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CVI and other ocular conditions


Bowman, Richard; Bowman, Ruth; Dutton, Gordon
Disorders of vision in children: a guide for teachers and carers
RNIB, 2001
ISBN: 1858782139
Explains how disorders of visual function can impair visual performance under different circumstances and allows readers to determine how best to devise educational strategies.

Brown, Barbara
Low vision handbook for eyecare professionals (2nd ed)
Slack Inc, 2007
ISBN: 9781556427954
An introduction to all aspects of low vision. Includes practical material on assessing low vision patients, the psychology of visual loss and ways to alleviate patient's common fears.

Coakes, Roger & Sellors, Patrick Holmes
Outline of ophthalmology (2nd edition)
Butterworth, 1995
ISBN: 0750617691
Illustrated guide to eye conditions arranged by symptoms and causes, final chapters discuss assessment and treatment.

Corn, Anne L & Erin, Jane N (eds)
Foundations of low vision: clinical and functional perspectives (2nd ed)
AFB, 2010
ISBN: 9780891288831
This textbook considers the functional and the clinical implications of low vision, their impact on the individual, and the ways in which these implications need to be addressed by education & rehabilitation professionals.

Davis, Pauline
Including children with visual impairment in mainstream schools: a practical guide
David Fulton, 2003
ISBN: 1853469149
Uses detailed case studies of inclusion in 4 primary schools. 

Dennison, Elizabeth & Lueck, Amanda Hall
Summit on cerebral/cortical visual impairment: Educational, family and medical perspectives: Proceedings [of the conference held on] April 30, 2005
AFB, 2006
ISBN: 0891288171
Papers and presentations from the conference.

Dutton, Gordon N & Bax, Martin (eds)
Visual impairment in children due to damage to the brain
MacKeith Press, 2010
ISBN: 9781898683865
Authors from many of the major research teams in the field of cerebral visual impairment have been brought together to present a comprehensive view of this important subject.

Galloway, Nicholas R & Amoaku, Winfried M K
Common eye diseases and their management (2nd ed)
Springer-Verlag, 1999
ISBN: 1852330503
A guide aimed at medical students, general practitioners and other clinical staff. Covers anatomy, examination, different types of conditions and concludes with a section on blindness.

Gregory, Richard L
Eye and brain: the psychology of seeing (5th ed)
Oxford University, 1998
ISBN: 9780198524120
An introduction to visual perception including: illusion, what babies see and how they learn to see, motion sensing, brain imaging techniques and vision & consciousness.

Harris, Christopher
Early-onset nystagmus: a parent's guide
Nystagmus Network, 1998
ISBN: 1898081255
Introductory guide to the condition aimed at parents, but may also be of value to professionals.

Mason, Heather & McCall, Stephen (Eds)
Visual impairment: access to education for children and young people
David Fulton, 1997
ISBN: 1853464120
A comprehensive guide including medical issues, education, curriculum, transition and multiple disabilities.

Meek, Faye, Dr
Understanding a genetic disorder: stickler syndrome
Stickler Syndrome Support Group, n.d.
Information factfile No2. In reference collection.

Miller, Olga & Wall, Karl
How to understand and support children with visual needs
LDA, 2011
ISBN: 9781855034983
Supporting children with visual needs calls for understanding of the processes of vision, the range of visual needs and what these mean for children's learning and practical ways they can be addressed.

Millodot, Michel & Laby, Daniel M
Dictionary of ophthalmology
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002
ISBN: 0750647973
Illustrated guide to eye conditions and specialist terminology.

Murray, Philip I & Fielder, Alistair R
Pocket book of ophthalmology
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997
ISBN: 0750623713
Quick guide to eye conditions and their diagnosis aimed at undergraduates and general practitioners, accompanied by a pinhole occluder.

Naish, Lucy; Clunies-Ross, Louise; Bell, Judy
Exploring access in mainstream: how to audit your school environment, focusing on the needs of pupils who have visual impairment
RNIB, 2004
ISBN: 1858786304
Folder of information for staff in mainstream schools which deals with access and adaptations to the physical environment for children with visual impairments.

Roman-Lantzy, Christine
Cortical visual impairment: an approach to assessment and intervention
AFB, 2007
ISBN: 9780891288299
This book lays out a structured and sequenced approach to working with children diagnosed with CVI.

Russotti, Joanne & Shaw, Rona
When you have a visually impaired student in your classroom: a guide for paraeducators
AFB, 2004
ISBN: 0891288945
Easy to understand guide to teaching and responding to visually impaired children in mainstream classrooms. Aimed at classroom assistants etc.

Shaman, Donna
Team approach to cortical visual impairment (CVI) in schools
Donna Shaman, 2009
This was written in partial requirement for a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy through the University of North Dakota.

White, Glen
Glossary of terms related to vision and vision impairment in children
RVIB, 2002
20 page document prepared by the Early Childhood Services staff at the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind.



