
Team approach to cortical visual impairment (CVI) in schools
Donna Shaman, 2009
This was written in partial requirement for a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy through the University of North Dakota.

Southwell, Catherine
Assessing functional vision: children with complex needs
RNIB, 2003
ISBN: 1858785987

White, Glen
Glossary of terms related to vision and vision impairment in children
RVIB, 2002
20 page document perpared by the Early Childhood Services staff at the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind.

Zasloff, Tela
Restoring vision: an ethical perspective on doctors curing blindness around the world
University Press of America, 1995
ISBN: 0761801170
Shares stories and reflections of eye specialists from across the world about the gratification that comes from helping people to regain sight. Contains anecdotal descriptions of medical procedures as carried out in various situations and countries.



Blaikie, Andrew
Advances in the treatment of inherited retinal diseases (part 2)
Insight Jan/Feb 2009, No 19, p34-35
Discusses the advances in stem cell therapy which may help conditions where the photoreceptors in the retina are damaged.

Blaikie, Andrew & Blum, Robert
Focus on ... advances in the treatment of inherited retinal diseases (part 1)
Insight Nov/Dec 2008, No 18, p41-42
Discusses the advances in gene therapy which may help conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt's disease etc in the future.

Blaikie, Andrew & Cloke, Adam
Focus on ... Stargardt disease
Insight Jul/Aug 2009, No 22, p39
Description of the condition and how it affects children.

Blaikie, Andrew & Khan, Ash
Focus on ... Peter's anomaly
Insight Nov/Dec 2009, No 24, p44
Describes a rare disease which begins with a clouding of the cornea.

Blaikie, Andrew; Khan, Ashraf; West, Laura
Focus on ... premature birth and eyesight
Insight Jan/Feb 2010, No 25, p43
Looks at some of the causes and symptoms of vision problems in premature babies.

Brown, David
Assessment of visual functioning in children with complex multiple disabilities
Eye Contact Summer 1998, No 21, p5-7
Advises on functional vision assessments for children with multiple disabilities.

Cavanagh, Jean
Using autogenic therapy
Insight Mar/Apr 2007, No 8, p26-29
Therapy which could be useful as a relaxation tool for adolescents who are losing their sight which helps to foster a postive attitude.

Childhood Cataract Network (CCN)
Childhood cataracts
Insight Jan/Feb 2009, No 19, p41-44
CCN is a support group for families affected by childhood cataracts, three of their members talk about their experiences of the condition.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 1: A different view: Field loss and seeing movement
Insight Mar/Apr 2006, No 2, p12-16
An ophthalmologist's approach to dealing with children who have a visual field loss due to brain damage including practical advice to enable children to make the best use of their sight.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 2: difficulty seeing information in complex scenes
Insight May/June 2006, No 3, p21-24
An ophthalmologist's approach to helping children who find it difficult to pick out information from complex scenes due to cerebral visual impairment.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 3: difficulties with attention and communication
Insight July/Aug 2006, No 4, p20-24
An ophthalmologist's approach to helping children who find it difficult to communicate and pay attention due to cerebral visual impairment.

Dutton, Gordon
Visual problems in children with brain damage
Eye Contact Summer 1997, No 18, p13-14
Discusses the variety of visual problems that can occur in children with damage to the brain.

Fielder, Alistair
Retinopathy of prematurity
Insight Nov/Dec 2007, No 12, p23-24
Describes the progress in screening and treament of retinopathy of prematurity in the UK and overseas.

Frebel, Henner
CVI?! How to define and what terminology to use: cerebral, cortical or cognitive visual impairment
British Journal of Visual Impairment Sept 2006, Vol 24 (3), p117-120
Lays out the arguments and common usage of the three terms for CVI.

Goodale, Mel & Milner, David
One brain: two visual systems
The Psychologist November 2006, Vol 19 (11), p660-663
Describes work examining the functions of the dorsal and ventral streams.

Groenveld, Maryke; Jan, James E; Leader, Patricia
Observations on the habilitation of children with cortical visual impairment
Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness Jan 1990, Vol 84, p11-15
A general overview of children with cerebral (or cortical) visual impairment.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Childhood eye cancer
NB Jan 2009, No 37, p44-47
Looks at the prospects for prevention and cure of childhood eye cancer.

