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Professional Update: Are you ready?


Alberto, Paul A & Troutman, Anne C
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Merrill, 1986
ISBN 067520514X

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Becoming critical: education, knowledge and action research
Falmer Press, 1986
ISBN 1850000905

Morris, Andrew
Evidence matters: towards informed professionalism in education
CfBT Education Trust, 2009
ISBN 9780861600656
Supports the idea that research and evidence can be used as an integral part of introducing new educational policies to ensure better levels of success.

Spencer, Patricia Elizabeth & Marschark, Marc
Evidence-based practice in educating deaf and hard-of-hearing students
Oxford University, 2010
This book clarifies and summarises research findings across multiple disciplines to provide practitioners with an evidence base for informed decision making in deaf education.

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Critical reading and writing for postgraduates
Sage, 2006
ISBN 9781412902229
A guide to critical reading and self-critical writing.


Bak, Sunhi
Types of research: quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods and teacher action
The Educator
Jan 2011, Vol XXIII (2), p26-31
Describes the various approaches to research which might be applied to the education of visually impaired children.

McGee, Anna
Undertaking evidence-based research into dual sensory impairment
September 2011, No 69, p24-27
Sense's head of research discusses their strategy to increase research into dual sensory impairment.

Swanwick, Ruth & Marschark, Marc
Enhancing education for deaf children: research into practice and back again
Deafness and Education International
December 2010, Vol 12 (4), p149-176
Looks at current research priorities for deaf education and looks at ways that practitioners can feed back into research and influence research directions.

Tobin, Michael
Is research necessary?
The Educator
Jan 2011, Vol XXIII (2), p20-25
Looks at the possible reasons and rationales for embarking on research into visual impairment.

Webson, W Aubrey (Ed)
Teacher training
The Educator
January 2013, Vol XXVI (2), Whole issue
Issue dedicated to training of teachers involved in the education of children who are visually impaired across the world.

Whitburn, Ben
'A really good teaching strategy': Secondary students with vision impairment voice their experiences of inclusive teacher pedagogy
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2014, Vol 32 (2), p148-156
Consults children with visual impairments on the education they received in inclusive settings in mainstream schools.

Zebehazy, Kim T
Call to action: contributing to research through your everyday teaching experiences
The Educator
Jan 2011, Vol XXIII (2), p38-44
Describes action research as an appropriate way for teachers to contribute to research.


Education Scotland
Supporting professional learning
Education Scotland [Accessed: 12/02/2015]
To complement initiatives such as Professional Update, teachers and other education professionals have shared their approaches to and experiences of Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) and have provided examples of emerging practice.

GTCS (General Teaching Council Scotland)
Professional update FAQs
GTC Scotland [Accessed: 12/02/2015]
GTCS have put together this FAQ about Professional Update in order to keep teachers as informed as possible about progress with the initiative and will continue to update this FAQ document as new queries from the teaching profession are received.