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Disorders of Vision in Children


Bowman, Richard; Bowman, Ruth; Dutton, Gordon
Disorders of vision in children: a guide for teachers and carers
ISBN 1858782139
Explains how disorders of visual function can impair visual performance under different circumstances and allows readers to determine how best to devise educational strategies.

Brown, Barbara
Low vision handbook for eyecare professionals (2nd ed)
Slack Inc, 2007
ISBN 9781556427954
An introduction to all aspects of low vision. Includes practical material on assessing low vision patients, the psychology of visual loss and ways to alleviate patient's common fears.

Galloway, Nicholas R & Amoaku, Winfried M K
Common eye diseases and their management (2nd ed)
Springer-Verlag, 1999
ISBN 1852330503
A guide aimed at medical students, general practitioners and other clinical staff. Covers anatomy, examination, different types of conditions and concludes with a section on blindness.

Gregory, Richard L
Eye and brain: the psychology of seeing (5th ed)
Oxford University, 1998
ISBN 9780198524120
An introduction to visual perception including: illusion, what babies see and how they learn to see, motion sensing, brain imaging techniques and vision & consciousness.

Lueck, Amanda Hall & Dutton, Gordon N (eds)
Vision and the brain
AFB Press, 2015
ISBN 9780891286394
A textbook to explain cerebral visual impairment in a way that families, educational and medical professionals could understand and use to enhance children's prospects.

Murray, Philip I & Fielder, Alistair R
Pocket book of ophthalmology
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997
ISBN 0750623713
Quick guide to eye conditions and their diagnosis aimed at undergraduates and general practitioners, accompanied by a pinhole occluder.

Rowe, Fiona
Visual fields via the visual pathway
Blackwell, 2006
ISBN 9781405115254
An exploration of the relationship between the visual pathway and visual field impairments.

Taylor, David (ed)
Paediatric ophthalmology (2nd ed)
Blackwell Science, 1997
ISBN 086542831X
A comprehensive guide to childhood eye conditions for clinical use.


Childhood uveitis
Jan/Feb 2014, No 49, p37-41
Looks at the different ways that uveitis can affect children's eyes, with two case studies.

Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON)
Nov/Dec 2014, No 54, p38-39
This condition causes sudden and painless loss of central vision over a period of a few months, it commonly affects males in their late teens.

Andrews, Rachel
Day in the life of ... Rachel Andrews, ophthalmic nurse
Mar 2009, No 39, p42-45
Rachel describes her role as an ophthalmic nurse with a special interest in raising awareness in squints (lazy eye.)

Antonopoulou, Panagiota & Blaikie, Andrew
Electronic eyes
Mar/Apr 2013, No 44, p38-39
Looks at the new developments in the area of retinal replacements which may be of particular interest to those with retinitis pigmentosa.

Blaikie, Andrew
Breaking bad news
Jul/Aug 2008, No 16, p14-17
Describes new training which is given to ophthalmologists to help them to deliver bad news at diagnosis in the best way. (Followed by descriptions of parents' experiences of hearing a diagnosis.)

Blaikie, Andrew
Focus on ... advances in the treatment of inherited retinal diseases (part 2)
Jan/Feb 2009, No 19, p34-35
Discusses the advances in stem cell therapy which may help conditions where the photoreceptors in the retina are damaged.

Blaikie, Andrew & Blum, Robert
Focus on ... advances in the treatment of inherited retinal diseases (part 1)
Nov/Dec 2008, No 18, p41-42
Discusses the advances in gene therapy which may help conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt's disease etc in the future.

Blaikie, Andrew & Cloke, Adam
Childhood glaucoma
May/Jun 2009, No 21, p43
A brief guide to childhood glaucoma.

Blaikie, Andrew & Cloke, Adam
Focus on ... Stargardt disease
Jul/Aug 2009, No 22, p39
Description of the condition and how it affects children.

Blaikie, Andrew & Goudie, Colin
Prematurity and vision
Nov/Dec 2013, No 48, p38-40
Looks at the vision problems that can arise in babies who are born early.

Blaikie, Andrew & Khan, Ash
Focus on ... Peter's anomaly
Nov/Dec 2009, No 24, p44
Describes a rare disease which begins with a clouding of the cornea.

Blaikie, Andrew & Theodoropoulou, Sofia
Nov/Dec 2012, No 42, p38-40
Describes the problems related to Aniridia which means children are born without all or part of their iris. The condition can also affect other parts of the eye.

Blaikie, Andrew; Khan, Ashraf; West, Laura
Focus on ... premature birth and eyesight
Jan/Feb 2010, No 25, p43
Looks at some of the causes and symptoms of vision problems in premature babies.

Chamney, Sarah & Curran, Joan
Albinism; Albinism and education
Jan/Feb 2013, No 43, p38-40
Looks at the different ways that Albinism can affect your sight by Sarah Chamney. Followed by an article on how to support a child with Albinism by Joan Curran

Clarke, Michael
Stargardt disease
May/Jun 2014, No 51, p38-39
Explains the condition that usually affects teenagers with a progressive deterioration of their central vision.

