University of Edinburgh

Sharing Practice - supporting children with low or no vision in the mainstream primary school


Arter, Christine ... [et al]
Children with visual impairment in mainstream settings
David Fulton, 1999
ISBN 1853465836
For teachers who are about to teach visually impaired children for the first time, looking at access to the curriculum and suggesting practical ways in which these difficulties can be overcome.

Chapman, Elizabeth K & Stone, Juliet M
Visually handicapped child in your classroom
Cassell, 1988
ISBN 0304314005
Series: Special needs in ordinary schools. Information for teachers on the causes, development & effects of visual handicap, the support provided by advisory services & the management of the classroom environment.

Cole-Hamilton, Issy & Vale, Dan
Shaping the future: the experiences of blind and partially sighted children in the UK: summary report
RNIB, 2000
ISBN 1858784492
Results from the biggest survey of blind and partially sighted children and young people ever to have been conducted in the UK.

Csocsan, Emmy; Klingenberg, Oliv; Koskinen, Kajsa-Lena; Sjostedt, Solveig
Maths "seen" with other eyes: a blind child in the classroom: teacher's guide to mathematics
Ekenas Tryckeri Aktiebolag, 2002
ISBN 9515013003
Concentrates on primary school level maths for children with visual impairments.

Cunningham, Sherry
Classroom strategies and improvised resources for children who are blind in the primary school setting
RVIB, 1995
Practical pointers for helping children who are visually impaired in the mainstream classroom.

Danielson, Ena & Lamb, Gayle
Beginning reading/writing for Braille or print users: a teacher's guide to the psycholinguistic viewpoint
RVIB, 1983
ISBN 0949390046
RVIB Burwood Educational Series No 5.

Davis, Pauline
Including children with visual impairment in mainstream schools: a practical guide
David Fulton, 2003
ISBN 1853469149
Uses detailed case studies of inclusion in 4 primary schools.

Everett, Dominic
Sharing your journey: a guide for parents of children who are blind or partially sighted
RNIB Scotland, 2015
A general guide to the journey a child with sight loss may take. Gives information on medical issues, entitlements, education, independence and careers.

Fellenius, Kerstin
Reading acquisition in pupils with visual impairments in mainstream education
Stockholm Institute of Education, 1999
ISBN 917656455X
Research looking at reading ability in visually impaired pupils using either Braille or print in mainstream classes.

Gale, Gillian & Cronin, Peter
Blind child in my classroom : a handbook for primary teachers
RVIB, 1983 (1990)
ISBN 0949390100
RVIB Burwood Educational Series; No 2. A practical guide for teachers based on personal experience.

LaVenture, Susan (ed)
Parents' guide to special education for children with visual impairments
AFB, 2007
ISBN 0891288929
With contributions from parents and specialists. Information that these experts feel that every parent should know to help them succeed in the education of their visually impaired child.

Lee, Mary
This little finger: early literacy home resource pack for parents of children with visual impairment
Royal Blind School, Edinburgh, [2007]
A practical guide for parents to help them encourage literacy in their visually impaired children.

Mason, Heather & McCall, Stephen (Eds)
Visual impairment: access to education for children and young people
David Fulton, 1997
ISBN 1853464120
A comprehensive guide including medical issues, education, curriculum, transition and multiple disabilities.

McCall, Steve; McLinden, Mike; Douglas, Graeme
Review of the literature into effective practice in teaching literacy through braille
University of Birmingham, 2011
A literature review of braille literacy, gathering information on current braille reading schemes, application of findings to UK context, and recommendations to maximise impact on educational practice and teacher training.

Naish, Lucy; Clunies-Ross, Louise; Bell, Judy
Exploring access in mainstream: how to audit your school environment, focusing on the needs of pupils who have visual impairment
RNIB, 2004
ISBN 1858786304
Folder of information for staff in mainstream schools which deals with access and adaptations to the physical environment for children with visual impairments.

Olson, Myrna R
Guidelines and games for teaching efficient Braille reading
AFB, 1981
ISBN 0891281053
Intended for parents, pre-school workers and teachers of the visually impaired to help young learners acquire Braille skills

Perez-Pereira, Miguel & Conti-Ramsden, Gina
Language development and social interaction in blind children
Psychology Press, 1999
ISBN 0863777953
Series: Essays in developmental psychology

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Numeracy for all
RNIB, 2000
Leaflet outlining the RNIB's strategy for promoting numeracy amongst children who are visually impaired.

Salisbury, Ruth (ed)
Teaching pupils with visual impairment: a guide to making the school curriculum accessible
Routledge, 2008
ISBN 9781843123958
A key practical guide to making learning accessible for primary and secondary school pupils with visual impairment. Includes subject-specific issues: Art, Design & Technology, Geography, History, ICT, Literacy, Mathematics, Languages (MFL), Music, PE, Science.

Webster, Alec & Roe, Joao
Children with visual impairments: social interaction, language and learning
Routledge, 1998
ISBN 0415148162
Includes a comprehensive range of practical strategies for enabling early exploration, concept-building, language and literacy. Strong focus on the scaffolding of children's learning and experience.


Brackenridge, Elaine & Sugden, Janis
Introducing braille: taking the risk
Sept/Oct 2011, No 35, p27-29
Discusses the first steps to beginning braille with young children.

Exton, Louise
New arrival in class
Mar/Apr 2008, No 14, 30-31
CCTV magnifier is introduced to a visually impaired child in a year 2 mainstream classroom.

Garscadden, Moira & Fox, Linda
Grade 1 Braille in the spotlight
May/Jun 2008, No 15, p20-22
Focus on grade 1 Braille for early literacy learning.

Hindle, Pam
Independence training within the mainstream curriculum
Jan/Feb 2006, No 1, p19-22
Outlines practical support strategies used to encourage independence skills with pupils in Key Stages 1-4.

Holbrook, Cay
Print or Braille? Choosing the best medium for young learners
Jul/Aug 2007, No 10, p10-13
Looks at the factors involved in choosing to teach visually impaired children to read by Braille or print.

Keil, Sue & Cobb, Rory
What is the teaching assistant's role in teaching braille?
Jan/Feb 2012, No 37, p11-13
Looks at the research which covers the teaching assistant's role when children are being taught braille.

Little, Julie-Anne
Sharing ideas (mathematics)
Mar/Apr 2013, No 44, p30
Some ideas for making a maths question about measuring angles accessible to visually impaired children.

Stanton, Marion
Differentiating the curriculum for children with complex needs
Eye Contact
Summer 2005, No 42, p33-35
Methods for including children with complex needs in the curriculum.

Sweeting, Julie
Planning the daily mathematics lesson
Spring 2005, No 43, p5-7
Describes the "Three wave approach" of the National Numeracy strategy and how it can help meet the needs of children with visual impairments in the daily maths lesson.