Holmstrom, Radhika
NB Mar 2009, No 39, p32-35
Overview of Glaucoma and looks at recent research.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Light sensitivity
NB Apr 2009, No 40, p41-43
An overview of light sensitivity problems experienced by some people.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Shedding light on retinitis pigmentosa
NB Jan 2009, No 37, p44-46
Update on current developments in treatments for retinitis pigmentosa.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Stem cell therapy: can it restore sight?
NB Jan 2007, No 13, p26-31
Discusses the potential use of stem cells in helping to treat degenerative eye conditions such as macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa.

Holmström, Radhika
NB Dec 2009, No 48, p38-42
Looks at this often misunderstood condition and asks whether society's attitudes to it are worse than the condition itself.

Holmström, Radhika
NB Nov 2009, No 47, p36-39
Discusses the importance of treating children with a "lazy eye".

Holmström, Radhika
Colour vision deficiency
NB Mar 2008, No 27, p40-43
Describes what colour blindness is and how serious its effects are.

Holmström, Radhika
Retinal tears and detachment
NB Jan 2010, No 49, p31-34
Explores the facts behind retinal tears and detachment.

Holmström, Radhika
Retinopathy of prematurity
NB July 2010, No 55, p36-38
Premature babies are susceptible to this condition, this article explains the causes and current treatments for ROP.

Jan, James E & Groenveld, Maryke
Visual behaviors and adaptations associated with cortical and ocular impairment in children
Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness Apr 1993, Vol 87, p101-105
Mannerisms of children with visual impairment can often reflect the onset, severity and type of visual impairment. It can be particularly useful in identifying cortical/cerebral visual impairments from ocular visual impairment.

Khadka, Jyoti
In perspective: low vision devices (part 1)
Insight Jan/Feb 2009, No 19, p31-33
A brief outline of some of the low vision devices available to help maximise residual vision.

Kingston, Judith
Understanding retinoblastoma
Visability Summer 1994, No 11, p4-6
Background information about retinoblastoma.

Kurtz, Lisa
Visual perception problems
Insight Jan/Feb 2007, No 7, p36-39 
A range of activities for promoting the development of functional vision and perceptual skills for children who have difficulty understanding and interpreting the information they see.

Lennon, Julie; Harper, Robert; Biswas, Sus; Lloyd, Chris
Paediatric low-vision assessment and management in a specialist clinic in the UK
British Journal of Visual Impairment May 2007, Vol 25 (2), p103-119
A study of partially sighted children attending a low vision assessment clinic in Manchester.

Little, Suzanne
Putting assessment into everyday practice
Insight Jan/Feb 2007, No 7, p15-17
Describes one school's multidisciplinary approach to assessment based on the "Vision for Doing" assessment tool.

McKillop, Elisabeth ... [et al]
Problems experienced by children with cognitive visual dysfunction due to cerebral visual impairment: and the approaches which parents have adopted to deal with these problems
British Journal of Visual Impairment Sept 2006, Vol 24 (3), p121-127
Provides a detailed account of the approaches which parents described as being helpful in the day to day care of their children with CVI.

McLeish, Eve
LogMAR ... so what's that in old money?
Insight Mar/Apr 2008, No 14, p33-35
A clear explanation of the new standard for measuring acuity.

Morgan, Joanna
Low vision passport
Insight Sep/Oct 2009, No 23, p25-26
A project to improve services for children with low vision where children are issued with one document that is used by all eyecare staff and teachers to record clinic visits etc and for parents and the child to make their own notes, questions etc.  Project in trial stages.

Morse, Mary
Teaching children with cortical visual impairment
Eye Contact Summer 2001, No 30, p10-12
Discusses the characteristics of CVI and teaching strategies to help support pupils with this condition.

Sablitzky, Jan
Life with Batten disease
Insight Nov/Dec 2009, No 24, p39-40
Describes new findings about the support needs of families affected by Batten disease.

Southwell, Catherine
"But what can they really see?"
Eye Contact Summer 1998, No 21, p17-20
Functional vision assessments for children with multiple disabilities and their impact on learning

Southwell, Catherine
See for yourself: observing the visual skills of young children and those with communication difficulties
Insight Jan/Feb 2007, No 7, p11-14
Explores the challenge of assessing the functional vision of children who have communication difficulties.

Tobin, Michael J; Hill, Eileen W; Hill, John F
Retinoblastoma and life experience: a new study
NB Nov 2009, No 47, p25-27
An eight-year analysis of people with retinoblastoma, concentrating on academic achievement, employment and intelligence levels.

Wallace, Elizabeth Jane ... [et al]
Patient profile and management in advanced glaucoma
British Journal of Visual Impairment January 2008, Vol 26 (1), p7-23
Study of patients in Fife with advanced glaucoma.