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Emotional Isolation


Drifte, Collette
Encouraging positive behaviour in the early years: a practical guide (2nd ed)
Sage, 2008
ISBN 9781847873750
Practical strategies, good advice and clear and helpful suggestions to encourage good behaviour from every child, with particular emphasis on children with special educational needs.  Accompanied by a CD-ROM.

Edwards, Lindsey & Crocker, Susan
Psychological processes in deaf children with complex needs: an evidence-based practical guide
Jessica Kingsley, 2008
ISBN 9781843104148
Children affected by deafness and additional difficulties, such as autism, specific learning difficulties and behavioural and emotional problems are discussed.  Written by two clinical psychologists so it has a medical/clinical bias.

Lewis, Vicky & Collis, Glyn M (eds)
Blindness and psychological development in young children
BPS books, 1997
ISBN 1854332317
Four areas of psychological development are considered: conceptual and linguistic development; reading and related skills; social and emotional development; and autistic-like behaviour.

Mathieson, Kay
Social skills in the early years: supporting social and behavioural learning
Paul Chapman, 2005
ISBN 9781412902601
A user-friendly book offering strategies and advice on how to help young children develop their social, emotional and behavioural skills.

Merrell, Kenneth W; Whitcomb, Sara A; Parisi, Danielle M
Strong start: a social and emotional learning curriculum: Pre-K
Paul H Brookes, 2009
ISBN 9781557669889
A curriculum for preschool children to develop social and emotional skills.

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
What are you feeling? a guide to developing emotional vocabulary for children who are deaf and may have learning difficulties
NDCS, 2012
ISBN 9781907814679
Teaching resource for deaf children with learning difficulties which provides emotional vocabulary.  Worksheets provide graphic and signed explanations for the words (Widgit Symbols).

Newman, Sarah
Small steps forward: Using games and activities to help your pre-school child with special needs
Jessica Kingsley, 1999
ISBN 1853026433
Aimed at families with children who have developmental delay.  Activities and games are suggested which will encourage development under six broad headings: cognitive, linguistic, physical, sensory, social and emotional.

Sacks, Sharon Z & Silberman, Rosanne K
Educating students who have visual impairments with other disabilities
Paul H Brookes, 1998
ISBN 1557662800
A hands-on resource, this book provides invaluable information for professionals who serve students who have visual impairments with other disabilities and their families from infancy to adulthood.  Practical suggestions for students with deafblindness, learning, orthopaedic or neurological disabilities and emotional and behaviour problems.

Wall, Kate
Special needs and early years: a practitioners guide (2nd ed)
Paul Chapman, 2006
ISBN 9781412929493
Aimed at early years' practitioners, professionals dealing with children with special needs and their families.

Webster-Stratton, Carolyn
How to promote children's social and emotional competence
Paul Chapman, 1999
ISBN 0761965017
For teachers of children aged 4-8 years on how teachers can work with parents in addressing children's educational and emotional needs.

Zeitlin, Shirley & Williamson, G Gordon
Coping in young children: early intervention practices to enhance adaptive behavior and resilience
Paul H Brookes, 1994
ISBN 1557661278


Bailey, Gail
Positive parenting
Nov/Dec 2009, No 24, p42-43
Explores the practical ways that parents can support the emotional well being of their blind or partially sighted child.

Bailey, Gail
Social competence: the role of parents, professionals and peers
Jul/Aug 2008, No 16, p25-27
An educational psychologist examines practical ways of enabling childen with sight problems to develop vital social and emotional skills.

Dale, Naomi & Salt, Alison
Social identity, autism and visual impairment (VI) in the early years
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2008, Vol 26 (2), p135-146
Explores how visual impairment might impact on early social and emotional development including self-awareness and communication with others.

Dammeyer, Jesper
Psychosocial development in a Danish population of children with cochlear implants and deaf and hard-of-hearing children
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Winter 2010, Vol 15 (1), p50-58
A study of deaf and hearing children to determine what factors are involved in the development of social and emotional difficulties

Hintermair, Manfred
Parental resources, parental stress and socioemotional development of deaf and hard of hearing children
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Fall 2006, Vol 11 (4), p493-513
A study of the links between the stress experienced by parents and the emotional and social problems of their deaf children.

Jung, V; Cumming, C E; Rodda, M
Paralinguistic and cross modal behaviours during early infant-caregiver interactions: implications for social-emotional development in deaf children
Journal of British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
1992, Vol 16 (5), p110-117
Looks at the early interactions between a parent and deaf baby to see the effect on later linguistic ability.

Longhorn, Flo
Assessing happiness for very special learners
Information Exchange
Summer 2010, Vol 81, p9-12
Looks at how to identify and respond to different emotions in children with multiple disabilities.

Most, Tova & Aviner, Chen
Auditory, visual, and auditory/visual perception of emotions by individuals with cochlear implants, hearing aids, and normal hearing
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Fall 2009, Vol 14 (4), p449-464
Looks at how a cochlear implant can benefit children in terms of emotional perception (ability to identify happiness, anger, surprise, sadness, fear etc.)

Richels, Corrin ... [et al]
Teaching emotion words using social stories and created experiences in group instruction with preschoolers who are deaf or hard of hearing: an exploratory study
Deafness and Education International
Mar 2014, Vol 16 (1), p37-58
Deaf children in an early years setting were introduced, using storytelling, to vocabulary relating to emotions.

Roe, Joao
Social inclusion: meeting the socio-emotional needs of children with vision needs
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2008, Vol 26 (2), p147-158
Explores the ways in which professionals can promote socio-emotional development in visually impaired children.

Wiefferink, Carin H ... [et al]
Emotion understanding in deaf children with a cochlear implant
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
April 2013, Vol 18 (2), p175-186
A comparative study of young children with cochlear implants with those who have no hearing loss to measure their emotional recognition and understanding.

Ziv, Margalit; Most, Tova; Cohen, Shirit
Understanding of emotions and false beliefs among hearing children versus deaf children
Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
April 2013, Vol 18 (2), p161-174
Three groups of children (aged 5-7) were tested to find out their understanding of emotional cues; one hearing group, one oral group and one signing group.