University of Edinburgh

Art and Creativity for Children and Young People with Complex Needs


Axel, Elisabeth Salzhauer & Levent, Nina Sobol
Art beyond sight: a resource guide to art, creativity and visual impairment
Art Education for the Blind & AFB, 2003
ISBN 0891288503
A guide to art for people who are visually impaired including creating art, making traditional artworks accessible in museums, etc, and teaching art history.

Earle, Kim & Curry, Gill
Meeting SEN in the curriculum: art
David Fulton, 2005
ISBN 1843121611
Series combines SEN expertise with subject knowledge to produce practical and immediate support. Accompanied by a CD-ROM.

Feeney, David
Toward an aesthetics of blindness: an interdisciplinary response to Synge, Yeats and Friel
Peter Lang, 2007
ISBN 9780820486628
Investigates portrayals of blindness in literature (particularly drama) and the difference between visual and non-visual aesthetics. It compares autobiographical accounts of blindness with the fictional ones. Series: New studies in Aesthetics; Vol 38.

Fukurai, Shiro
How can I make what I cannot see?
Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1974
ISBN 0442224907
A teacher of visually impaired children in Japan describes their progress in making sculptures and paintings.

Grove, Nicola & Park, Keith
Odyssey now
Jessica Kingsley, 1995
ISBN 1853023159
A dramatisation of the story of Odysseus for children with learning disabilities through a variety of interactive games for developing communication skills.

Laoutari-Gritzala, Anna
Blind children paint: international exhibition centre of children's paintings in Greece
Institute of Pharmaceutical Research & Technology, 2006
A fully illustrated "exhibition" of paintings created by blind children across the world.

Lowenfeld, Viktor & Brittain, W Lambert
Creative and mental growth (8th ed)
Macmillan, 1987
ISBN 0023721103
Classic text on what can be learned from children's drawings and ways to approach teaching art with different levels of children.

Martin, Nicole
Art as an early intervention tool for children with autism
Jessica Kingsley, 2009
ISBN 9781849058070
Tips and suggestions for how to provide art therapy for young children with autism.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
To infinity and beyond: writings and drawings from NDCS
NDCS, 2004
Fully illustrated book of pictures, stories and poems by deaf children.

Nishimura, Yohei [translated by Junko Wachi]
Let's make what we've never seen
Kaisei-Sha, 1984
ISBN 4039632303
Artwork in clay by visually impaired students in Japan. In Japanese but fully illustrated and a translation is appended.

Partington-Sollinger, Zoe & Morgan, Amy
Shifting perspectives: opening up museums and galleries to blind and partially sighted people
RNIB, 2011
Identifies approaches to key aspects of service delivery which can help improve access to museums and galleries for visually impaired people. - .VPluwWbc0bs

Royal Blind School, Edinburgh
Cultural development of our 3 nations delivered through the expressive arts curriculum
Royal Blind School, Edinburgh, [2001]
Comenius action 1: European Education project - Royal Blind School, Edinburgh reports on the project which provided cultural exchanges between Scotland, Germany and the Czech Republic. Collaboration with Landesschule fur Blinde und Sehbehinderte, Neukloster, Germany and Gymnazium Pro ZPM, Praha, Czech Republic

Tison, Alain
Claude Monet ... du bout des doigts! = Claude Monet ... at the tips of your fingers!
Exposition Monet, 1992
Exhibition catalogue from a Claude Monet exhibition with Braille (French) and tactile representations of the paintings.


In touch with art (Special issue on International Conference on Art, Museums and Visual Impairment)
Jan 2008, No 25, p21-28
Includes an interview with John Everett, multimedia artist and former teacher at RNC.

Bolt, David
Advertising aesthetic: Real beauty and visual impairment
British Journal of Visual Impairment
January 2014, Vol 32 (1), p25-32
Looks at how advertising is trying to embrace people with different abibilies and impairments and how well it succeeds.

Brookes, Miranda
Seeing art differently
Mar/Apr 2010, No 26, p14-17
Uses ideas from art history to inspire creative learning activities for children with visual impairments and complex needs.

Carey, Kevin
Visual impairment and the creative process: proposals for the digital age
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2008, Vol 26 (2), p128-134
A philosophical view of creativity in visually impaired people. [Keynote Lecture, Mary Kitzinger Trust Conference, 2006]

Chinn, Carolyn
Art in museums
May/June 2012, No 39, p21-23
A museum of childhood explores ways that visually impaired children can be included in the museum experience. Includes advice from an artist who runs activities in the museum.

Everett, John & Gilbert, Wally
Art and touch: a conceptual approach
British Journal of Visual Impairment
November 1991, Vol 9 (3), p87-89
Students at the Royal National College for the Blind are discussed in terms of their artistic output.

Frazer, Harriet
Art of touch
Mar/Apr 2010, No 26, p42-44
Describes workshops with young people with visual impairments exploring art objects.

Huddy, Hugh
Few of my favourite things with Ken Keen, FRPS, photographer
Jul 2008, No 31, p53-56
Amateur photographer who has lost his sight, describes how he continues to pursue his love for photography.

Kennedy, John M
Tactile drawing aesthetics and a blind woman's drawings of sounds
British Journal of Visual Impairment
January 2014, Vol 32 (1), p33-43
A congenitally blind artist creates drawings using a raised line drawing kit, the pictures are analysed and elements of the drawings are compared with paleolithic art in the use of line and profiles.

Kleege, Georgina
What does dance do, and who says so? Some thoughts on blind access to dance performance
British Journal of Visual Impairment
January 2014, Vol 32 (1), p7-13
Discusses audiodescription for dance performances.

Lumley, Peter
Spotlight on tactile graphics: drawing without sight
May/Jun 2009, No 21, p
Part one of a report on the Tactile Graphics conference in Birmingham. The author describes his success in using tactile media for drawing with one pupil.

Murdoch, Heather
Dramatic dialogue
Talking Sense
Spring 2011, Vol 58 (1), p18-20
Teachers use drama sessions to explore scenarios which can contribute to resilience and develop decision-making skills in children with multi-sensory impairments.

Murdoch, Heather & McLinden, Annick
Art of learning
Talking Sense
Winter 2011, Vol 58 (3), p14-16
Looks at the part played by art, design and technology within the MSI curriculum at Victoria School MSI Unit.

Oshodi, Maria
Moving performances: inspiring a love of physical theatre
May/Jun 2010, No 27, p41-43
A professional performing arts company of visually impaired people have been touring the UK to deliver workshops to young blind and partially sighted people teaching stagecraft and physical theatre techniques.

Parsons, Mary
Creating without vision (Special issue on International Conference on Art, Museums and Visual Impairment)
Jan 2008, No 25, p37-40
Artist and rehabilitation worker, Mary Parsons, has joined her two interests by looking at ways to make art accessible to people with sight loss.

Shaw, Freya
Seeing a way to draw
Sep/Oct 2013, No 47, p26-27
Freya talks about her love of drawing/art and techniques for overcoming her sight loss.

Shih, Chih-Ming & Chao, Hsin-Yi
Ink and wash painting for children with visual impairment
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2010, Vol 28 (2), p157-163
Visually impaired children are introduced to Chinese calligraphy methods developed by a blind calligrapher.

Simpson, Margaret
A Born artist?
May/Jun 2008, No 15, p19
What makes children creative and what can parents and teachers do to encourage creativity?

Thompson, Karina
Creative partnerships: What can an artist and a school offer one another?
May/Jun 2008, No 15, p12-15
Textile artist Karina Thompson took a residency at a school in Birmingham. Projects with visually impaired pupils are described.