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Bibliography - Creativity in the Education of Visually Impaired Children


Arts Council of England
Arts and disability
Arts Council of England, 1997
Directory of organisations working in this area.  In reference collection.

Axel, Elisabeth Salzhauer & Levent, Nina Sobol
Art beyond sight: a resource guide to art, creativity and visual impairment
Art Education for the Blind & AFB, 2003
ISBN: 0891288503
A guide to art for people who are visually impaired including creating art, making traditional artworks accessible in museums, etc, and teaching art history.

Ferguson, Diane & Young, Haidee
Exploring multi-sensory rooms: a practitioners hands-on guide
Spacekraft, 2000

Hulsegge, Jan & Verheul, Ad  (tr R Alink)
Snoezelen: another world
Rompa UK, 1987
ISBN: 0951282107
A practical book of sensory experience environments.

Lowenfeld, Viktor & Brittain, W Lambert
Creative and mental growth (8th ed)
Macmillan, 1987
ISBN: 0023721103
Classic text on what can be learned from children's drawings and ways to approach teaching art with different levels of children.

Pagliano, Paul
Using a multisensory environment: a practical guide for teachers
David Fulton, 2001
ISBN: 1853467162
This book provides teachers and therapists with a user-friendly bank of ideas and suggestions for use in the MSE for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties. (Series: Resource materials for teachers)

Royal Blind School, Edinburgh
Cultural development of our 3 nations delivered through the expressive arts curriculum
Royal Blind School, Edinburgh, [2001]
Comenius action 1: European Education project - Royal Blind School, Edinburgh reports on the project which provided cultural exchanges between Scotland, Germany and the Czech Republic.  Collaboration with Landesschule für Blinde und Sehbehinderte, Neukloster, Germany and Gymnazium Pro ZPM, Praha, Czech Republic

Whitehead, Marian R
Language and literacy in the early years (3rd ed)
Paul Chapman, 2004
ISBN: 9780761944706
Emphasises the joy and creativity involved in supporting young children's development as speakers, writers and readers. Supports flexible teaching methods.



Bolt, Jonathan
'Once upon a time...': Dinosaurs, the literacy hour and objects of reference
Eye Contact Autumn 1999, No 25, p11-12
Sensory stories and literacy for children with multiple disabilities.

Bruce, Tina
Childhood play and adult creativity: could there be a link?
Visability Summer 2003, No 38, p14-15

Carey, Kevin
Visual impairment and the creative process: proposals for the digital age
British Journal of Visual Impairment May 2008, Vol 26 (2), p128-134
A philosophical view of creativity in visually impaired people.  [Keynote Lecture, Mary Kitzinger Trust Conference, 2006]

Coleman, Mike
Creating your own multisensory environment
Eye Contact Spring 2002, No 32, p31-32
Tips for people interested in making a sensory environment in their homes.

Metcalfe, Georgina
Getting it in focus
Visability Summer 1997, No 18, p27-28
Experiences of teaching photography to young partially sighted people.

Pagliano, Paul
Where next for multisensory environments?
Insight Jul/Aug 2007, No 10, p36-38
Considers the state of current research into the use of multisensory environments with children.

Parsons, Mary
Creating without vision (Special issue on International Conference on Art, Museums and Visual Impairment)
NB Jan 2008, No 25, p37-40
Artist and rehabilitation worker, Mary Parsons, has joined her two interests by looking at ways to make art accessible to people with sight loss.

Pinkney, Lesley
Multisensory environments
Eye Contact Autumn 2001, No 31, p24-26
Multi-sensory environments can enable children with multiple disabilities to explore their sensory awareness and allow teachers to evaluate performance and development.

Simpson, Margaret
Born artist?, A
Insight May/Jun 2008, No 15, p19
What makes children creative and what can parents and teachers do to encourage creativity?

Thompson, Karina
Creative partnerships: What can an artist and a school offer one another?
Insight May/Jun 2008, No 15, p12-15
Textile artist Karina Thompson took a residency at a school in Birmingham.  Projects with visually impaired pupils are described.