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Bibliography - Understanding Childhood Visually Impairing Conditions


Aitken, Stuart & Buultjens, Marianna
Vision for doing: assessing functional vision of learners who are multiply disabled (Sensory Series No 2)
Moray House Publications, 1992 
ISBN: 0901580392
Result of 4-year study based on research & in-service work from schools, adult training centres etc. For all who work with young VI & multiply disabled people.  Sensory Series No 2.

Bowman, Richard; Bowman, Ruth; Dutton, Gordon
Disorders of vision in children: a guide for teachers and carers
RNIB, 2001 
ISBN: 1858782139
Explains how disorders of visual function can impair visual performance under different circumstances and allows readers to determine how best to devise educational strategies.

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Assessing the visually impaired: an annotated bibliography of educational, vocational and psychological tests and procedures
University of Birmingham, 1994

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Eye, brain and vision
Scientific American Library, 1995  
ISBN: 0716760096

Hyvärinen, Lea & Lindstedt, Eva
Assessment of vision in children
SRF Tal & Punkt, 1981
Review of methodology with particular reference to the early identification of visual impairments and the evaluation of visual function in children with impaired vision and/or multiple handicaps.

Ighe, Siv
What you see and what you do not see: information and assessment material for people with low vision
Siv Ighe, 1988 
ISBN: 0952192101

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Visual dysfunction and ocular signs associated with periventricular leukomalacia in children born preterm
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ISBN: 9162833251

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Understanding low vision
AFB, 1989  
ISBN: 0891281193
Presents the ideal model for a low vision service and discusses how to effectively put the model into practice.

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ABC of eyes (2nd edition)
BMJ Publishing Group, 1994 
ISBN: 0727907662

McBride, Sheena
Patients talking: Hospital outpatient eye services - the sight impaired user's view: a pilot study
RNIB, 2000 
ISBN: 1858784530
Based on structured discussions with patients, friends and family in focus groups nationwide.

Millodot, Michel & Laby, Daniel M
Dictionary of ophthalmology
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ISBN: 0750647973
Illustrated guide to eye conditions and specialist terminology.

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Visual brain in action
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ISBN: 0198524080
Series: Oxford Psychology series; No 27

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Pocket book of ophthalmology
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997 
ISBN: 0750623713

O'Neill, Damian
Perkins and Hansell's atlas of diseases of the eye
Churchill Livingstone, 1994 
ISBN: 0443048223

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Getting started: a guide to understanding your child's eye condition
RNIB, 1995 
ISBN: 1858780454
Valuable introduction to key services, offering parents a wealth of info about support from LEA & Health Authorities, social services, voluntary organisations & other parents. Series: Early Years

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Taking the time: telling parents their child is blind or partially sighted
RNIB, 1996
Report of the RNIB Parent Support Study investigating parents' experiences of the help & support they received when learning that their child was visually impaired.

Scottish Executive
Review of community eyecare services in Scotland: final report
Scottish Executive, 2006 
ISBN: 0755952979
Recommendations and report from a review of eyecare services in Scotland.

Scottish Executive
Review of eyecare services in Scotland: interim report
Scottish Executive, 2005 
ISBN: 0755948580
Review of services in Scotland relating to eye care, from opticians to hospital ophthalmology departments.

Sense & NDCS
Vision care for your deaf child: information for families
Sense, 2006
A guide for parents of deaf childen on the importance and use of eye care services in the UK.

Taylor, Hugh R
Eye care for the community
Centre for Eye Research Australia, 2001
Looks at the eye care situation in Australia.

White, Glen
Glossary of terms related to vision and vision impairment in children
RVIB, 2002


Dutton, Gordon
Visual problems in children with brain damage
Eye Contact Summer 1997, No 18, p13-14
Discusses the variety of visual problems that can occur in children with damage to the brain.

Lennon, Julie; Harper, Robert; Biswas, Sus; Lloyd, Chris
Paediatric low-vision assessment and management in a specialist clinic in the UK
British Journal of Visual Impairment May 2007, Vol 25 (2), p103-119
A study of partially sighted children attending a low vision assessment clinic in Manchester.

Masters, Anne
Planning for a sight test: my way
Focus June 1997, No 21, p1-8
Describes the challenges of giving eye tests to people with learning difficulties.

McLaughlan, Barbara
Low vision services in the UK: a survey
NB Sept 2006 No 9, p23-25
Results from a survey of low vision service providers.

Morse, Mary T
Cortical visual impairment: some words of caution
RE:view Spr 1999, Vol 31 (1), p21-26
Describes cortical visual impairment (CVI) as a complex condition that is not an eye condition but a brain condition. Cautions practitioners that children with CVI do not exhibit similar behaviors, that a single approach does not work for all children, and that treatment is a dynamic process.

Norowzian, Mary
Emotional impact of diagnosis
NB Oct 2006, No 10, p20-23
Looks at the role of eye health professionals supporting clients as they come to terms with their diagnoses.


Understanding Visual Fields


Crossman, Heather L
Cortical visual impairment: presentation, assessment and management
North Rocks Press, 1992

Hubel, David H
Eye, brain and vision
Scientific American Library, 1995
ISBN: 0716760096

Rowe, Fiona
Visual fields via the visual pathway
Blackwell, 2006
ISBN: 1405115254

Assessment Materials

Amsler charts manual
Keeler, n.d.
Field of vision test

Hyvärinen, Lea
Extrafoveal fixation recorder
Precision Vision, n.d.
Cat No: 2553
Includes pad of test sheets, fixation target and instruction sheet


Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 1: A different view: Field loss and seeing movement
Insight, Mar/Apr 2006, No 2, p12-16
An ophthalmologist's approach to dealing with children who have a visual field loss due to brain damage including practical advice to enable children to make the best use of their sight.

Eskirovic, Branka
Importance of visual field for low vision definition, classification and other aspects of low vision
Paper presented at International Council for Education of people with Visual Impairment (ICEVI) European Conference, Cracow, Poland, July 2000
Emphasises the importance of considering the visual field of people with low vision.