Cziker, Roxana Elena
Developing a visual strategy
Nov/Dec 2013, No 48, p30
A mini guide to developing visual perception skills.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 1: A different view: Field loss and seeing movement
Mar/Apr 2006, No 2, p12-16
An ophthalmologist's approach to dealing with children who have a visual field loss due to brain damage including practical advice to enable children to make the best use of their sight.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 2: difficulty seeing information in complex scenes
May/June 2006, No 3, p21-24
An ophthalmologist's approach to helping children who find it difficult to pick out information from complex scenes due to cerebral visual impairment.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 3: difficulties with attention and communication
July/Aug 2006, No 4, p20-24
An ophthalmologist's approach to helping children who find it difficult to communicate and pay attention due to cerebral visual impairment.

Harwood, Janet
Cerebral visual impairment
May/Jun 2014, No 51, p26-28
First of a series of articles exploring the difficulties that can occur in processing visual information.

Harwood, Janet
Supporting children with cerebral visual impairment
Jul/Aug 2014, No 52, p26-27
This 2nd article looks at practical strategies to support children who have cerebral visual impairment

Holmstrom, Radhika
Nov 2009, No 47, p36-39
Discusses the importance of treating children with a "lazy eye".

Holmstrom, Radhika
Cornea update
April 2012, No 76, p36-39
Outlines the latest developments in treating corneal diseases and conditions.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Genes in sight
August 2011, No 68, p36-39
Looks at the latest advances in gene therapy for eye conditions such as Leber's congenital amaurosis, retinitis pigmentosa, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Retinal tears and detachment
Jan 2010, No 49, p31-34
Explores the facts behind retinal tears and detachment.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Retinoblastoma revealed
July/August 2013, No 87, p22-25
Looks at the signs to be aware of and the causes and treatments for childhood eye cancer.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Retinopathy of prematurity
July 2010, No 55, p36-38
Premature babies are susceptible to this condition, this article explains the causes and current treatments for ROP.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Seeing half the world
Nov/Dec 2013, No 89, p22-24
Explains the complex condition homonymous hemianopia where the vision on one side is affected within the brain.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Shedding light on retinitis pigmentosa
Jan 2009, No 37, p44-46
Update on current developments in treatments for retinitis pigmentosa.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Sight loss from the start
May 2011, No 65, p36-39
Outlines a range of sight conditions affecting children and young people including CVI, retinitis pigmentosa, retinopathy of prematurity, cataracts, retinoblastoma and rare syndromes.

Holmstrom, Radhika
June 2012, No 78, p22-25
Investigates the most common form of macular degeneration in children.

Hutton, Cleon & Reeves, Amanda
Understanding eccentric viewing
Jul/Aug 2014, No 93, p36-37
Looks at techniques used by people with central vision loss.

Kaye, Sally
Visiting the eye clinic
Sept/Oct 2011, No 35, p10-11
Looks at how visits to eye clinics can be made less stressful for families and children.

Leeson-Beavers, Kerry
Alstrom syndrome
May/June 2013, No 45, p40-41
Advice and information from the Alstrom Syndrome UK support group.

Leeson-Beevers, Kerry
Focus on Alstrom syndrome
Nov/Dec 2013, No 89, p28-29
Explains the possible symptoms of Alstrom syndrome which include cone rod dystrophy and nystagmus.

Lunt, David & Blaikie, Andrew
Advances in gene therapy
Jan/Feb 2012, No 37, p38
A quick update on progress in treating a number of conditions with gene therapy including Leber's Congenital Amaurosis, Stargardt's disease and Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Lunt, David & Blaikie, Andrew
Children's eye conditions and use of technology
March/April 2012, No 38, p41-42
Looks at how different eye conditions can affect how children are able to use technology.

McCarthy, Becky
Taking it in your stride!
Sept/Oct 2011, No 35, p15-17
Becky is 13 years old and describes how she recently discovered she had glaucoma and how she copes with the condition.

McKay, Steve
Focus on nystagmus
Mar/Apr 2012, No 80, p28-29
Outlines what health professionals need to know about nystagmus.

McLaughlan, Barbara
Children's screening in England and Scotland
May/Jun 2009, No 21, p15-17
Looks at recommendations and procedures for screening of visual problems in younger children.

Morgan, Joanna
Low vision passport
Sep/Oct 2009, No 23, p25-26
A project to improve services for children with low vision where children are issued with one document that is used by all eyecare staff and teachers to record clinic visits etc and for parents and the child to make their own notes, questions etc. Project in trial stages.

Mulvihill, Alan
What is coloboma?
Jul/Aug 2014, No 52, p38-39
Describes the condition, its causes, effects and treatments.

Nardini, Marko
Learning to see
Nov/Dec 2013, No 48, p15-17
Looks at the process of vision development in babies, children and adults.

Rouse, Laura
Detecting retinoblastoma
May/Jun 2009, No 21, p40-41
Identifying the warning signs of retinoblastoma early can make a big difference in helping to save the sight of affected children.

Thomas, Martin
Living with keratoconus
Sep/Oct 2013, No 47, p39-41
Describes the eye condition, Keratoconus, how it affects vision and what treatments are available.

Woodhouse, Maggie
In perspective
Sep/Oct 2012, No 41, p33-34
A brief guide to spotting eye problems in babies.

Woodhouse, Maggie
In perspective: spotting eye problems in children
Nov/Dec 2012, No 42, p24-25
Outlines the things to look out for to detect eye problems in children, including unexplained changes in behaviour.