Birmingham City Council
Successfully including children with a visual impairment in mainstream schools
Birmingham City Council, [2006]
Awareness materials for teachers of visually impaired children in mainstream classes. DVD video plus DVD-ROM supplementary material including: Checklists, eye conditions, environmental audit and adapted ICT.

Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB)
Count me in: promoting the inclusion, achievement and involvement of blind and partially sighted children
RNIB, 2009
ISBN: 9781858789989
Promotes good practice in the inclusion of blind and partially sighted children covering 6 key areas: expectations, communication, curriculum, mobility, social and environmental issues. Aimed at anyone working with visually impaired children including class teachers, assistants and others.



Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB)
Hear me out: blind and partially sighted children talk about inclusion, achievement and involvement
RNIB, 2009
ISBN: 9781858789996
Audio interviews with 40 visually impaired children about their lives. The CD-ROM can be played on a computer or on a Daisy player. Text transcripts are also available from the CD-ROM.



Breaking bad news
NB March 2011, No 64, p32-34
Eye health professionals talk about how they deliver the news about sight loss to people and how they handle patients' reactions.

Bailey, Gail
Ask me anything! self advocacy through script-writing
Insight Jan/Feb 2010, No 25, p20-22
Explains how children can gain confidence to discuss their eye condition and other common questions with pre-prepared "scripts".

Bashford, Louise & Bashford, Carol
Getting on with it! (nystagmus)
Visability Summer 2005, No 44, p8-10
A teenager and her mum describe living with nystagmus. Louise attends a mainstream school.

Blaikie, Andrew
Focus on ... advances in the treatment of inherited retinal diseases (part 2)
Insight Jan/Feb 2009, No 19, p34-35
Discusses the advances in stem cell therapy which may help conditions where the photoreceptors in the retina are damaged.

Blaikie, Andrew & Blum, Robert
Focus on ... advances in the treatment of inherited retinal diseases (part 1)
Insight Nov/Dec 2008, No 18, p41-42
Discusses the advances in gene therapy which may help conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt's disease etc in the future.

Blaikie, Andrew & Cloke, Adam
Childhood glaucoma
Insight May/Jun 2009, No 21, p43
A brief guide to childhood glaucoma.

Blaikie, Andrew & Cloke, Adam
Focus on ... Stargardt disease
Insight Jul/Aug 2009, No 22, p39
Description of the condition and how it affects children.

Blaikie, Andrew & Khan, Ash
Focus on ... Peter's anomaly
Insight Nov/Dec 2009, No 24, p44
Describes a rare disease which begins with a clouding of the cornea.

Blaikie, Andrew; Khan, Ashraf; West, Laura
Focus on ... premature birth and eyesight
Insight Jan/Feb 2010, No 25, p43
Looks at some of the causes and symptoms of vision problems in premature babies.

Brown, Sylvia
Taking shape
Insight May/Jun 2010, No 27, p18-21
Describes strategies for helping Mary, who has CVI and complex needs, to explore shape and number concepts.

Childhood Cataract Network (CCN)
Childhood cataracts
Insight Jan/Feb 2009, No 19, p41-44
CCN is a support group for families affected by childhood cataracts, three of their members talk about their experiences of the condition.

Cooper, Sue
Missing: the vital answers that could light the lives of people with sight loss
NB April 2011, No 64, p18-21
Looks at how lighting conditions can affect people with various different eye conditions.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 1: A different view: Field loss and seeing movement
Insight Mar/Apr 2006, No 2, p12-16
An ophthalmologist's approach to dealing with children who have a visual field loss due to brain damage including practical advice to enable children to make the best use of their sight.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 2: difficulty seeing information in complex scenes
Insight May/June 2006, No 3, p21-24
An ophthalmologist's approach to helping children who find it difficult to pick out information from complex scenes due to cerebral visual impairment.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 3: difficulties with attention and communication
Insight July/Aug 2006, No 4, p20-24
An ophthalmologist's approach to helping children who find it difficult to communicate and pay attention due to cerebral visual impairment.

Fielder, Alistair
New treatments for ROP
Insight Jan/Feb 2012, No 37, p39
Potential new applications of drugs used with adults to treat babies with retinopathy of prematurity.

Frebel, Henner
CVI?! How to define and what terminology to use: cerebral, cortical or cognitive visual impairment
British Journal of Visual Impairment Sept 2006, Vol 24 (3), p117-120
Lays out the arguments and common usage of the three terms for CVI.

Goodfellow, Julie
Through the looking box
Insight Jul/Aug 2010, No 28, p21-24
Teacher of VI describes a method for developing visual efficiency skills with pupils with multiple disabilities and visual impairments.

Holmström, Radhika
NB Dec 2009, No 48, p38-42
Looks at this often misunderstood condition and asks whether society's attitudes to it are worse than the condition itself.

Holmström, Radhika
Albinism explored
NB December 2011, No 72, p36-40
Examines the applications of new research into use of Nitisinone.

