University of Edinburgh

Supporting the Development of Early Social Skills in Babies and Young Children with Vision Impairment (0-5)


Department for Education and Skills (DfES)
Developmental journal for babies and children with visual impairment [Early Support Pilot Programme]
Dept for Education and Skills, 2006
Designed for use by families to record the progress of their visually impaired child. It includes advice on what to expect, helps identify problems and provides practical ideas on how to progress to the next stage.

Drifte, Collette
Encouraging positive behaviour in the early years: a practical guide (2nd ed)
Sage, 2008
ISBN 9781847873750
Practical strategies, good advice and clear and helpful suggestions to encourage good behaviour from every child, with particular emphasis on children with special educational needs. Accompanied by a CD-ROM.

Dunlop, Aline-Wendy ... [et al]
Positive behaviour in the early years: perceptions of staff, service providers and parents in managing and promoting positive behaviour in early years and early primary settings
University of Strathclyde, 2008
ISBN 9780755918102
Research into the behaviour of young children.

Ferrell, Kay Alicyn
Reach out and teach: helping your child who is visually impaired learn and grow
AFB, 2011
ISBN 9780891284574
This book was written as a guide to parents of young children with visual impairments. It was based originally on research into what parents wanted to know and remains a practical and accessible book.

Gold, Deborah
Finding a new path: guidance for parents of young children who are visually impaired or blind
Canadian National Institute for the Blind, 2002
ISBN 0921122381
Intended as a tool for parents to help them gain confidence in raising a child who has a visual impairment and as such covers all the main areas that parents will encounter including coping with the diagnosis, dealing with families and friends, child development and education.

Gold, Deborah & Tait, Anne (Eds)
Strong beginning: a sourcebook for health and education professionals working with young children who are visually impaired or blind
Canadian National Institute for the Blind, 2004
ISBN 0921122071
A sourcebook of information about visual impairment and how it affects the development of young children.

Haughton, Liz & Mackevicius, Sandie
I'm posting the pebbles: active learning through play for children who are blind or vision impaired
RVIB, 2001
ISBN 0949390585
Different types of play & activities are examined and suggested for good learning opportunities for children who have visual impairments.

Lewis, Vicky & Collis, Glyn M (eds)
Blindness and psychological development in young children
BPS books, 1997
ISBN 1854332317
Four areas of psychological development are considered: conceptual and linguistic development; reading and related skills; social and emotional development; and autistic-like behaviour.

Mathieson, Kay
Social skills in the early years: supporting social and behavioural learning
Paul Chapman, 2005
ISBN 9781412902601
A user-friendly book offering strategies and advice on how to help young children develop their social, emotional and behavioural skills.

McDonald, Mary
Setting out: practical ideas for parents of children with sight problems
RNIB, 2002
ISBN 1858785286
Guide for parents about creating a loving and stimulating environment for children with sight problems.

Miles, Chris
Cycle of observation, assessment and planning: a guide for early years practitioners
Children in Scotland, 2013
ISBN 9781901589825
A resource based on a training course which aims to encourage early years practitioners to help young children develop along the lines of the curriculum for excellence outcomes.

Pogrund, Rona L & Fazzi, Diane L
Early focus: working with young children who are blind or visually impaired and their families (2nd ed)
AFB, 2002
ISBN 0891288562
A comprehensive guide to early years (up to age 5) for children with visual impairments.

Scottish Government
Guide to getting it right for every child
Scottish Government, 2012
Overview of the practice model set forth by the Scottish Government for ensuring that Scotland's children get the best start in life.

Zeitlin, Shirley & Williamson, G Gordon
Coping in young children: early intervention practices to enhance adaptive behavior and resilience
Paul H Brookes, 1994
ISBN 1557661278


SSC, RNIB Scotland, Royal Blind School
Let me play: early years play for children with visual impairment
Scottish Sensory Centre, 2014
This resource offers an insight into the opportunities for learning that play provides to young children with visual impairment. Several children were filmed in their homes and early years settings and their parents talk about their experiences.


Buultjens, Marianna ... [et al]
Low vision in early intervention: an interdisciplinary approach [Comenius project]
University of Dortmund, 2001
Compilation of electronic texts on low vision and early intervention. Includes Vision for Doing by Stuart Aitken and Marianna Buultjens


Cuthbert, Janet
Changing our view of early years development: Oregon and the Journal
Mar/Apr 2008, No 14, p36-39
Staff at a service in Leeds explore combining use of Oregon with the newer Early Support Developmental Journal for babies and children with VI.

Dale, Naomi & Salt, Alison
Social identity, autism and visual impairment (VI) in the early years
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2008, Vol 26 (2), p135-146
Explores how visual impairment might impact on early social and emotional development including self-awareness and communication with others.

Jennings, Julie
Early attachment: the role of key person and key worker
Jan/Feb 2010, No 25, p36-38
Explores the role of the key worker in developing early social skills in young children who are visually impaired.

McCormack, Gwyneth
Choosing to move
Sep/Oct 2014, No 53, p33
How to help children to make choices and express what is a concern to them.

McCormack, Gwyneth
Making concept development fun
May/Jun 2014, No 51, p32
Ideas for using a multipurpose hanger for a variety of early learning opportunities.

Metell, Maren
“A great moment ... because of the music”: An exploratory study on music therapy and early interaction with children with visual impairment and their sighted caregivers
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2015, Vol 33 (2), p111-125
A ten week study of children with visual impairments aged 1-4 and their carers participating in music therapy group sessions.

Troster, Heinrich & Brambring, Michael
Early social-emotional development in blind infants
Child: Care, Health and Development
July 1992, Vol 18 (4), p207-27
A study which compares the social and emotional development of visually impaired children with sighted children, aged 9-12 months.