Holmström, Radhika
NB Nov 2009, No 47, p36-39
Discusses the importance of treating children with a "lazy eye".

Holmström, Radhika
Colour vision deficiency
NB Mar 2008, No 27, p40-43
Describes what colour blindness is and how serious its effects are.

Holmström, Radhika
Cornea update
NB April 2012, No 76, p36-39
Outlines the latest developments in treating corneal diseases and conditions.

Holmström, Radhika
Light sensitivity
NB Apr 2009, No 40, p41-43
An overview of light sensitivity problems experienced by some people.

Holmström, Radhika
More than just a condition (Nystagmus)
NB August 2012, No 80, p22-24
Discusses the additional problems that are caused by nystagmus in social and employment settings.

Holmström, Radhika
Patients in the driving seat: Birdshot chorioretinopathy
NB Sept 2010, No 57, p32-35
A rare condition causing inflammation in the eye and other varied symptoms. Early identification can help to save the sight of the patient but it is difficult to diagnose.

Holmström, Radhika
Retinopathy of prematurity
NB July 2010, No 55, p36-38
Premature babies are susceptible to this condition, this article explains the causes and current treatments for ROP.

Holmström, Radhika
Seeing with one eye
NB February 2011, No 62, p38-40
Discusses special problems presented by monocular vision.

Holmström, Radhika
Sight loss from the start
NB May 2011, No 65, p36-39
Outlines a range of sight conditions affecting children and young people including CVI, retinitis pigmentosa, retinopathy of prematurity, cataracts, retinoblastoma and rare syndromes.

Holmström, Radhika
NB June 2012, No 78, p22-25
Investigates the most common form of macular degeneration in children.

Khadka, Jyoti
In perspective: low vision devices (part 1)
Insight Jan/Feb 2009, No 19, p31-33
A brief outline of some of the low vision devices available to help maximise residual vision.

Kurtz, Lisa
Visual perception problems
Insight Jan/Feb 2007, No 7, p36-39 
A range of activities for promoting the development of functional vision and perceptual skills for children who have difficulty understanding and interpreting the information they see.

Lunt, David & Blaikie, Andrew
Advances in gene therapy
Insight Jan/Feb 2012, No 37, p38
A quick update on progress in treating a number of conditions with gene therapy including Leber's Congenital Amaurosis, Stargardt's disease and Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Lunt, David & Blaikie, Andrew
Children's eye conditions and use of technology
Insight March/April 2012, No 38, p41-42
Looks at how different eye conditions can affect how children are able to use technology.

McKillop, Elisabeth ... [et al]
Problems experienced by children with cognitive visual dysfunction due to cerebral visual impairment: and the approaches which parents have adopted to deal with these problems
British Journal of Visual Impairment Sept 2006, Vol 24 (3), p121-127
Provides a detailed account of the approaches which parents described as being helpful in the day to day care of their children with CVI.

Morgan, Joanna
Low vision passport
Insight Sep/Oct 2009, No 23, p25-26
A project to improve services for children with low vision where children are issued with one document that is used by all eyecare staff and teachers to record clinic visits etc and for parents and the child to make their own notes, questions etc. Project in trial stages.

Neal, Samantha
Katy and Specialeyes World
Insight Mar/Apr 2006, No 2, p44-46
Katy has cerebral palsy and CVI, her mum describes life with Katy and talks about her experience of working with organisations for parents of children with disabilities.

Sablitzky, Jan
Life with Batten disease
Insight Nov/Dec 2009, No 24, p39-40
Describes new findings about the support needs of families affected by Batten disease.

Tobin, Michael J; Hill, Eileen W; Hill, John F
Retinoblastoma and life experience: a new study
NB Nov 2009, No 47, p25-27
An eight-year analysis of people with retinoblastoma, concentrating on academic achievement, employment and intelligence levels.

Towson, Jayne & Towson, Cliff
Life, teenagers and Stickler syndrome
Visability Summer 2005, No 44, p18-20
The story of a family of three brothers all with the rare condition, Stickler Syndrome.  The parents (also visually impaired) describe overcoming the difficulties.

Waterworth, Heather
Nothing can stop me! (personal account of Keratoconus)
Insight Sept/Oct 2011, No 35
Account from a young teenager who learned she had a degenerative eye condition.

Winberg, Annica; Rönnbäck, Anders; de Verdier, Kim
Inclusion in Swedish classrooms
Insight Jan/Feb 2010, No 25, p32-35
Reviews more than 20 years of inclusion in Sweden and identifies the factors for inclusion that must be in place for successful learning to happen.

Woodhouse, Maggie
In perspective
Insight May/Jun 2010, No 27, p39
Strategies for accommodating hearing aids and spectacles with children who need both.

Woodhouse, Maggie & Al-Bagdady, Mohammad
Practical approaches to vision in children with Down's Syndrome
Insight Sept/Oct 2007, No 11, p24-27
New approaches to helping children with down's syndrome see as well as possible.